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Walking through the halls, the eyes that were once glances of admiration and simping turned into glances of disgust...disbelief... the eyes that used to follow her everywhere with respect.....turned into only glances of utter displeasentment.

Confusion was all over Hans face she didn know what was just happening, she just walked to her best friend...hoping to at least not get the utter disbelieving glances from her. Han jumped and side-hugged Ryujin only to get the glance she didn want... Ryujin pushed her away from herself and dusted her shoulder, as Han had supposedly backed away in pure confusion.

"Ryujin-ah.. what wrong? did I do something wrong?" Han asked trying her hardest not to seem faced.

"Yah, who do u think u are?? you can just jump and hug someone!!" she scoffed "what am I expecting hum, from someone whose mother is even unbelievable," she said with a disgusted look and a smirk as she wanted to taunt...

That context was the context that unleashed something...but broke something very precious.....

" Yah what bull ** are u saying?" Han said trying to act calm.."What ** did u just say?" she said again wanting the words of her dearest friend to be lies...

"telling the truth you want me to repeat? YOUR.MOM.IS.UNBELIEVABLY.HORRIBLE, and do u know who goes after their mother? the fing d.a.u.g-" she said coming near Hans face.,and suddenly she was cut ... As Han raised her hand... But it turned into a fist controlling her anger. It said in the air shaking...

"Don say a ** about my mother without knowing the GOD DAMN STORY!!" Han said yelling the last three words.

Ryujin went quiet and just pushed her harshly out her way and walked to a class...As the bell rang.


Han really didn have the time anymore to hear the gossip, this was the first scandal of her parents that had gotten the most out of hand at school..that even the person closest to her ...doesn wanna stay with her... her thoughts were swallowing her up as she walked to class.. sitting in the furthest front corner near the window. she could nearly pay any attention to the video the teacher had played as her thought were swallowing her up.

Why did this happen? Why is it happening? What did I do in this!? Should I check the articles?

She kept thinking until her mind stopped.. If shes being treated like this what about her younger sister.. There..no way her classmates would treat her badly her classmates got to be kind enough.. Right.. . It didn take her a second she got up.. Grabbed her bag and walked out ignoring the teacher as she asked.

"Han where are u going class isn over!" "Han byeol WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING!?"

Han thought even after giving me musk glances in the class u really didn gotta pretend like u care where I am... Han just lightly scoffed thinking to herself.

Walking through the halls she opened her phone and searched for any article or news videos she could find she stumbled across an article and read through it halfway and found a link attacked.. Before she could open the link she saw and heard the students still gossiping.. To one another.

"Well then why did her mother have an affair with her ex-boss humm and still decided to marry her current father" one girl spoke wanting to taunt.

"I guess out of money?" A boy spoke

"how pitiful" the girl replied

"girls like her mother shouldn even live freely" the boy whispered loud enough to let Han hear.

Anger boiling up but holding it all in as people will always believe what they are told what they see or hear they don always give the Matter the chance to explain itself.. What seems bad they just point it out!

Han was good at keeping things in so she just walked to her sisters class only to have some boy throw hot Tea on her.

Ah! Left Hans mouth as it burned a bit, and she tried to dust a little bit of the tea off her.

"Who do u think u are to do this!!!" Han said and kept looking at her clothes, not the person the people recorded.

"look up and see" the voice that sounded familiar spoke. She looked up in disbelief. It was her boyfriend even her boyfriend wasn on her side just because her parents are like that?

"S sungwoo.. Not you too.." Han said trying to control her tears and bit her bottom lip in frustration, first her childhood best friend now her close boyfriend too?

"You think I loved u hum too bad," he stepped closer "I only loved for what u offered on the plate" he whispered.. Tauntingly

"You got to be lying right... There is no way u can do this to me.. Not at this moment.." Han said being in a state of shock..

"Oh, I wasn lying, We. Are. Done, it was fun having what u had. He winked. But I can ruin my image anymore being with someone who doesn have anything to give, oh! And I plan on being with someone else hum" he shot a smile and patted hans shoulder..

But Han just yanked his hand off. "you will regret your choice mark my words." Han said and pressed his lips and pushed him aside and just walked to her younger sister.


Han was walking and walking still soaked in tea trying to find her sisters class to get to her but I guess God made it easier for Han she didn have to go in class to class but she just saw hae-Hyun in the basketball court with some-

-Is it true that everyone in his world has a struggle... Regardless of whether they have money or not, a good life or not, everything they ever needed or wanted whether they have something or not they still have their troubles... Right?..

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