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Chapter 449: Dragon Martial Academys First Team with Four Cores! A Terrifying Lineup of Giant Dragons!

“You dont believe me when I tell you the truth.” Wang Che sighed.

“Forget it, forget it. I admit defeat.” Ludi raised his hand and said, “By the way, we just drew the lots. Our opponent tomorrow is a little strong. Its a team from the Dragon Martial Academy with a four-core system.”

“First Team” Wang Che thought about it. After fighting the Second Team, they could actually meet the First Team.

“Thats right.” Shen Mingluan nodded and said, “The other party has a four-core lineup. How should I put it They dont have any support and are all Battle Soul Masters. All of them have Giant Dragons. It can be understood that there are three who are as strong as Long Tianya.”

“Its very troublesome.”

“Its the peak of the dragon-type team.”

There were three who were as strong as Long Tianya

Wang Che thought about it and felt that it was indeed quite troublesome.

As expected of the First Team, the Second Team could only barely keep up.

“Their Captain Zu Chis soul pet is said to be close to the level of a True Dragon.”

“Close Then it hasnt reached it yet” Wang Che nodded, “Thats good.”

That was good. The Dragon Slaying Talisman was still effective.

If it could really reach the level of a True Dragon, the effect of a high-level Dragon Slaying Talisman would not be good.

Only the Dragon Slaying Talisman at the Dao Talisman level was effective.

However, that was true. There were True Dragon-type dragon-type soul beasts, but there were almost none as soul pets.


Moreover, even among dragons, there was a huge difference.

However, as long as it was not a True Dragon, especially at this stage, the Magnetic Sword could still fight.

“…” The few of them.

“Hey, hey, hey, dont be so optimistic! They have four ten-thousand-year soul pets!” Bai Xiaoluo twisted her fingers, “So far, theres still a team that can let them use their full strength. The four-core lineup is no joke! If theyre not careful, theyll lose very badly!”

“Hmm… but even if we lose, its worth it to be able to reach this point. Thats right, why am I in a hurry”

“Im not going on stage tomorrow.”

Bai Xiaoluo thought about it and patted her forehead.

Time passed in a flash. On the third last day of the Kings Cup, the top eight.

“The opponent in the individual competition seems to be a little weak.”

“What you have to pay attention to today is the team competition.”

Wang Che glanced at the competition schedule.

The opponent of the individual competition… Eh, the opponent of the individual competition was Zu Chi of the Dragon Martial Academy.

They were also competing in the team competition.

“If we can win the team competition, this Zu Chi will only be an experience pool for the little caterpillar.”

Wang Che pondered.

Looking at the blue sky, the weather was very good today. It was a good day to compete and fight.

Before long, the team competitions ended and it was the Forest Academys turn.

The few of them took a deep breath.

“Were going to the battlefield.” Wang Ka encouraged himself.

“Theres no need to feel so pressured,” Bai Xiaoluo said. “In any case, you can just go and buff up and watch the show.”


She seemed to be right!

Wang Che smiled and brought the three of them to the referees platform. He saw the Dragon Martial Academys team opposite.

Two men and two women.

They were all very good-looking. The man in the lead was wearing a golden combat suit and smiling kindly.

“Student Wang, I know your Magnetic Sword seems to have a very strong lethality against our dragon-type soul pets.” Zu Chi smiled and said, “Later, go easy on us. Give us some face and dont let us lose too quickly.”

Hearing this, the few of them felt it.

The lower the tone, the more abnormal the strength.

“We still have the individual competition,” Wang Che said. “We should finish it quickly. The longer we delay, the worse it will be for us, right”

“That makes sense!” Zu Chi clapped, “How about this If you can defeat us in an hour, Ill just admit defeat in the individual competition. Anyway, we cant fight. What do you think”

Wang Che smiled and replied, “That wont do. Individual competition is a place to display ones strength. Its different from the team competition. If you admit defeat directly, theyll think theres some inside story! We still have to fight.”

Zu Chi was stunned and could only shrug helplessly before jumping down with his team.

The terrain of this competition was not very complicated. It was a relatively simple wasteland.

It was a competition of strength.

The four of them landed on the ground like four meteors, creating a huge pit.

“Lets end this quickly.”

Zu Chi slowly said, “This guy is not easy to fight. Once that Magnetic Sword attacks, it will definitely beat one of us instantly. However, theres only one. If it doesnt fight us for a long time and fights head-on, it will definitely lose in an hour.”

“Captain, Ill go directly later,” another man said directly. “Ill take the lead and attract it to attack. If it attacks me, Captain, you can bring Yan Rong and Yan Qing to defeat a Magnetic Sword easily.”

“Its not that simple.” Zu Chi frowned and said, “This Magnetic Sword might have some big move thats useless. If you attract it, it might not attack you. Early this morning, I used my connections to find a friend of mine and found the battle highlight of his in the Thunder Soul Earth Competition last year. After studying it, I discovered that on the fourth level, its Magnetic Sword used a very strange move. It seems to be able to split itself.”

“It will definitely use it in this battle!”


The three members were slightly stunned.

“Thats right.” Zu Chi pondered and said, “Its a clone. It seems to be able to split into two special sword spirits. As for the combat effect, I cant tell, but unlike other clone soul skills, the sword spirits that split out also have extraordinary combat strength.”

“Therefore, if you want to attract it to attack you, this method is unlikely to succeed.”

“But even if its using clones… it cant be too strong, right” On the side, Yan Rong said, “With the strength of the four of us and our soul pets, how can the clones defeat us Moreover, Boss, your Profound Ice Heavy Mountain Dragon is almost completely immune to lightning and ice. Without the support of lightning, it can only rely on sword moves to defeat you. Theres also that special soul sword from before, a move that can cause mental damage to soul pets.”

“We also have a way to deal with it. That move is useful against mechanical soul pets, but its almost useless on us.”

“In other words, the only way it can defeat me is with a sword move. As for us, as long as we hit it once, it will definitely be heavily injured.”

“The clone is useless.”

The team members were very optimistic but cautious.

“Sister is right, Boss. We have a four-core formation.” Yan Qing nodded, “Four ten-thousand-year soul pets and the Dragon Resonance. Theres no need to fuss too much and just crush them. If we fuss too much, itll be easy for something to happen. Its only a sword. It cant fight the four of us alone!”

“We still have to be careful of Wang Che himself. I heard that this guy is very strong. Hes unfathomable.”

Hearing the suggestions of the team, Zu Chi nodded slightly.

Indeed, they all made sense.

“Get ready!” Zu Chi said to the three of them.

At this moment, Wang Che and the other three landed.

Dozens of seconds of preparation were enough for both sides to release their soul pets. As for whether they could add the buffs, it depended on whether the soul skill was released quickly.

If the competition began, there might not be a chance to increase its stats.

“Dominating with four cores.”

Wang Che narrowed his eyes and looked at the other partys soul pet.

This lineup had the highest requirement for every contestant.

It was unlike the three-for-one, four-for-one, or five-for-one tactics. They only needed one expert, and the rest were all tools or pet tools.

The requirement for enhancement support was actually not high. Because there were enough, the difference in strength was not big.

However, the requirement for this core lineup was too high.

There were very harsh requirements for martial souls and soul pets.

It was a blow to the other teams.

“Zu Chi is Level 42 but the most important thing is the martial soul, a Giant Dragons Dragon Ball.”

“When the Dragon Ball attaches to the body, he can transform and possess the power of a dragon with the body of a human! It can also combine with a dragon pet and undergo martial soul evolution, directly increasing the potential of a dragon-type soul pet by a grade!”

Wang Che released the Magnetic Sword and looked ahead.

The Dragon Ball was the source of power for the dragon race.

Speaking of which, when they saw the Super Illusion Dragon on Illusionary Light Island, they had been invited to find its Dragon Ball.

There were no clues yet.

It was because this thing was very rare. Not to mention the True Dragons Dragon Ball, even the Giant Dragons Dragon Ball and the Flying Dragons Dragon Ball were extremely rare.

Now that he could see that the martial soul was a Contract Soul Master of the Dragon Ball, Wang Che was very interested.

As for Zu Chis dragon pet, it was naturally not simple.

Profound Ice Heavy Mountain Dragon, an ice, ground, and dragon-type triple attribute soul pet.

A ground-type dragon pet meant that it was extremely resistant to lightning.

Ice meant that it was not afraid of the power of ice.

The weaknesses of dragon-type soul pets were basically gone.

Coupled with the flesh brought by the ground energy and the strength brought by the ice power, this soul pets potential was extraordinary.

A Five-clawed Dragon meant that it was not far from a True Dragon.

If the Dragon Ball was added, it was indeed possible for the Profound Ice Heavy Mountain Dragon to reach the True Dragon level.

“As expected of the number one person in the Dragon Martial Academy.”

Seeing this Heavy Mountain Dragon that was more than 30 meters tall, Wang Che nodded slightly.

Dragon-type soul pets had always been popular in the Eastern War Zone.

As for the Dragon Martial Academy, it was an academy that gathered the most dragon-type soul pets. To be the first person here, it was naturally impossible without something good.

The other three opponents were relatively inferior.

However, as his teammates had said, they were indeed at the level of Long Tianya.

The vice-captain, Long Tianxing, was Long Tianyas cousin.

The martial soul was an equipment martial soul, the Blood Dragon Jade.

It was a spirit jade formed from bathing in dragon blood for more than a thousand years. This was one of the rare materials for some dragon-type soul pets to evolve.

There was no such material in the present world. It could only be condensed through the manifestation of martial soul power. As a martial soul, after combining with a dragon-type soul pet, it could make the dragon pet stronger in a short period of time and erupt with strength that far exceeded its normal state.

If it used it, it could change its form and turn the Blood Dragon Jade into an extremely offensive weapon.

Similarly, Long Tianxings soul pet was also a Giant Dragon. Its soul power cultivation was only slightly over ten thousand years, but it was a Three-clawed Dragon, a Golden-Winged King Dragon.

A pure dragon-type soul pet had extremely powerful offensive abilities!

In a one-on-one battle, Long Tianxing was not weaker than Long Tianya.

The other two were girls. Their strength seemed to be slightly higher than Long Tianxings.

Yan Rong and Yan Qing were twin sisters. Their martial souls were humanoid organ martial souls, the Red Dragon Eyes and the Black Dragon Eyes.

It was said that two thousand years ago, an ancestor fell in love with a hundred thousand-year-old transformed dragon and gave birth to their lineage.

The martial souls of the descendants were all related to the dragon race.

In their generation, there was no complete dragon-shaped martial soul.

Most of them appeared as organs, but they were also very powerful.

“These two sisters… are even twins with similar martial souls. If they know a martial soul fusion skill… the Magnetic Sword will have a tough fight.”

Wang Che thought about it.

Martial soul fusion skill was not a combination soul skill.

It was an even stronger power produced by the fusion of two different martial souls.

There were usually fewer in the modern world because martial soul fusion skills required certain compatibility with the martial soul.

There were too many types of modern martial souls. Even if they were the same type, there were many branches. It was very difficult to achieve certain compatibility.

It was almost impossible for different types of martial souls to have compatibility.

Often, it was because the two martial souls had a relationship or a special resonance with each other.

“Even if they dont use the martial soul fusion skill, its still quite strong to use the martial soul individually.”

As a humanoid organ martial soul, anything related to the eyes was related to mental strength.

Different eyes could even be related to space and time.

Especially the dragons eyes.

For example, the eyes of the Sky God Dragon were an independent space. With a glance, it was a small world. In the blink of an eye, it could oversee the operation of the world and provide endless energy.

At the same time, the reason why they were stronger than Long Tianxing was that their dragon pet was a Four-clawed Dragon!

Hell Sea Devil Dragon!

“Devil Dragon” Wang Che looked at the two large dragons with the characteristics of the Clear Capital War Zone.

Devil-type Giant Dragon!

Devil-type soul pets were famous for their physical strength and ability to fight. Coupled with the dragon-type bloodline, the physical strength of these two dragons was probably not ordinary.

“They seem to be twin dragons…”

He frowned slightly.

This had already become a huge challenge for the Magnetic Sword.

The dragon scales that were scarlet and black, the hideous dragon head, the black flames that spat out from its mouth, and the dark marks that the dragon claws tore through the void all symbolized their strength…

“Holy f*ck, is this the four-core lineup”

Wang Ka and Ludi were stunned, “Four Level 40 soul masters, four ten-thousand-year dragon pets, one Mythical, and three Legacies. Is this the top strength of the Dragon Martial Academy”

This was the four-core formation!

The four of them were all extremely strong!

The complete strength of a top university team!

The audience was extremely excited as they watched.

Any one of the four people here could become the main force of the other teams!

There were a total of four people here!

How could they fight

No matter how strong a soul pet was, there were four who were equally powerful here.

As the saying went, two fists could not defeat four hands.

No matter how powerful a sword was, it could not fight so many, right

“This is the strength of a top university!”


“The strength of the Battle Soul Academys first team is even more terrifying!”

“Four Giant Dragons! Is it reasonable to fight against a Magnetic Sword”

“Zu Chi is clearly stimulated by Long Tianya being insta-killed in two moves. He might as well stop pretending and crush the opponent directly!”

“What a joke. The Second Team was beaten so badly. Wont the First Team get back at them”

“Last year, the Dragon Martial Academys First Team did not have these two sisters, and Zu Chi was not so strong! This year is indeed different!”

“Why do you think this is the toughest competition of the Kings Cup in history”

“Little Sword is so pitiful. Its going to be beaten up by four dragons!”


The audience discussed, but their eyes were fixed on the stage.

The next moment, the competition began!-

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