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Just like that, the fierce battle that was supposed to happen ended dramatically.

The sun was rising, and everyone was no longer sleepy.

They simply sat in a circle to rest.

Ever since that group of people left, Uncle Yang had been hesitating to speak.

Song Jingchen didnt seem to notice.

He said calmly, “Uncle Yang, no one has eaten well recently.

Please go and get some food.”

Uncle Yang acknowledged this and picked up the bow and arrow that Song Jingchen had placed at the side.

Shen Yijia glanced at the bow and muttered, “I did better than that!”

The voice was too soft for Song Jingchen to hear clearly.

Soon, Uncle Yang returned with two rabbits that had been skinned.

Shen Yijia looked at the two skinned rabbits with joy.

She hadnt eaten meat since shed transmigrated.

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Seeing the two rabbits crackling over the fire, Madam Li suddenly said, “Were still in the mourning period…”

“The kids are still young and need nutrition.

Besides, we cant let them starve.

I dont think Grandfather and Father will blame us,” Song Jingchen replied indifferently.

When Madam Li saw the two children staring at the roasted rabbit meat while drooling, she decided not to say any more.

“Young Master, those bandits have done many evil deeds.

We shouldnt have…” After enduring for a long time, Uncle Yang couldnt help but speak.

Before he could finish, Song Jingchen sneered, “We shouldnt have let them go Uncle Yang, do you expect me to go up the mountain to eliminate the bandits like this”

Uncle Yang wanted to say more.

Song Jingchen was slightly embarrassed and said coldly, “Uncle Yang, Im no longer the heir who has to protect the safety of the people of Great Xia.

Im just a cripple whos worse off than a commoner.

The commoners can still have ideals and aspirations, they can even make a name for themselves in the imperial examination.

However, Brother Hao and I cant do that.

Even our future descendants have been barred from the exams.

Besides, my grandfather has been fighting for Great Xia all his life, but just look at what happened to him.

“So… what do the actions of these bandits have to do with me”

As he spoke, his eyes turned red.

He closed his eyes and suppressed the violence in his heart.

Then he said, “I can choose not to stir up trouble, as per Grandfathers wishes.

However, I wont take on any responsibilities beyond that.”

“I agree with Brother Chen,” Madam Li added.

Shen Yijia stared at the meat and nodded hurriedly.

“Husband is right.”

Shen Yijia felt that it was foolish to care about others when she could not even guarantee her own safety.

Song Jingchens expression softened.

Uncle Yang sighed and didnt say anything else.

There was a momentary silence, broken only by the crackling of the fire.

“Can we eat now We should be able to eat now, right” Shen Yijia was so focused on the roasted meat that she did not notice anything else.

Nothing was more important than eating meat.

As soon as they ate the meat, footsteps came from the forest.

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The newcomers were clearly surprised to see them.

Shen Yijia took a bite out of the rabbit leg she was holding.

She bared her teeth at the group of guards and said in a muffled voice, “Its such a coincidence that you guys are back.

Theres only enough meat for us.

If you want to eat it, go hunt for it yourself.”

“Hmph, you only give us stale pastries every day, youre awful.” she thought to herself.

She sighed.

“Bunnies are so cute.

How could they also taste so delicious”


The guards said nothing.

Song Jingchen rubbed his temple and became uncertain about his suspicions.

After all, was Shen Yijia really capable of scheming against others

Forget it, there was still a long road ahead.

A fox would expose its tail eventually.


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