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The Mate Of The Alpha King Was He Gay?

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His alphas mood was totally out of control. His words and commands were so authoritative that the ground shook under their feet. He held the man between his claws as a desperate as he can be pulling his throat cutting his air pipe. The poor doctor become as blue as the sky, hitting Xaviers hands anxiously to get a glimpse of air.

Xavier pulled him closer to him just beside his ears and whispered gently, and totally in control.

"One question can get you out alive tonight. Who did you meet?" he asked face inches away from the doctor eyes almost piercing his soul to shreds

His question didn clear things out at all, on the opposite it made him more confused. "I don understand what you mean?" he barely spoke.

Xavier clenched his neck harder, showing him that there were no place for hesitation. "Give me a list of all the people you came on contact with during today" he explained more. Repeating himself for the second time.

It was clear that this man wasn his mate. That was impossible, it was merely impossible. Getting the scent from his body had hit him strongly as if it was his, nearly killed him. Shaking him to the core, making him question himself. He for a moment thought that the Gods most have been playing one hell of a game with him.

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