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Chapter 1005 Accepting The Summon

Three days later...

Felix could be seen sitting on his bed while rubbing Nimo\'s stomach...He had a holographic spreadsheet with thousands of names and confusing numbers.

So far only 10% paid their full debt. Felix mumured as he studied the spreadsheet, The rest have split their payment plans from five years to a century depending on how much they owed.

With this, you have financed your climb to at least the fourteenth mark. Asna said.

I have more than a hundred thousand B graded natural treasures in my net worth, yet I can\'t even reach the fifteenth mark. Felix rubbed his eyelids, I have no clue how I am going to cross past it.

Because the amount needed was doubled each time Felix reached a mark, he knew that from fifteenth mark and onward, the devourer system would be deemed as useless.

He would be required to invest more than a hundred thousand natural treasures just to obtain 10K BF.

It wasn\'t going to be effective in the long run.

That\'s why Felix desired the dragons\' cultivation system as it was going to help him switch gears when the devourer\'s system start to slow him down.

I need to merge with elder\'s Imyr heart no matter what. Felix nodded with a serious expression, It\'s time to start my preparation for the replacement.

Sigh, good luck. Asna could only smile bitterly and hope for the best, knowing there was no stopping him now.


With my current strength, I am confident in being able to take at least 17%. Felix said while preparing the integration materials in his UVR\'s room.

Just to make everything as realistic as possible, he was planning to integrate with Kraken bloodline.

Thankfully, Felix had scanned the Kraken bloodline bottle when he had to hand one to the anti-royality alliance.

Without further ado, Felix started the replacement process by injecting the blood directly into his heart.

After a mere ten minutes of agonizing hellish pain, Felix had given in and died...

As I expected. Thor shook his head, Without the pressure of death, it will be difficult for you to convince your mind to stay conscious.

Felix couldn\'t help but nod his head in agreement.

He tried his very best to stay conscious until the time ends, but it was near impossible when his own thoughts were against him.

They keep telling him to give up and that it wasn\'t worth it to go such agonizing pain without any end results.

The only reason he had such thoughts were because he knew that there was absolutely no danger to his safety if he gave up.

Then, I just need to activate the death penalty. Felix decided calmly.

Absolutely not! Asna shut it down instantly, not loving the idea one bit.

Who could blame her If anyone heard Felix, they wouldn\'t hesitate to call him a lunatic.

No one was crazy enough to implement the death penalty in his own UVR\'s room while merely training.

If I don\'t do it, I will end up dead anyway when I attempt to integrate with 25%. Felix tried to convince her, It\'s better to make my pain and training worth it by making sure that each attempt can lead to my death.

All the primogenitors nodded in support, understanding that Felix\'s plan was the only way to bridge the gap to 25%.

Otherwise, it was best to give up right now and not waste anyone precious time.

Sigh...Why can\'t you just pick the damn second method. Although Asna understood him as well, she was still uncomfortable with his suicidal training.

I will be fine. Felix assured with a faint smile, I\'m not crazy enough to do anything that is out of my reach.

Now that real death was involved, Felix wasn\'t planning on jumping straight to 17%.

He was going to take it as slow as possible even if it meant increasing 1% each month or even a year.

This naturally was going to take a long time...But, this was better than ending up dying an underwhelming death during training.

Vrrr Vrrr.

Suddenly, Felix\'s bracelet vibrated.

When he glanced at the screen, he noticed that it was a message sent by clan head Kyrsun.

\'Is this related to the wager\' Felix wondered and clicked on the message.

Unfortunately, he wished that it was about that.

What a good time to be summoned. Asna chuckled, Right after you placed quarter of his race in debt.

It turned out, Elder Dragon had finally set up a meeting with Felix.

The message informed him that it would be held in Elder Dragon Supreme Castle in the real world, which meant that Felix needed to depart right now.

Better than now than later. Felix replied with a relieved expression.

He wanted to leave Icarius Galaxy the moment he had delivered all the royal gemstones to their rightful owners.

Alas, he couldn\'t bail out on a summon from the big boss of the alliance as it would bring him nothing but trouble.

I guess I will leave the training for later.\'


A couple of hours later...

Felix had emerged from a void rift high in the sky above a ancient gloomy looking castle.

It had eight solid round towers that formed a protective barrier all around the castle and were connected by reinforced, thick walls made of black stones.

Wide windows were scattered here and there around the walls in fairly symmetrical patterns, along with overhanging crenelations for decorative purposes.

Statues of Elder Dragon were lined up outside the castle gates, serving as reminders of the one and only ruler of this dragon empire.

This castle showed signs of decay after being around for ages, yet it didn\'t seem like anyone was bothered to fix it.

What made this common looking castle special was the fact that it was built on a floating island that was above the clouds, completely isolated from the surface.

Felix landed in front of the main gate and waited patiently for it to be opened...However, he waited for more than five minutes and no one came to open the gate.

\'Is no one here\' Felix frowned, \'Should I open it on my own\'

Not knowing what to do, Felix could only contact Anastasia and seek her advice to avoid stepping on Elder Dragon\'s tail.

\'No one in the castle but him.\' Anastasia disclosed.

\'Not even servants\' Felix found it a bit peculiar.

\'Yes, he prefers to live alone for some reason.

We don\'t ask.\' Anastasia guided, \'Just push the gate open and keep walking straight, you will find him in the throne chamber.\'

\'Alright thanks.\'

Without delay, Felix opened the gate and walked slowly towards the corridor.

After reaching it, he kept looking around him in wonder at how bleak and deserted the castle.

It resembled haunted abandoned castles from the Middle Ages instead of the house of the most authoritative being in the alliance.

It even gave the creeps to Felix since houses reflect on the personality of their owners.

In a short while, Felix arrived at the end of the corridor...What blocked his path was a giant wooden gate that was opened just a bit, leaving a crack for Felix to peek inside.

Felix didn\'t do so.

He took a deep breath and pushed it wide open...Then, he stepped inside with his back straight and a composed expression.

The first thing that his eyes had caught was the Elder Dragon in his humaniod form sitting in a sinister-looking throne.

He had his chin resting on the comfort of his black scaled knuckles while looking in front of him with indifferent cold eyes...He wasn\'t even targeting Felix as this was how he looked all the time.

\'Here we go.\'

Felix Maxwell answers to The Elder Dragon\'s summon. Felix introduced formally and as respectfully as possible.

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