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Chapter 866: Demonic Soul Lions Roar

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Xia Feis face was glum.

It had been two days since the fight, and throughout, he could sense the remaining two of the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers, Blind Xue Guang and Lame Zheng Jin, watching him from nearby with sinister gazes!

This sensation of being followed left Xia Fei feeling very uncomfortable! In normal circumstances, with his supreme speed and the Crafty Approach, Xia Fei should have been the one chasing, but now, the tables had been turned.

“The God Race truly is incredible,” Xia Fei muttered as he stood next to a lake.

The waters of the lake served as a partition line.

His side was bright and sunny, while the other side was experiencing a blizzard.

It was like two completely different worlds.

This was Region 15.

Even with Xia Feis superspeed, in two days, he had only just managed to reach Region 15, still very far from his goal of Region 3.

This was how vast the territory of the God Race was.

As for how such a large region was constructed, Xia Fei had no idea.

Region 15s scenery was good, but it was also strange.

The completely different seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter were completely mixed together.

One moment, tender shoots would be sprouting in spring, and the next moment, it would be time for melons to ripen and fall from their branches.

No matter how strange the season was, none of it had anything to do with Xia Fei.

What he wanted the most was to know how the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers had been able to track him down! Xia Fei would be unable to get a good nights sleep until he could kill his enemies!

Lighting a cigarette, Xia Fei took two puffs and prepared to set off again.

At this moment, a vicious head emerged from the lake, opened its mouth, and ruthlessly roared in Xia Feis direction.

“Divine Beast Jade Brocade Snow Beaver!” Xia Fei said in shock.

The Beast Spirit Codex had a description on this colorful beaver.

Its body consisted of two parts.

Its upper half was the color of rainbow brocade, while its lower half was snow white like mutton-fat jade.

Xia Fei slightly frowned.

This guy looked cute, but it was actually very fierce and aggressive.

The Jade Brocade Snow Beaver was a level 1 Divine Beast, but that was after it became an adult.

This one was so young, yet it was already so fierce, baring its claws at a stranger, a savage glow in its eyes.

What would happen once it grew up

Normally, exotic beasts followed their masters and took after them.

Take Furball, who was a Holy Beast Shatterstar, as an example; if he had not followed Xia Fei and been infected by Xia Feis character, he would have been an extremely cruel existence!

Shatterstars were just as domineering as their name indicated.

If they encountered any obstacle in the sea of stars, they would destroy it and keep pressing forward!

As for Furball, he was more cunning.

The tyrannical nature was a part of his blood and impossible to erase, but it would only reveal itself during battle.

Normally, this guy was sly and crafty.

Furball had been sleeping, but when this Divine Beast appeared, its arrogant cry had awakened him!

In all the enormity of the world, the sleep of the revered Holy Beast was the most important of all!

Furball was furious.

Let alone stirring him from his sleep, it dared to threaten his master Did it really think that it could take advantage of a mighty Holy Beast


Furball immediately jumped up and madly roared at the Jade Brocade Snow Beaver!

That sound could rend organs!

The majesty of a Holy Beast could not be blasphemed and definitely not a Holy Beasts master!

Furball thought that he was vicious enough, but it turned out that Xia Fei was even more straightforward!


The Blood Crystal erupted with red light as Xia Fei slew the Divine Beast!

“Dont think that you can shout at me because youre a Divine Beast,” Xia Fei said as he put away the Blood Crystal.

The Jade Brocade Snow Beaver had acted aggressively because of its Divine Beast bloodline, but then it ran into Xia Fei, who was a vicious fellow; it could only count itself unlucky! After all, the Jade Brocade Snow Beaver was not an adult and was a level 4 Beast King at most.

Killing a Beast King was no different from squashing an ant for Xia Fei.


Furball was rendered speechless.

He tilted his head and looked admiringly at Xia Fei.

‘Truly, master is master! Furball mentally remarked.

Furball coldly looked into the distance as if he had noticed something.

Meanwhile, Xia Fei was pleasantly surprised, for after the Jade Brocade Snow Beavers corpse had shriveled up, a black placard revealed itself.

Squatting, Xia Fei picked up that metal piece.

He then took out the pass card that identified him as Chef Ying Fei.

As he compared them, he could not help but rejoice.

“I see!” Xia Feis eyes flashed as he muttered.

Gradually, a sinister smile began to creep onto Xia Feis face.

Inadvertently discovering the method on how he was being tracked, he felt his body brim with strength!

The Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers had been able to track him down because of that pass card, which represented his identity!

In an area close to Region 14, Lame Zheng Jin sat on his hoverchair and stared at a screen.

The point of light on the screen was Xia Fei!

The rank of the professional pass card that Xia Fei had was very low.

It was so low that anyone could track it.

After all, Xia Fei was just a chef, and a chef had little social status in the God Race.

If their boss wanted to know where they were, they could find out whenever they wanted.

Some professionals were even cursed at and beaten by their masters; after which, they would flee.

With the pass cards, they could quickly be captured again.

The Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers had taken jobs from their respective clans to hunt down Xia Fei.

With the Hall of God Kings leaking the serial code for Xia Feis temporary pass card, the four had been able to find Xia Fei without breaking a sweat.

If Xia Fei had not killed that Jade Brocade Snow Beaver, he would have still been in the dark.

The white dot on the screen was moving in the direction of Lame Zheng Jin.

Zheng Jin smiled, waiting in anticipation for the rabbit to walk into the trap.

In terms of speed, Zheng Jin was naturally no match for Xia Fei, but he had Xia Feis position, so he could just wait at locations where Xia Fei needed to go through.

Xia Fei seemed to be following his plan and heading to Region 14.

In a few more minutes, he would run into him.


Xia Fei turned and charged into the mountains on the western side!

“Eh” Zheng Jin frowned, not understanding why Xia Fei had changed his mind.

Did he not plan to head into Region 14

After a while, Xia Fei stopped! An entire hour went by without him making a move.

“Is he going to set up camp on Pentapeak Mountain” Zheng Jin mumbled to himself.

“Forget it.

Ill just keep waiting for him.

He has to go through here to get to Region 14, so hell come by eventually.”

He ended up waiting three whole hours, and Xia Fei still did not move a muscle!

“Whats going on Zheng Jin muttered.

“No, I have to see for myself.

If I dont act first, that cursed blind man may get to him first.”

Pentapeak Mountain was a very ordinary place in Region 15 of the God Race.

It gained its name from how the peaks of five mountains were joined together.


Slayer Zheng Jin frowned when he arrived.

All was quiet and devoid of life, but the coordinates said that Xia Fei was here.

“Hmm Is Xia Fei not here” Zheng Jin said to himself as he began to search for traces of the young man carefully.

Alas, he only had approximate coordinates, so after half an hour, he still found no signs of Xia Fei.

He heard a familiar rustling, and when he raised his head, he saw his fellow slayer, Blind Xue Guang.

“Why are you here”

“What about you” Xue Guang countered.

Although they were both hunters and were part of the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers, they were not exactly on friendly terms with each other.

This was a good thing, for if all four of them had attacked together, Xia Fei might have been unable to win.

“Xia Fei suddenly disappeared,” Zheng Jin sternly said.

“This might be a trap!”

Xue Guang shook his head.

“If it were a trap, you wouldve already seen something.

Youve been on Pentapeak Mountain for half an hour, but Xia Fei still hasnt done anything to you.

From this, we can see that this is no trap.”

Zheng Jin was startled.

The blind man was right.

He had already seen Xia Feis intelligence and ability to lay traps.

If this were a trap, he would probably be plunged into dire peril.

Suddenly, Zheng Jin appeared frustrated.

Xue Guang knew that he had already been here for half an hour, meaning that he had been nearby this whole time, and it was only when he knew that it was not a trap that he entered Pentapeak Mountain.

Clearly, this blind man, who was the craftiest and most skilled at scheming out of them four, had used him to probe the surroundings!

Glaring at the blind slayer, Zheng Jin snorted and said, “Theres no one here, so he mustve been trying to bait us away.

Im leaving!”

The blind and the lame had been opposed to each other.

Zheng Jin felt even more frustrated after discovering that Xue Guang had used him and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Blind Xue Guang suddenly pointed at a nearby tree urgently.

“What is that”

“Arent you able to see everything” Zheng Jin grumbled as he moved his hoverchair to the tree.

When he got a good look, he paled.

“‘Beat the cripple, curse the mute, kick down the widows door, and desecrate the graves of the impotent!” Zheng Jin muttered.

The words were the four insults Xia Fei had once told in their faces.

He had written them on a turtle shell, and this turtle was now slowly crawling past the two slayers.


Blind Xue Guang went pale.

“Oh, no! Xia Fei left you here and refrained from attacking not because he didnt want to but because hes waiting for me!”

“Who cares about you” Lame Zheng Jin jeered.

“You really think that youre something else!”

“Hes waiting for me so that he can take care of both of us at once!” Xue Guang shouted.

However, before they could react, Pentapeak Mountain began to shift! A vast amount of energy soared into the air, like a giant net that cast itself over Pentapeak Moutnain, sealing the entire mountain basin!

Oro had served as an excellent friend and teacher to Xia Fei.

He had helped Xia Fei with his questions and had also passed onto him his knowledge of formations.

Xia Fei, who had always favored swift and decisive battles, rarely did engage in positional battles.

Thus, he normally had little chance to use formations, but to finish off the last two slayers, Xia Fei activated the Lionheart Royal Clans ultimate killing formation, the Demonic Soul Lions Roar!

The diameter of this giant formation was five hundred kilometers!

No matter how cautious Zheng Jin, he had expected that Xia Fei would lay down such a massive formation just to avoid detection!

“Disaster! Were in a trap!” Xue Guang anxiously said.

A black silhouette suddenly appeared on the crest of Pentapeak Mountain, angrily glaring down from the summit at Xue Guang and Zheng Jin.

This was none other than the Xia Fei whom they had been waiting for!

“I wasted nine thousand grade 6 Origin Crystals on this.

Lets see if I cant kill the two of you this time!” Xia Fei viciously said through clenched teeth.

The Demonic Soul Lions Roar had extremely high energy demands, and the larger the formation, the more energy it required.

To kill these two slayers, Xia Fei had gone all-out.

He had laid out nine energy relay points around Pentapeak Mountain, each one holding one thousand grade 6 Origin Crystals!


The Demonic Soul Lions Roar Formation activated, and it began to compress rapidly! If the two slayers could not find a way to escape from within the formation, they would be crushed into a paste by it!

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