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Chapter 865: Eight Tunes Golden Falcon

Jia Xiaoshuang was caught off guard by Xia Fei suddenly changing directions to attack him, instead!

When he got moving, he moved with the momentum of a thunderclap!

Xia Fei used the classic tactic of drawing the snake out of its hole, pulling Jia Xiaoshuang out of his prepared formation and into Xia Feis attack range!

Still, Jia Xiaoshuang was a Law Sage, Though he was very far from the place he had meticulously chosen, he still did his best to fall back to it!

Also, for some reason, he had four legs that moved in harmony, doubling the pace of his retreat!

Xia Fei mentally gasped in surprise.

It was not rare to see someone using law force to modify the body, but the key here was that Jia Xiaoshuang continued to accelerate after this modification.

Xia Fei had never seen something like this before.


Five massive blue blades of grass erupted from behind Jia Xiaoshuang.

Peacock Blue had hidden itself in the earth so that it could ambush Jia Xiaoshuang when he was retreating.

Xia Fei had managed with great difficulty to draw him out, so he was not about to let the tiger return to the mountain!

Jia Xiaoshuang was startled.

Peacock Blues blades of grass were like giant venomous snakes flailing around.

It was clear that retreating to the advantageous ground he had prepared was no longer possible.

In a flash, Jia Xiaoshuang suddenly turned and opened his mouth in Xia Feis direction!

He was a mute, so what was he going to make a sound with


An invisible sound wave emerged from Jia Xiaoshuangs mouth, and it swept toward Xia Fei!

Sound waves were large-scale weapons.

Xia Fei, who was charging at Jia Xiaoshuang, could only evade or retreat to dodge this attack.

However, Xia Fei did not even try to dodge!


The Monohorn Ogre started to shift, forming a round shield in front of Xia Fei!

The Monohorn Ogre was made from a high-quality and dense alloy.

Not only could it absorb sound waves, it could bounce them back!

In the blink of an eye, Xia Fei had busted through the sound wave, his red blade approaching!


A hint of hatred appeared in Jia Xiaoshuangs eyes.

With incredible speed, his body split down the middle!

The moment was just right, and it seemed like there was a spring installed in between them, the two bodies separating with explosive force!

Xia Fei had never imagined that a person could grow two legs, nor that they could rapidly split apart.

He passed through the middle, the Blood Crystal failing to wound Jia Xiaoshuang.


Xia Fei stopped very far away and looked suspiciously at his bizarre enemy.

The fog dispersed, leaving even faster than it came.

In the distance, a large swath of the forest had been obliterated.

This was the result of Jia Xiaoshuangs sonic attack.

He was clearly a mute, so why did he have such a lethal sonic attack

Xia Fei found Jia Xiaoshuang to be quite the incredible character, and these two people in front of him left Xia Fei even more astonished!

Just now, Jia Xiaoshuangs body had suddenly split apart.

Xia Fei had taken this for some sort of body modification skill, but he was realizing now that these two people were identical!

“This is… Law of Puppetry” asked Xia Fei with a frown.

Jia Xiaoshuang appeared weary.

He could not talk, but he gave a slight nod.

Xia Fei had seen the wooden puppets most commonly used by the Dark Puppet species, and he had seen the human-shaped blood puppet used by the Baynes family.

However, Jia Xiaoshuangs puppet was neither of these.

He was able to create two of himself.

While it was still the Law of Puppetry, it was an extremely high-level version of it.

As for that bizarre sonic attack, though it seemed similar to a law skill, Xia Fei could tell that this was no law.

Rather, there was something in Jia Xiaoshuangs mouth.

Glancing at the dozens of hectares of forest that had been wiped out, Xia Fei was certain that whatever was in Jia Xiaoshuangs mouth had to be very strong, perhaps even one of those divine weapons!

A crafty smile appeared on Xia Feis lips as he patted Furballs body.

In a flash, two Xia Feis appeared in front of Jia Xiaoshuang!

Delusion! The legendary Delusion clone!

Jia Xiaoshuangs highly sophisticated puppetry could create two of himself, and Xia Fei could use his Delusion technique to create two Xia Feis!

Moreover, this was a combination technique Xia Fei made with the Holy Beast Shatterstar.

The combination of Law Overlord and Holy Beast was not at all inferior to that of Jia Xiaoshuangs puppet!

Although Jia Xiaoshuang had the advantage of rank, Xia Fei had more trump cards!

Jia Xiaoshuang was stunned, backing up a few steps.

It was clear that Xia Feis Delusion clone had created an immense psychological pressure on him!

Jia Xiaoshuangs puppet was realistic, but Xia Feis clone was so realistic that it could be mistaken for the real thing!

“Kill him!”

Xia Fei ordered, and he and Furball attacked together!

Two Xia Feis charged out.

The one in front was Xia Feis real self, while the one behind was Furball!

Jia Xiaoshuang suddenly opened his mouth and unleashed another sound wave while his puppet tried to work around the flank of Xia Fei and Furball!


Furball opened his mouth and let out a roar far more frightening than Jia Xiaoshuangs!

The majesty of a Holy Beast could not be blasphemed! Furball was a guy who would frighten Beast Kings to death in his spare time! He had no fear of such sound waves!


Jia Xiaoshuangs and Furballs sonic attacks fiercely collided!

It was impossible to describe the enormity of this impact.

It was simply too powerful that the entire world trembled!


Xia Fei suddenly accelerated, chasing after the clone that had escaped to the side.

The two mutes were identical.

While Xia Fei did realize that this was puppetry, he could tell that this law was somewhat different from the one he had encountered before.

Thus, Xia Fei could not be certain which was his real foe.

The best solution was to kill all at one go!

At the same time, Mute Jia Xiaoshuang realized that he was facing a dilemma.

After promoting, Furballs energy factor had soared; he could even attack for several dozen minutes without stopping.

Furball and Jia Xiaoshuangs sound waves were neutralizing each other, and neither could gain the upper hand, but Furball was an energy-type Holy Beast.

Once he went crazy, he would keep attacking until his energy ran out!

No matter how formidable Jia Xiaoshuang was, he could not possibly compete against an energy-type Holy Beast in an endurance contest.

Moreover, having just absorbed vast amounts of the Ark fragments mysterious energy to promote, Furball had already gone past his juvenile stage and was now striding toward adulthood.

The toughness of his body and the size of his energy reserve were both extraordinary!

Trying to out-endure a Holy Beast was seeking death!

In a flash, Xia Fei had caught up to Jia Xiaoshuangs puppet.

The Blood Crystal flashed and instantly destroyed the clone!

“Its still a puppet!” Xia Fei muttered in shock.

As the blade plunged into the body, Xia Fei realized what was different about this clone.

The Blood Crystal only absorbed little energy before turning this fellow into dust.

“Oh, no! Is Furball going to be okay alone!”

Xia Fei had chased the clone far off to the side, leaving Furball alone to face Jia Xiaoshuangs real body! This was a Law Sage! Could Xia Fei hold on

Xia Fei returned as quickly as he could, but he bore witness to an astonishing sight!

Furball was still going full force while Jia Xiaoshuangs complexion was ghastly pale.

It was clear that he was at his limit and was just barely holding on.

Blood was slowly trickling out from Jia Xiaoshuangs mouth, and his entire body was shuddering.

“Leave him to me!” Xia Fei raised his eyebrow and lunged at the enemy like a wicked wolf.


The Blood Crystals dark red blade flashed!

Far from the battlefield, two elders smiled.

These were the two aides to Skywing Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng, Xia Lianning and Xia Ke.

“On many occasions, cultivation doesnt mean everything.

While Jia Xiaoshuang is an inheritor of the Dark Puppet species, a spy the Demon Race left in our ranks, on top of being quite powerful, he unfortunately doesnt have a powerful ally like the Holy Beast Shatterstar,” Xia Ke commented with a nod.

He seemed to be very approving of Furball.

Xia Lianning replied, “As the saying goes,one misstep leads to misstep after misstep.

Jia Xiaoshuang is one of the rare few who have mastered the Law of Clone Puppetry.

While this law is very powerful, it requires arranging things beforehand and setting up numerous energy recharge formations in the surroundings.

This is the only way to maximize its power.

“Alas, his mind wasnt resolved enough, and he chose to leave his formation to attack.

This is no different from crippling oneself! The rare Law of Clone Puppetry without the support of an energy formation can at most exert only thirty percent of its full power.

Look at how casually Xia Fei killed Jia Xiaoshuangs clone.

Hes got no idea that Jia Xiaoshuang needed one hundred years to make this clone! Its valuable to the extreme!”

The biggest restriction for clones was how to transfer energy, for no matter how exquisite a clone, it was still a lifeless object.

Thus, it required a constant stream of energy to keep it moving.

Jia Xiaoshuang had laid out an energy transfer formation.

Only in this formation could he provide the puppet with an endless stream of energy, allowing it to display its full power!

Xia Fei and Furball did not have this sort of energy problem, for Xia Feis clone was a mighty Holy Beast!

Even if Jia Xiaoshuangs Law of Clone Puppetry was not as exquisite as Xia Feis, with his energy formation and higher cultivation, he should have been able to fight a battle with him.

Alas, he had lost his senses and taken Xia Fei for an idiot who had foolishly challenged the blind man.

Thus, he had left his formation to try and kill Xia Fei.

This had resulted in him walking to Xia Feis trap, that dagger of Xia Fei destroying the precious clone he had wasted one hundred years on!

“Lets go.

Theres nothing else to see here,” Xia Lianning said with a sigh.

They had hoped to see a dazzling battle, but they had only ended up witnessing a massacre.

Xia Ke looked back and indifferently said, “What a pity! That mute only has the famous divine weapon, the Eight Tune Golden Falcon.

From now on, I suppose itll become Xia Feis.”


These two mighty Skywing war gods vanished without a trace.


Xia Fei gasped in surprise as he picked up a golden item that looked like a whistle from the ground.

This item became visible after Jia Xiaoshuang was reduced into a shriveled skeleton.

“So those strange sonic waves were made by this thing,” Xia Fei muttered.

This golden whistle was very light and finely crafted.

It could be placed in the throat without injuring it and with no fear of accidentally swallowing it.

“Its great! It might even be a divine weapon!” Xia Fei stashed it into his spatial ring.

The mute had two treasures: One was the Eight Tunes Golden Falcon, known as a divine weapon that could let anyone grasp the Law of Sound, and the other was that clone puppet he had spent one hundred years making.

Normally, it was fused with his body and could automatically emerge whenever needed.

Now, Xia Fei had destroyed one of these treasures and taken the other for himself.

Of course, Xia Fei had taken the mutes spatial ring, too.

Counting his spoils, he found that he was now richer by five thousand three hundred grade 6 Origin Crystals!

“All of them are rich,” Xia Fei muttered, “but I must find out how exactly theyre finding me.”

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