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Chapter 864: Darkness Lifeforms!

Xia Fei had no idea that the God Race was actually internally splintering.

In just one year, the death ratio in the God Race had soared to 1300%, and the vast majority of these warriors had died in personal fights!

Xia Fei being openly pursued by the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers as soon as he stepped into the God Race territory would have been unthinkable in the past!

It was clear that the God Races Hall of Ultimate Law was rapidly losing control over the various sapient lifeforms under its command.

There were fights and personal quarrels all over the place!

In the space of one night, all of the God Race had seemingly gone crazy! All of the warriors became violent and restless.

They stopped following the God Races rules and began relying more and more on their own strength to solve problems rather than reporting them to the law enforcers or the higher-ups.

If the gods wanted someone to die, they would first make them go insane!

Although the God Races turmoil was not to the insane level, it was not too far off!

The Skywing grand ancestor clearly had ulterior motives by bringing Xia Fei into the God Race territory ahead of time and requiring him to survive alone!

Xia Fei was in trouble, encountering the pursuit of the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers.

At the same time, in the distant Turbulence, Xia Guanghai and Xia Geng, this search team made of two Skywing experts, were not having it easy, either.

The chaotic Turbulence was a nightmare to all intelligent lifeforms, and danger lurked everywhere.

Xia Guanghai and Xia Geng needed to move carefully, slowly searching as the seconds and minutes went by.

“Are you still good” Xia Guanghai held Xia Geng up by the shoulder and sternly asked.

In this small team, Xia Guanghai was the protector and Xia Geng was the searcher.

Searching for certain items using formidable mental energy was not easy, as it consumed immense amounts of mental energy and physical energy.

Moreover, the disordered Turbulence increased the energy and time needed by one hundred times!

At this moment, Xia Geng was utterly exhausted.

Even with the support of the ultra-rare grade 8 Origin Crystal, Xia Geng was still at the limits of his strength and could collapse at any moment!

Smiling, Xia Geng panted for breath and said, “Relax.

I can still go on.

The grand ancestor even took out his precious crystal, meaning that this is a matter of utmost importance.

I cant fight better than you, so if I cant keep searching, wont I become the laughingstock of the clan”


The two of them shared a hearty laugh.

The Skywings were not powerful only because their clan produced the best warriors in the universe but also because the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade was capable of everything!

Overseeing the training of the clans juniors was Xia Laoshi and his mastery of two laws, and the strongest searcher in the entire God Race was Xia Geng.

While these people were not the most powerful warriors, they had made considerable contributions in their own fields! They were both indispensable members of the Skywings organization.

The two of them continued forward.

The Turbulence was vast and chaotic! The search went slowly, but Xia Geng and Xia Guanghai, who both possessed the characteristic persistence of the Skywings, kept pushing forward!


Xia Guanghai and Xia Geng were on the perimeter of a minor planet when a warship appeared! It was a black warship, round like a sea urchin!

This ship, which was covered in sharp spikes, moved slowly.

It was like a massive sea urchin floating on the water, appearing without a sound!

Xia Geng and Xia Guanghai both froze! They appeared deeply shocked.

This bizarre warship emerged from the intersection between normal space and dark space! In other words, this warship came from the dark space, that place representing death!


Xia Guanghai suddenly shouted, his eyes turning scarlet red, and then his entire body exploded with savagery!

One second later, without even saying anything to Xia Geng, Xia Guanghai charged out.

When Xia Guanghai charged at full speed, he could hit four million meters per second!

This was an astonishing speed! He was a ray of light, a ray of murderous light!

Xia Guanghai had a starting point of a level 8 in his special ability, which was one hundred twenty thousand meters per second, and right now, he was at level 6 in the Law of Speed! His speed per second really was nearly four million!

Xia Geng gritted his teeth and charged after Xia Guanghai!

He did not know why Xia Guanghai had gone crazy after seeing that sea urchin warship and heedlessly charged forward, but as a Skywing, no matter how tired he was, he needed to charge forward with all his strength to protect his companions rear and flanks! This was his duty as a member of the fiendish blade!

Xia Guanghais full speed was unleashed, his inner demon erupting!

The inner demon was the unique trait of the Skywings, which they used to stand proudly above the rest in this part of the universe! In the shortest time possible, it could stimulate a warriors fighting power to the max!

There was no need to prepare or warm up; they could immediately strike with their strongest power!

Four million meters per second was a shocking speed.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Guanghai had charged up to the sea urchin warship like an unstoppable artillery shell—no, a nuclear bomb!

Xia Guanghai made no attempt to dodge.

While traveling at this absurd speed, he punched at the bizarre warship!


A sound like the heavens collapsing could be heard! Fire exploded!

Xia Guanghai used his strongest and most brutal attack to obliterate this bizarre black warship!

A few moments later, Xia Geng and Xia Guanghai took a short break on the back of an asteroid.

Xia Geng looked in shock at Xia Guanghai and saw that his top-class suit of armor, Eternal River, was damaged.

In addition, the right hand, which had made the punch, was slightly shaking.

It was clear that Xia Guanghai was still in a state of extreme agitation.

“What happened back there Why did you need to instantly destroy it” Xia Geng hesitantly asked.

While such a warship was mysterious, there was no need for a level 8 Great Law Sage of the Skywings to go crazy over it.

Let alone Xia Guanghai, even the rather weak Xia Geng could easily destroy it.

The key was the attitude! The moment Xia Guanghai had seen that strange warship, his entire body seemed to have been provoked and he instantly became a crazy devil!

Xia Guanghai exhaled and answered, “Do you know how much territory the two races control”

“One trillion lightyears out from the core territories,” Xia Geng replied.

“Do you know whats beyond one trillion lightyears” Xia Guanghai asked.

Startled, Xia Geng shook his head.

Even the people of the God Race rarely thought about this problem.

After all, the two races lived very safe lives, standing at the very apex of the universe and proudly laughing at everyone beneath.

What was the universe, though How big was it Was there any form of existence besides the intelligent species in the Law Realm None of these questions had an answer.

Xia Guanghai pointed at the distant wreckage he had created.

“The Dark Night will descend soon, and the creatures in the Dark Night have already started to move.”

“The creatures in the Dark Night!” Xia Geng was stunned, his face slightly turning pale.

The universe was so big; there would definitely be lifeforms outside of the region controlled by the two races.

Anyone could guess at that.

However, Xia Geng had never imagined that these lifeforms who lived so far away would be able to present a threat to the Law Realm!

Xia Guanghai paused before continuing.

“Our Skywings are one of the clans in the circle that are the most passionate about exploring the unknown, so we know a little more.

“The Cosmic Gate is growing more and more unstable, and those distant creatures in the darkness are getting restless.

That warship earlier was the vanguard of those dark lifeforms, their scouts.

If I didnt destroy it immediately, it would slink back into the darkness and bring home information about us.”

Xia Guanghai spoke very calmly.

Meanwhile, Xia Gengs mind was in absolute chaos!

The shock was simply too great!

Xia Geng finally understood the true meaning of the Dark Nights Descent!

It turned out that the universe was already so unstable that it was at the breaking point!

No wonder the God Race was growing more and more chaotic, and the grand ancestor was seen less and less.

Everything was connected!

The God Race, Region 19.

“Remember: This is the God Race!”

Blind Xue Guang spoke the truth with his words.

After all, the God Race was a mysterious and aloof existence.

While Xia Fei found it incredible that the Four Supreme Frenzied Slayers could find him again and again, this was the God Race! What Xia Fei found absurd was completely normal!

“No one can just come and go whenever they please when Im around!” Xia Fei furiously roared as he charged at Xue Guang!

He could not change the fact that his enemies could find him wherever he went, so there was only one solution: Kill all his enemies!


As he flew forward, the Blood Crystal left its sheath! Furball jumped onto Xia Feis shoulder, taking up his place as an infinite energy cannon, while Peacock Blue rapidly grew to a length of one thousand meters!

Xia Fei revealed all his trump cards, preparing to unleash a tremendous attack!

Blind Xue Guangs ears trembled.

He did not dare to believe what he was hearing! Xia Fei had chosen to ignore Mute Jia Xiaoshuang and heedlessly attack him!

Xia Fei was all by himself, while Xue Guang and Jia Xiaoshuang were a pair.

A pair of two Law Sages!

The blind man, who had originally intended to leave, was made to stay by Xia Fei! Did he want to fight against two Law Sages at once

Impossible! That was absolute madness!

Suddenly, the blind mans tense nerves relaxed, and the hand clutching his cane also sank low.

Blind Xue Guang smiled as he said, “You really are cunning!”

He had said as such because Jia Xiaoshuang had also moved! He was moving closer toward the blind man!

Jia Xiaoshuang thought that this was a chance! Xia Fei had ignored him and made the dumb choice to keep Xue Guang on the battlefield.

This was no different from suicide!

Only an idiot would make one opponent into two!

Thus, Jia Xiaoguang accelerated, trying to get close to Xue Guang, so that when Xue Guang counterattacked, he could join him and kill Xia Fei in a single blow.

Jia Xiaoguang originally had the terrain advantage, having laid a deadly trap around him, but now that he had moved, his meticulous plan was completely ruined!

As he moved at high speeds, Xia Fei made that characteristically crafty smile.

As had been proven countless times before, anyone who took him for a fool would turn out to be the true fool!


Just as Xia Fei closed in on Xue Guang, his Blood Crystals edge was getting closer and closer to the enemy, too.

Meanwhile, Blind Xue Guang prepared to counterattack!

At this moment, something happened that Jia Xiaoshuang would have never imagined even in his dreams!

Xia Fei skillfully accelerated in an oblique path, brushing past Xue Guang!

All of this had been acted out so realistically.

It was as if Xia Fei truly had been enraged by Xue Guangs words and was prepared to keep him here no matter the cost!

However, as he veered to a different trajectory, he revealed his true goal!

All of this was to get into that advantageous territory he had just lured Jia Xiaoshuang out of!

It was not Xia Feis style to follow the tempo of his enemies!

He would always cunningly make his enemies follow his tempo!

After which, he would reveal his sharp claws!

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