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Chapter 270 Creeping Evil Hand

Part 2

Controlling information by using codes to the point of being paranoid.

No one was given any information other than the mission for which they were in charge, and they did not even know the names of their direct superiors.

This organization was designed so that no problems would arise even if someone was exposed and captured.

Without knowing anything, the Empire’s greatest treasure, the 『True Tears (Tears of the Truth)』 would be powerless.

It is a wonder that the organization was able to operate with such thorough secrecy.

Perhaps it was the high quality of its members that allowed it to survive.

It is going to be a long fight.

In the first place, it is not clear whether the members present here are really friends or foes.

Franz sighs without expressing it while looking at the members of the meeting, who are all arguing with each other.

The only person we can truly trust is that man who proved his innocence by using the same means as Franz.

It might be late but I have to say that the way that man proved his innocence was effective, albeit unorthodox.


Isn’t there at least one person among them who has the courage to prove their innocence with the Relic


Just like what――《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 did.


Just as I was about to bite my lip at my incompetence in having to rely on that joke of a man, the secretary who had been standing behind me suddenly raised his voice.


“”Franz-Dancho (Commander Franz)”, here is the Symphonic Stone.

It is from that man.” (Secretary)

“Mh………… After all, can that man really see our course of actions” (Franz)

“That’s…… That is not possible.

This room has all kinds of intelligence measures in place, and only a few people know about “Franz-Dancho’s (Commander Franz’s)” schedule.” (Secretary)

The counter “Fox (Kitsune)” meeting is confidential.

Even the location, time, and the fact that it will be held are kept secret from everyone except those involved.

Special attention was paid in order to not have any leak of this confidential information.

We had taken every conceivable countermeasure, but even Franz, who is Anti-《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 had to admit that he is good.

He is truly a Divine Strategist.

“Review our espionage measures.

Thoroughly investigate whether anyone had leaked the schedule! The other side is just a Hunter, and as Imperial noblemen, we can’t let him do whatever he pleases!” (Franz)

While reprimanding the secretary, I put the Symphonic Stone into receiving mode.

The trembling Relic stopped, and from it, I could hear a relaxed voice that I had heard in my nightmare.


『Aaah, aaah, aaah, Franz-san Yahooo, it’s me, it’s me, it is me.』 (Cry)

“I will kill you.

I am not your friend!” (Franz)

What does this guy think an Imperial nobleman is!

A prestigious nobleman with a long history.

Has anyone ever said “Yahoo” to a member of the Argmann family

I feel like there was a sense of fear when I first met him――Or is that just my imagination This guy was wearing a patterned shirt the whole time.

It is true that I gave him the Symphonic Stone so that he would contact me if something happened, but to hear news from him at such a speed――Is a good thing, but it is pissing me off.

“Is it new information on the “Fox (Kitsune)” I don’t have a lot of time, keep it short.” (Franz)

『Eh Ah, no, I don’t have time to worry about the “Fox (Kitsune)” anymore――Do you have a newspaper with you』 (Cry)

“………… Bring me the newspaper.” (Franz)

Suppressing my irritation with a deep breath, I asked my subordinate to bring me a newspaper.

Ever since he became the Emperor’s escort, Franz’s generosity knows no bounds.

Even the most impudent subordinate is better than 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 so he will inevitably become kinder to his subordinates.

Franz never fails to check information.

He has a pretty good idea of what is going on in the Imperial Capital.

I have already read the newspapers.  I know that 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 has been attacked, that he pushed a bomb at Gark, the Branch Manager, and that 《First Step (Hajimari no Ashiato)》 has launched an attack on the Abandoned Metropolitan Area.  However, there’s no way that 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 who just said that he doesn’t have the time to worry about the “Fox (Kitsune)” , would talk about such trivial matters.

“………… And” (Franz)

While Franz was waiting for his words, 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 was silent for a few seconds, but before long he spoke in a bright voice.

『I tried to stop them, I really tried to stop them………… But can you do something about it』 (Cry)

“……………… Huh” (Franz)

『Well………… How should I put it, this incident happening is one thing, but this kind of coverage is a bit of a problem.

It may be fine for today’s newspaper but I have received a lot of tiresome interviews.』 (Cry)

“………… Wait.

So is this what you are telling me to do To put pressure on them.” (Franz)

This guy…… Even if he asks for a favor, there is a proper procedure for that.

In the first place, such a trivial matter should not be something that an Argmann, a prestigious noble, should be involved in.

He is taking me so lightly that on the contrary, it cooled me.

As I stared at the people in the meeting who were pretending not to hear anything, the Symphonic Stone said in a flustered tone.


『No, you are wrong.

I didn’t say that much! But see, I am busy too, okay………… So busy……』 (Cry)


His voice was getting smaller and smaller.

He is busy You are telling me that you are busy Of course, you would be busy if you are Level 8.

But does this guy――Think that I am not busy

There are advantages to showing people around you that you have a connection with 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》.

However, my pride as a nobleman would not allow me to show that I am on good terms with such a man, even if it is an act.

Franz took a big deep breath and yelled at the Symphonic Stone in the loudest voice he had heard these days.

“………… Fuck.

Don’t ever contact me again for such nonsense! I gave you that Symphonic Stone in case you have information about the “Fox (Kitsune)”! What is your relationship with me Was our relationship that casual Go on, tell me!” (Franz)

At Franz’s questioning, 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 remained silent for a while, as if he was atrophied, but then answered fearfully.



『………… One where we protect the Emperor together』 (Cry)


Franz silently cut the Symphonic Stone and slammed it on the table as hard as he could.

He pushed the newspaper spread on the table toward his subordinate and yelled at him.


“Contact the newspaper company and shut them up at all costs!” (Franz)

“W-What about the reason why” (Subordinate)

“For national security.

Contact the Third Knight Order.

The incident happened in the Abandoned Metropolitan Area, we can’t be careless when taking care of it.

Just silence the newspapers.” (Franz)

It is regrettable.

Truly, it is regrettable.

It is unforgivable that a proud noble of Zebrudia is used by one Hunter for a personal reason even if he is High Level.

However, the Emperor has ordered me to do my best.

No matter how trivial the matter may seem, as long as that frivolous man does not tell us what he is thinking or what his goal is, I have no choice but to follow his orders.

For example, although it may seem improbable, there is a chance that this article will become the headlines and affect his plan to take down the “Fox (Kitsune)”.

What frustrated Franz more than anything was the fact that man had the power worthy of a Level 8.

If he had been only somewhat competent, he could have been discarded, but once he had prevented an assassination attempt and stopped the activation of the Key of the Earth, no matter how much humiliation he might receive because of his mockery, his treatment was not something that Franz alone could decide.

I hold my head down and breathe with my shoulder to calm my emotions.

If I took this crazy man seriously, my stomach would grow a hole in it.

It would be enough to just take advantage of him.

Being too caught up in the movements of those under you and losing sight of what matters most is what you should avoid the most as an Imperial nobleman――.

The ever-cautious Franz has also someone secretly monitoring  《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》.

In order to know the source of his frighteningly accurate information, and to be able to take action immediately if something happens, he keeps a 24-hour surveillance on him.

But so far, the only report that came in was that the Clan House had been attacked, and there were no other major reports, or even reports of 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 leaving his Clan House.

Since the Members of 《Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei)》 are visiting the Clan House in turn, he is probably only giving instructions from the Clan Master’s office on the top floor.

There is also information about a chain dove carrying letters for him.

I don’t like any of this.

《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 that gives instructions without leaving the Clan House at all, the unknown reason behind him being busy, the current situation in which we have to rely on his help even though he makes fun of us a lot.


You are telling me that you don’t have time to worry about the “Fox (Kitsune)”! You are telling me that you don’t have time to worry about an organization that the whole country is after with all its might

There is no way there are bigger problems to deal with than this! In the first place, what a thing to say during a “Fox (Kitsune)” countermeasure meeting.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, what is wrong with that man!

When I was about to pour insults at him in my heart without saying a word, the door opened vigorously and one of Franz’s subordinates flew in.

The gazes of those gathered in the room were all focused in that direction.

And the member of the Zero Knights Order said with a pale expression.



“Franz-Dancho (Commander Franz)”.

Just now, the 『Institute of Divination and Mystic Arts』 has issued a prediction of a calamity!” (Subordinate)


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