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VF 126 – Desire and Tranquility

 Simplicity  Web Novel [ ウェブ小説]  November 24, 2022 4 Minutes

[Uhm… Sorry…]

We are now in a clothing store as per recommendation of the princess.

We’re supposedly looking for clothes that we’ll be using next for our disguise which I internally immediately agreed to.

I mean, just look at how cute my daughter is in a girl next door outfit!

–And that’s when Seryu-sama apologized after he changed his clothing.

[Is it about Serena-sama] (Calis)

I have a feeling that it’s about something else.

But after hearing what I said, knowing very well how his sister’s been acting too shamele– I mean, free and unrestrained, somehow, his voice became filled with more guilt.

[T-there’s that too… But… Uhm… It’s actually my first time going out like this….

S-so, I guess I’ve been too excited and end up asking you even though we’re not really you’re children… so…] (Seryu)

Oh, is it about him asking to be lifted

Perhaps his excitement has died down after spending some time in the clothing store.

Well, considering this child’s upbringing, I guess he’ll eventually feel uncomfortable being spoiled by anyone regardless of how old they are.

He might be mature for his young age but being the crown prince, having your father as a king who’d barely have the time to spend with his family, along with the queen who’s equally busy, he is still a delicate child so there are times that loneliness will strike and consume him.

I guess if someone grew up that way and found their oasis… which in his case, the heroine… then there’s no wonder why he fell in love so hard immediately… Well, that is if he continued to grow up feeling lonely.

Now I’m reminded that children develop to be the person they become based on the environment they’re raised in.

[It’s fine.

I won’t mind even if you ask for more.] (C)

[…eh] (Sry)

I intentionally softened my voice trying to speak more gently than usual to the young boy and, while using the guise of our parent-child setting, I put my hand on top of his head and stroked his hair softly.

Such a gesture would be of disrespect to royalty, normally.

[Children have the right to be pampered by adults… Well, as long as the other party is willing… Anyway, you’re supposed to be my child today, so it’s fine if you ask things from me.] (C)

I guess it’s good for him to be spoiled once in a while considering the strict upbringing he underwent from his royal father.

This child was originally awkward despite being smart and hardworking.

There should be no harm in spoiling him a bit even just for a day, no

Ofcourse, there should be a limit and I’d make sure not to do things unnecessarily but… it’s in children’s nature to be spoiled and selfish after all.

But… Haaaa… This boy is supposed to be a candidate for Laurel’s fiance… I think I’m meddling too much already.

[It isn’t everyday that we’re going out to play.

Let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest while remaining low key.] (C)

[ah..! *Nods* Hm!] (Sry)

I smile gently at the prince as he gives me a joyful grin.

I hope he continues to grow up to be this cheerful… Of course, if he ever made Laurel cry, I’d never forgive him even until the ends of the earth.

Still, I wish to see him become a young man and watch over as he works toward his bright future.

[Uhm… then, can I ask something right away] (Sry)


What is it] (C)

[…Uhm, can you just keep on stroking my head like this] (Sry)

[Okay.] (C)

I keep on stroking Seryu-sama’s hair while imagining Laurel fuming in rage when sees this.

She’ll probably puff her cheeks in jealousy.

Pffft, oh dear, how lovely!

…But yeah, just how much does this child love head pats

Lucky are they who grew up in an environment where they can grow to be the very best version of themselves.  I hope you don’t take it for granted! Also, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the people who allowed you to experience it!As for us who continues to survive, and thrive, in whatever environment we found ourselves into, keep growing! I believe we’ll eventually bloom to the most beautiful version of ourselves as long as we push through!This time, I want to cheer for everyone.

IDK, I’m actually really sad right now.

So maybe I just don’t want anyone else to feel the same.

If you ever lost someone, and never had the chance to at least hug them for the very last time – ney, I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to her.

Dalion, I wish I could I hug you again.

I didn’t know that the hug we had when I left the country would be the last.

I didn’t know.

Life sucks.

It’s so hard and fast.

I love you.

and I will miss you.

I don’t know.

I just… Sorry, I already cried myself this morning.

I might cry again this evening.

Anyway, I am reminded, that as much as I can, I’d cherish the people I find important to this day.That being the case, I’d like to thank you guys as well for continuing reading this novel with me.

To the sponsors, patrons in Patreon, commentors, likers, and casual readers who’s still here, thank you.

No matter what gesture you support this translation, please do know that it I appreciate it and it warms my heart.

Thank you.You guys, don’t wait until its too late.

I’m sorry for this.

I’m just too emotional right now.


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