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While Elder Dou was playing chess with another neighbor, everyone else stood around them and spectated.

Elder Dou explained to Zi Yi about the rules and tricks of playing chess and she listened with relish.

It was not known how long had passed when there was a sudden inquiry from the crowd.

“Is Elder Dou and Little Zi here”

The spectating crowd turned around and someone reminded Zi Yi who was engrossed with the game of chess.

“Little Zi, someone is looking for you.”

Zi Yi turned around to take a look.

The crowd behind her had made some way.

Elder Dou also turned around at the same time.

“Elder Dou.” The one talking was a middle-aged man who lived in this neighborhood.

Standing beside him were two foreigners.

Elder Dou asked, “Little Wu, why are you looking for Yiyi”


Wu hastily explained, “Im not the one looking for her.

Its these two who are looking for Little Zi.”

He pointed to the two foreigners standing next to him.

The first thing Owen did was to greet Elder Dou.

“Hello, Elder Dou.

We are Dr.

Ellis assistants.

He is a reputed academician in nuclear fusion engineering in Country A and a researcher in the nuclear weapon laboratory.

Today, were here to meet with Miss Zi specially.”

Before Elder Dou and Zi Yi had the chance to speak, the elders standing around them started discussing among themselves.

“Why did those studying nuclear fusion from Country A come looking for Little Zi Could it be that shes interested in further research in this aspect”

“But that doesnt seem to be right.

Little Zi did not major in this specialization nor have I heard that shes interested in this topic.

Why did Dr.

Ellis come looking for her”

Everyone turned to look at Zi Yi.

However, Zi Yi looked at the two foreigners with a cold expression.

To think that they had come looking for her over here!

Owens expression was still considered polite, but Anri sized her up with an unfriendly gaze, as though if Zi Yi were to reject their invitation, she would be someone whos unappreciative and doesnt know her place.

Zi Yi snorted deep down and said rudely, “I have no intentions or interest to study this specialization.

Is your Dr.

Ellis out of means to find new students Why is he coming after me repeatedly”

“What do you mean by that” Anri was unhappy.

She was about to get angry when Owen stopped her.

Owen said, “Miss Zi, Dr.

Ellis just wishes to have a conversation with you.

As to whether you are interested in this specialization or not, you can make a conclusion after talking with Dr.


He is very sincere in extending you an invitation.”

He then looked at Elder Dou and purposely said, “I believe that since Miss Zi has such a grandfather like Elder Dou, you will definitely make the best choice for yourself.”

Zi Yi knew that Dr.

Ellis must have other motives for him to insist on finding her.

Since they even came here to look for her today, she could not ignore this matter anymore.

She lowered her eyes and thought for a moment before she said, “I have time this weekend afternoon.

If Dr.

Ellis is in the country, Ill meet him.

If not, please refrain from looking for me in the future.”

It was Thursday today and there were only two more days before the weekend arrived.

Anri was clearly unhappy with Zi Yis attitude.

Her expression was so ugly as though she was about to throw out curses at Zi Yi.

Owen was worried that she would make things even more difficult and hastily agreed.

“Ok, I will inform Dr.

Ellis of the time.”

He then said, “We shall not bother you any further.”

Having said that, he pulled Anri away and left.

After the two of them walked out of the neighborhood, Anri finally unleashed her anger and said, “Owen, why did you stop me Who does Zi Yi think she is Dr.

Ellis is willing to meet her and not only is she ungrateful, she even dares to make things difficult for him!”

Owen said to her with a cold expression, “Youre too rash.


Ellis said that we have to get Miss Zi to meet him and we can get lost if we cant complete this task.

Dont tell me you really want to be kicked out”

Anris expression turned even more ugly, but she ended up keeping her mouth shut.

Owen drove the car out of the vicinity.

Sometime later, Anri spoke up again.

“I really have no idea why Dr.

Ellis insists on meeting this Zi Yi.

With her appearance and group of relatives who are of high intellect, I really wonder how her fame came about.

“Also, Ive checked everything Zi Yi had studied last semester.

She didnt study any major similar to nuclear fusion at all.

Why does Dr.

Ellis want to take her in as a student”

Speaking of this, she made a guess.

“Could it be that shes too pretty so Dr.

Ellis is interested in her”

Owen glanced at Anri and warned her.

“You better not make random guesses about Dr.

Ellis matters.”

He then reminded her.

“You can inform Dr.

Ellis about what Zi Yi said.”

When Dr.

Ellis received the call, there were several officers seated next to him.

After he ended the call, he said to the group, “Zi Yi has agreed to meet me this weekend.”

The officers made eye contact with each other and one of the grim-faced officers said, “Go meet her then.

This person isnt as simple as she seems.

You must bring her here.”


Ellis hastily nodded his head and revealed a confident expression.

“Please rest assured that I will be sure to bring her over.”

Following that, Dr.

Ellis left to prepare for his flight to China.

After he took his leave, a man wearing a cloak appeared out of thin air in the conference room.

His face was not visible as he had a cloak covering his face.

The moment he made his appearance, the air in the conference room seemed to freeze.

The expressions of the officers seated there looked stern.

The cloaked man spoke.

His voice resembled someone that came from the depths of hell.

“This woman isnt easy.

Find a way around her by starting with people close to her and causing trouble for them.”

The officers mindlessly answered, “Ok.”

In the scholarly community.

Elder Dou waited for the two foreigners to leave before he turned to Zi Yi and asked, “How did you get acquainted with this Dr.


“I dont know him,” Zi Yi said, “I received tons of email offers and one of them was from this so-called Dr.


I didnt even know of his existence before that.”

Elder Dou pondered for a few seconds and reminded her.

“No matter what purpose he has, you have to pay attention to your safety.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

She wasnt concerned about this person at all.

Instead, she was more interested in playing chess.

“Grandpa, continue with the chess game.

Im about to learn it.”

The elderly man seated opposite Elder Dou chuckled in response.

“You little lass, arent you too confident by saying youre about to learn it after watching for a short while”

Zi Yi gave him a smile.

“Isnt this game learned just by looking at it for a short while”

“How arrogant,” the elderly man said, “How about this You can play the next game.

We can see if you really learned how to play.”

Elder Dou burst out laughing after he heard their conversation.

Following that Elder Dou and the elder continued the game.

After the game ended, Elder Dou stood up and made way for Zi Yi.

When Zi Yi sat down, the first thing she did was to say, “Grandpa Zhang, be sure to keep your guard up later.”

“Haha, look at her, look at her!” Leader Zhangs mouth widened as a smile surfaced on his face.

“Look at how arrogant this little lass is.”

The others also chimed in.

“Old Zhang, you have to extinguish Little Zis arrogance then! Haha.”

“Thats right.

This girls mind is up in the air and you have to pull her back down to the ground.”

Even though everyone said that as a joke, their fondness for Zi Yi was real.

All of them were educators and what they liked the most were students with good grades.

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