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Chapter 30: Ill Kick You, Ill Even Chop You Up!

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He began climbing onto the raft as he spoke, successfully putting one of his legs inside the raft.



He was greeted with a sharp kick and fell into the water with a splash.

The water on the roof was shallow, so he was not swept away. However, he was already scared stiff. Ashen-faced, there was a sudden weakness in his legs, and he could not stand up.

“That was satisfying!”

Wei Na shouted excitedly after it saw how the man was kicked.

What on earth was he saying Are women not humans Hes even willing to abandon his wife! Such a man should be swept away by the flood!

“Kick him to death, Master! Hes cowardly and gutless! Lets submerge him in the water!”

An Jiuyue was silent.

What am I supposed to do if theres a lunatic talking non-stop in my head

If I let it out while Im resting, will I still be able to get any rest Itd be a miracle if Wei Nas noise doesnt drive me crazy!

“You… You kicked me!”

He looked up at An Jiuyue, standing on the bamboo raft, and pointed a trembling finger at her.

He was a man, yet he was kicked by a woman—kicked to the ground, no less! How would he be able to show his face around the village anymore

He wanted to get on the bamboo raft to get to the mountain across. The water levels may soon rise even higher, and water from the river may soon rush into the village. He wanted to escape and save his life!

“Ill kick you if you dare climb up here again! Ill even chop you up!”

An Jiuyue ignored his fierce expression and whipped out her machete from her hip, pointing the blade towards the man.


The man gasped at the sight of the machete and cursed through gritted teeth.


“Hey, you two, come up here. Youre carrying a child, be careful.”

An Jiuyue saw that the man was too afraid to move and turned to the woman and the two children. She stretched out her arms to offer to carry the older child.

The man was irritated when he saw that the woman, whom he had always looked down on, was able to board the bamboo raft. He gritted his teeth and readied himself to rush up the raft again.

“Master, he wants to come up!”

Wei Na had been keeping an eye on the man. It quickly reminded An Jiuyue when it noticed that the man tried to rush onto the raft when she was trying to carry the child.

“Dont you dare take another step forward!”

Holding the child in one arm, An Jiuyue waved her machete at him with the other.

The man no longer dared to come forward and shrank back. The woman finally got onto the bamboo raft and received the child An Jiuyue was holding back into her arms.

An Jiuyue did not care about the man. She rowed away on the bamboo raft.

“Hey, you guys… Wait for me! An Jiuyue, come back!”

When the man saw that the bamboo raft was leaving, he almost leaped forward to go after it.

However, he remembered that they were surrounded by water and was too afraid to take large strides. His legs trembled greatly after taking a step forward as the water around him had risen to his stomach. He was too afraid to give chase.

“Miss An, my husband…”

The woman said softly as she looked worriedly at the man on the roof when she saw that An Jiuyue was leaving with only the three of them.

Although she was very disappointed in him and heartbroken, he was still her husband after all. She had to continue relying on him in the future. How could she watch him remain stranded there

An Jiuyue glanced at the woman and said, “If you dont want to leave, Ill send you back.”


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