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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 8: Clubbing

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We went out my fancy room and walked down the big hall way and straight to the dinning hall hand in hand while talking and laughing about funny stuffs that happened at Karas recent boot camp.

I could see my parents present at the dinning and ready to eat. I changed my facial expression to show them i was not happy before joining them to eat.

"Kara, give us a prayer...", my mum said and i closed my eyes while Kara prayed.

After the prayer, the dinning room became silent and no other word could be heard except of course, the clashing of cutleries as different aroma of food filled the air while we ate.

So, no one talked and no one brought up a conversation either. The only sound that could be heard where only the clashing of



It has been a week since the scolding happened and i had decided to lay low because of that but tonight, tonight i had a plan with my girlfriends to go clubbing and clubbing we shall.

I had informed my parents that i would be spending the time at my friends place so i am good to go. The last thing i want is to tell them i will be clubbing today which they know also means i would be spending a lot.

Thankfully, the both of my parents are not around including my sister Kara so there would be no need for me to leave the house unprepared.

After sending my text messages, i sprinted to my walk in closet so as to check out the best outfit for the night.

I searched through the entire wardrobe and moved to the next one. Yes, i know i have a lot of clothes, expensive clothes ranging from designers from different brands, limited edition bags and the likes but that does not still stop me from been in a dilemma on what to wear tonight.

I have a lot of new clothes that have never been worn before, some, rottening in my cupboard foronths but all i need is just the perfect outfit. That perfect outfit!

I kept scramming through the entire wardrobe u told finally, i laid my eyes on it. A black off sparklimg off shoulder short gown and also a green sparkling off shoulder short gown.

Now which do i wear. I could remember vividly the day i bought them. They were so beautiful i had to get the two.since i may never get them again.

They were the last set in stock and only five people had the same design in the world though they are not of the same color.

I brought the clothes out and walked back to my room where i stood in front of my big mirror to check it out.

Placing the clothes on my body one after the other, i noticed the black one would make me disappear into the night as it would blend into the dark night so i settled for the green one since it is the same color as that of my eyes.

Finally decided on what to wear, i changed to a towel, tied it on my chest and went into the bathroom to have my bath.

I finished from the bathroom, hair dried my long brunette hair before drying off every water on my body with the towel. I rubbed my body with my body cream wore my bra and g string panties before grabbing the outfit for the night where it was laying on my bed.

I put on my green sparkling off shoulder short gown with my black stiletto. I applied a minimal make up on face as i tried as much as i can not to make it heavy since it was late at night.

While i sprayed myself with two different perfumes, i heard a knock on my door but before i could answer, the two bitches i call friends had already made their way in.

"Wow. You got here really quick after getting the text", i said with my eyes glued to the mirror while i was still touching up my make up.

"Hello. Have you forgotten we live close by? By the way, you look as beautiful as always", Piper commented and a smirk formed on my face while i applied my black lipstick.

"Bad ass...", Avery said, crackling the gums she was chewing.

"You don need to make it obvious", i said as i smacked Pipers ass.

"You are go gonna rock the night bitch....", she said and i laughed hysterically.

"Lets move ladies", i said whole grabbing my purse.

"As your Lordship pleases", Avery said and we went out of the house into the car.

We took a limousine and started our clubbing from the limo by drinking champagnes and opening the top window. We got to the venue and as always, asked the driver to go wait at the clubs parking lot while we entered into the place.

The three of us checked in and bouncers opened the main door of the club for us. As well walked in, the smell of different alcohol had mixed with the air and it grace our noses.

The place was booming with music as disco lights danced although the place. People danced crazyily while some could be seen kissing behind the bar and doing all sort of other things too.

We went up to a different compartment in the bar. The place was a mini bar where we could talk amr also party without mixing with those down the stairs.

I could see a guy with two of his friends who tried to pull him up. It was obvious it was the first time he took alcohol with how he behaved.

I saw another guy and a lady smootchung themselved and i overlooked things because it was not new to me at all.

That is just a tip of what the club is so who cares. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and that is what i am here to do.

I am still awaiting one of the most expensive drink i just ordered before.coming up the stairs. There is money and i will spend it. Why should i restrain myself from spending?

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