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Galostan frowned as he looked at the dense statistics and reports on the virtual screen in front of him.

From time to time, he would sigh, but he would occasionally smile, his eyes filled with relief.

If outsiders were present and saw him like this, they would probably feel puzzled and even think that he had gone crazy.

However, if anyone who was familiar with Galostan saw it, they would know very clearly that what he was reading now was definitely information related to the students of the academy.

Only things related to the students would make him sigh at times and smile in relief at others.

All the data and reports on this virtual screen were related to the Star Cloud Academy students who had come to Planet Leppler to participate in the actual combat trial.

Today was already the fourth day since they arrived on Planet Leppler.

From the various statistics and reports, the situation of the students trial was both good and bad.

There were good students who had already fought many times with the local martial artists on Planet Leppler in these short four days and obtained extraordinary results.

In particular, an outstanding figure like Feng Mingxi had already made a name for himself in Nightclub City.

He had even obtained the attention of the local media and was called a young genius from thousands of light-years away.

However, there were also bad students who did not have any victories after fighting a few times in a row.

As a result, their confidence suffered a setback.

In the past two days, they had been living dejectedly and could not see any progress.

Although Galostan wanted to help such a student cheer up, due to the tradition of Star Cloud Academy, he would definitely not help during the trial.

After all, as a martial artist, a powerful mentality was sometimes more important than powerful martial techniques.

If he could not even endure a little setback, it was impossible for him to become a truly powerful martial artist in the future.

No matter how well the students performed in this trial, the academy would only watch from the sidelines and not interfere.

At the same time, they would evaluate their performance.

These performances were the key to obtaining the evaluation of this trial after returning to the academy.

It directly affected the academy points they had obtained, so they could not be careless.

Galostan analyzed the performance of every student he counted every night to ensure that he could accurately grasp their actions and evaluate them.

However… not every student could be so obedient.

Many students would forget the reminder and warning they gave and always forget to submit a report every day.

The more absurd ones were Chu Nan and Angie Prairie.

They had even disappeared for an entire day, causing Galostan and Zheng Daoxing to be extremely worried about their safety.

Fortunately, they returned safely the next day, and Chu Nan shocked Galostan and Zheng Daoxing.

This guy had actually broken through the Cosmic Heavens Gate on the day he disappeared!

This was completely out of everyones expectations.

Star Cloud Academy had always paid attention to Chu Nan, but their focus was different from other students.

The reason why they paid attention to Chu Nan was because he had relied on his performance in the West Cloud Planets martial arts competition to become the key to the Federation Council pushing for the popularization of basic martial techniques.

This new policy was closely related to the Martial Arts Branch, and it even directly caused the former dean of the Martial Arts Branch, Semondi, to make a huge change to the academys system.

Due to this reason, Chu Nan had already received attention when he participated in the Star Cloud Academys entrance test.

Apart from that, there was another very important reason.

Chu Nan had once been judged by the two Star-Grade Martial Artists, Mu Yutong and Norman, to be almost impossible to break through the Cosmic Heavens Gate in the future.

Therefore, many people had always been suspicious of him entering Star Cloud Academy.

Why would such a person who could not even break through the Cosmic Heavens Gate in the future let him enter Star Cloud Academy

The Star Cloud Academys Martial Arts Branch was the best martial arts academy in the federation.

It only taught genius students.

Wouldnt letting such a guy who could not become an expert enter be a waste of the precious teaching resources of the Martial Arts Branch

This saying was very popular at that time, and it even made the Martial Arts Branch, and even the entire Star Cloud Academy, endure great pressure.

However, now… Chu Nan had broken through the Cosmic Heavens Gate!

Galostan could not help but laugh at the thought.

These guys had aggressively criticized the Martial Arts Branch back then.

Now, Chu Nan had exceeded everyones expectations and broken through the Cosmic Heavens Gate.

Lets see what else they had to say.

Compared to the reaction of those unrelated people, Galostan actually wanted to see Mu Yutong and Normans reaction after knowing this.

The two of them had previously confirmed in front of the media and countless audiences of the federation that it was almost impossible for Chu Nan to break through the Cosmic Heavens Gate in the future.

In the end, Chu Nan used facts to shatter their judgment.

It was no different from slapping their faces in public.

These two Star-Grade Martial Artists were undoubtedly embarrassed.

Moreover, even if he ignored all these factors, just Chu Nan breaking through the Cosmic Heavens Gate was something worth being happy about.

As a teacher of the Martial Arts Branch, he naturally hoped to see more outstanding students appear.

This batch of new students had only entered Star Cloud Academy for less than two months.

First, Feng Mingxi broke through the Cosmic Heavens Gate, and now, Chu Nan broke through.

He actually had two Void Break Martial Artists at once.

This performance could be considered extremely outstanding among the new students of the Martial Arts Branch in the past.

Moreover, there was also a super genius like Angie Prairie who was only a step away from breaking through the Cosmic Heavens Gate.

Coupled with the existence of equally outstanding students like Rudy Karl who had the strength of a fifth-stage Internal Breath Realm, it was very likely that several true experts would appear in this batch of new students in the future.

Every time he thought of this, Galostan felt that it was not a big deal for Chu Nan and Angie Prairie to disappear for an entire day.

As a martial artist who continuously pursued higher and stronger, it was naturally impossible for him to be protected by these teachers forever.

Without experiencing some special tests, how could he truly become powerful

Look, Chu Nan and Angie Prairie had been missing for an entire day.

Although from their description, they seemed to have encountered some danger, Chu Nan had broken through the Cosmic Heavens Gate because of this.

Angie Prairie had clearly improved.

No matter how one looked at it, this was a good thing.

Thinking of this, Galostans mood, which had been a little anxious because of the students different performances, became much calmer.

He exhaled and decided to rest before continuing to work.

Just as he closed his eyes and was about to rub the bridge of his nose to relieve his fatigue, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Galostan opened his eyes and frowned when he saw Zheng Daoxings panicked expression.

“What What happened again”

Zheng Daoxings expression was ugly.

He quickly walked to the table and said anxiously, “They… the two of them ran away again…”

“Ran away again What do you mean” Galostan was puzzled.

“Who are they”

Before Zheng Daoxing could answer, Galostans heart stirred and he suddenly stood up.

“Could it be Chu Nan and Angie Prairie”

“Yes…” Zheng Daoxing nodded with difficulty.

He opened his personal terminal and turned the virtual screen to Galostan, revealing a message, “This is a message from Chu Nan just now.

He said… he and Angie Prairie are going to the wasteland to explore and cultivate.

Theyll probably use… two to three days.”

Galostans expression immediately changed.

After a long time, he cursed in a low voice, “These two troublesome fellows!”


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