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“There are a lot of stories to tell here.” Rong Xuelong seemed to be in pain.

“What I can do today is only to tell you my story.

As for what happened to my elders, I think I cant talk too much about it.

I didnt ask you to come out because I wanted you to work or do anything.

I just wanted to tell you that as a woman of the Rong family, every single one of them is extremely difficult.”

She looked into Su Yanyuns eyes.

“Yanyun, Linyi loves you.

He doesnt want you to be stained by any dirty things.

He wants to protect you under his wing and not let you be hurt at all.

You can accept and be grateful for his love, but if you want to hide behind him and be safe for the rest of your life, thats probably impossible.”

“Whether its me, Mother, or anyone else, perhaps they all had the same simple heart as you from the beginning.

However, just having a heart will not allow you to survive in this family…”

“Sister…” Su Yanyun was emotional.

She never expected Sister Rong to say these heartfelt words to her.

“Thank you.”

Rong Xuelongs eyes were a little dim.

“I only hope that you can grow up and stay by his side for a long time.

Its very difficult for Linyi to love someone… If you dont want him to be worried about you, you have to become stronger.”

The sun was bright outside and they felt warmth on their arms.

Rong Xuelongs fair and flawless skin was not injured at all, but Su Yanyun thought that perhaps her heart had already been injured.

“Ill transfer Zheng Xin to you as the deputy editor-in-chief.” Rong Xuelong knocked her fingers on the table.

Her small action was the same as Rong Linyis.

“You only work half a day.

Go to the hospital to accompany your mother in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, Sister.” Su Yanyun was a little embarrassed.

“Dont be in a hurry to thank me.

Im not a saint.” Rong Xuelong slanted her eyes.

“The sooner your mother wakes up, the sooner the Su familys property and power can return.

This will give you some leverage.

Its also to prevent Linyi from making trouble with Mom because of you.”

Su Yanyun…

Sister Rong was indeed a businessman!

“Oh right.” Suddenly, Rong Xuelong looked gossipy.

“I have a question to ask you.

On the account that Ive already told you my birthright, you have to be honest with me.”

“Sister, ask.” Su Yanyun couldnt think of anything to confess to Rong Xuelong.

Rong Xuelongs voice was low.

“Yanyun, the baby in your stomach… whose is it”

This was the second time Su Yanyun had received a mysterious package.

This time, the express delivery was sent directly to the front desk of the office, but the receptionist didnt see the other partys face clearly.

She opened the package and saw a pair of jade earrings lying inside.

Su Yanyun looked even more serious than the last time.

She remembered this pair of jade earrings very clearly.

She had accompanied her mother to an auction when she was twelve years old and bought it together with a necklace and bracelet from the same collection.

It was a top-quality ice type with high water content.

Her mother also said that when she got married, she would give her this set of jade jewelry as her dowry.

There was still no information on the delivery box, but there was a printed piece of paper in the jewelry box with a sentence on it:

[If you want to get Mothers things back, dont call the police.]


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