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Chapter 1294: Noobs Compared to Other Grandmasters

Zu An was stunned.

He had been so focused on admiring Yan Xuehens beauty that he didnt notice the changes within himself.

Upon hearing her reminder, he noticed that the dao wounds caused by Keyboard Come had already mostly recovered.

The ruptured wounds on his body were also starting to heal.

He felt incredibly refreshed.

At that instant, it was as if the entire world felt noticeably different to him.

His body was filled with surging power, greater than ever before.

Furthermore, he noticed that a new diagram had appeared in his mind, outlining a large, strange bird.

It was clearly just an image in his mind, and yet it seemed as if it were thousands of li wide; its wings were like clouds that covered the sky.

In the corner, two small characters were written:Kun Peng.

Zu An was a bit stunned.

Kun Peng He wondered if the creature had anything to do with the fiend races Peng race.

Afterward, he tried to test and see whether the Kun Peng had any use.

Suddenly, he frowned.

There was a powerful sensation coming from his back.

He reflexively looked behind him, thinking, Why does my ass feel a bit hot

Yan Xuehen was also a bit distracted.

Just how long had it taken for her to reach the master rank Just how many years had she been stuck for Countless individuals were geniuses in their youth, but could never cross that step.

And yet, Zu An had succeeded just like that

Dual cultivation could indeed speed up the partners rate of cultivation, but that could only be by around ten to twenty percent at most.

Never had Yan Xuehen heard of it being able to increase cultivation speed by that much! Otherwise, no cultivator would cultivate slowly and earnestly, and they would instead find dao companions to sleep with.

The key was that her own benefits werent anything to scoff at, either.

Not only had her injuries recovered at a shocking speed, her cultivation that had remained stagnant for so many years was even starting to show signs of progress.

Could it be that his Primordial Origin Sutra really is just that miraculous

However, her knowledge was great, and she quickly rejected that thought.

She had experienced the Primordial Origin Sutra herself just then.

It only had healing effects, but it couldn\'t make her cultivation experience a breakthrough.

Furthermore, even the recovery it granted shouldnt have happened at such ridiculous speed.

She thought back to how Yu Yanluo had also been seriously injured and dying, and how that was the case for her disciple Chuyan too.

Then, after Zu An had treated them, they recovered quickly.

Suddenly, she realized something.

The legends must be true… The blood essence of individuals with transcendent aptitude really is an incredible nourishing tonic.

The fact that this guy hasnt been sucked dry by an evil woman really is a miracle in itself.

She fully understood just how alluring such a thing was for cultivators.

Even someone like her, who practiced the cleansing of desires, was a bit tempted.

She wanted to warn Zu An to never reveal the news regarding his transcendent aptitude, but she was also worried that he might misunderstand that she wanted him for herself.

In the end, she was too embarrassed to say anything.

Either way, this guy is pretty sharp, so I dont think he would be that foolish.

She noticed that Zu An was doing something.

She couldn\'t help but ask, “What are you doing”

“I feel as if theres a painful sensation behind me for some reason,” Zu An said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He was clearly the one who had taken her first time, yet for some reason, he felt as if he had been the one to be attacked in that spot.

Yan Xuehen didnt think any strange thoughts and said, “Thats quite normal.

Those who have just entered the master rank all feel that sensation.”

Zu An was stunned.

He asked, “Do all masters really feel as if their bottom… Ahem, feel this sensation”

Yan Xuehen was a bit surprised.

She replied, “You didnt know Those under the master rank cultivate their skin, bones, and internal organs.

At the master rank or above, they cultivate the soul.

Strictly speaking, it refers to cultivating the three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

Once you enter the master rank, what you cultivate is the hero mortal form of the three souls and seven forms.”

“Three souls, seven forms” Zu An repeated.

He seemed to have heard of that from somewhere before.

Yan Xuehen explained, “The three immortal souls refer to the heaven soul, the earth soul, and the fate soul.

Meanwhile, the seven mortal forms are the ascension, wisdom, air, power, core, essence, and hero mortal forms.”

“The location of the hero mortal form is at the lower extremity of the tailbone, the butt… Ahem, the area around the buttocks.

That area is also known as the muladhara, the place where the spiritfire lies dormant.”

“Spiritfire” Zu An asked in confusion.

Yan Xuehen frowned.

She remarked, “Your strength is clearly high, but your basic knowledge is lacking, to the point that you dont seem like someone from this world.”

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment.

He really wasnt from this world, after all.

His knowledge about cultivation had come from Brightmoon Academy, but those who studied there were all from the younger generation.

There wasnt a single grandmaster in that entire city.

That was why his knowledge was lacking.

When she saw his reaction, Yan Xuehen could only continue, “The so-called spiritfire doesnt refer to the same fire as the element, but rather the flame of life.

As long as one is alive, their body carries heat.

Thats actually an effect of the spiritfire.

For those who havent reached the master rank, though, its difficult for them to perceive its existence, let alone use it.

“After reaching the master rank, and when the soul is condensed, one becomes able to sense it.

The hero mortal form is like a sea, while the spiritfire rests at the bottom of that sea.

Once you break through into the master rank and the spiritfire awakens, the entire master rank journey causes the spiritfire to rise up; then, it will be refined and reside in the other immortal souls and mortal forms.

The reason why you feel that scorching sensation is because the spiritfire is waking up.”

“So thats what it was,” Zu An said, sighing in relief.

Otherwise, he would have thought that something else might have happened to that area.

However, he quickly changed the topic when she saw her strange expression.

“Right, how many levels are there in the master rank If there are three souls and seven forms, then are there ten levels”

“Of course not,” Yan Xuehen said with a frown.

“Actually, there isnt that great of a difference between masters and grandmasters, because they both cultivate the soul.

Furthermore, the seven mortal forms are split into three sections for several reasons.

The lower two are the hero and essence mortal forms, while the central three are the core, power, and air mortal forms.

Those five are tied to the master rank.

Once your cultivation reaches the upper two, the wisdom and ascension mortal forms, you can be said to have reached the grandmaster level.”

Seeing the blank look on Zu Ans face, she harrumphed and added, “Hmph, I told you to call me master, and yet you were unwilling.

Ill have to properly lecture you today.”

Zu An grumbled, “Didnt I say it a lot just now It was you who kept saying you didnt want me to.”

Yan Xuehen was extremely embarrassed.

She shot back, “Are you going to listen or not”

“Ill listen, Ill listen.

Master, please teach me,” Zu An said.

After what had just happened, it wasnt hard at all for him to call her master.

Yan Xuehen gritted her teeth, but there wasnt much she could do.

She continued her explanation, saying, “What you need to focus on refining first is the hero mortal form, which is located by the tailbone.

“The next step is to guide that flame forward, toward… toward that place where you do evil.

That is where the essence mortal form is.

It can prevent a cultivator from being bound by their desires and creating heart demons, which are extremely dangerous.

That is why the more powerful the cultivator is, the more difficult it often is for them to have children.”

Zu An immediately cried, “I mean, I dont really mind if I dont cultivate that essence form.

If I dont have any desires left, what fun is there left in life”

Yan Xuehen shot him a look and snapped,“Is your brain only filled with those dirty things The so-called desires are varied, such as greed.

It isnt just that single one youre speaking of.”

“I wasnt talking about that one though…” Zu An said with a pout.

“Furthermore, to be human is to have desires; how can you call them filthy”

Yan Xuehen didnt want to argue about that detail with him and continued, “After that, you have to bring the spiritfire up to the abdomen.

Its easy for the spiritfire to rise, but difficult for it to settle.

At that level, it becomes important to pay attention to the spiritfires rise, and then its settlement.

“The next step is to refine the power mortal form near the heart.

At that level, even without borrowing the force of the world, one becomes able to lift mountains.

“After that is the air mortal form, by the throat.

Master rank cultivators at that level can release their voice across a thousand li.

They can even easily kill others at the first level of the master rank.”

When she saw Zu Ans exaggerated expression, Yan Xuehen added, “Dont worry.

Even though youre at the first level, your strength is quite strange.

Theres no way a mere voice can kill you.”

Zu An felt a bit more at ease when he heard that.

“Then, theres the wisdom mortal form, between the brows.

At that level, you can create your own domain.

Once that becomes possible, youll have an overwhelming advantage against anyone of lower level than you.

That huge difference is why this level was designated the grandmaster rank.

Both Yun Jianyue and I are currently at this level,” Yan Xuehen continued.

Zu An remarked with a strange expression, “I thought that you and Big Sis Yun were incredible, but it turns out you two were just noobs compared to other grandmasters…”

Yan Xuehen was dumbstruck.

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