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“What are you talking about You are the prince who gets carried over everywhere he goes In the first place, you’re so beautiful that people worship you every day.”


“I have the kind of skin that would make me stand out in this country, though.”


“You have the most beautiful brown skin! Do you realize how many daughters’ preferences you’ve insulted!”


Liz Cather lunged angrily at Duke.

Duke involuntarily backed away from her momentum.


She might have been more involved if she had maintained this attitude from the beginning.


“Your tone is bad!”


Mel raised her voice to counter Liz Cather.


If Mel were to join us here, there would be a hell of a lot of chaos in this room.

At the very least, I wish she would have kept her mouth shut.

…I doubt that’s possible, though.


“Hey, I’ve been thinking for a while now, Mel, you really don’t talk much, do you”


“That’s because the other party is Liz-kun.”


Mel replied with a big smile.

It was the first time I got to see Liz Cather make a blatantly nasty face at someone.


“But I’m older than you, right It’s important to be respectful.”


“You’re acting like this because you’re older than me and don’t respect me~ It’s Mel’s fault now~”


“What I’m more worldly than you.”


“It’s so creepy to be so good-looking on all sides!”


These two really have the worst chemistry.

I knew this for a long time, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad…


Besides, I wondered if Liz Cather really understands that her likability was going to plummet from now on, and that it would be hard to live with.


And yet, she looked much better than before.


“Liz, you’re going to have a tough time from now on.

Do you understand that”


Liz Cather laughed as Henry echoed my sentiments.

The laughter died down after a while, and she responded.


“What are you talking about I’m already prepared for that much.

Because I’m sure Alicia would be enjoying herself in this situation and be proud of it.

Besides, she has survived against more enemies than me.

There’s no reason I can’t do it too!”


Even though she wasn’t here right now, Alicia, she was wonderful.


Even from afar, you were the one who helped Liz Cather, and Liz Cather was able to stay strong because of Alicia.


Alicia, you were the bane of Liz Cather’s challenge in the upcoming situation.


You became more than just a competitor to Liz Cather, which was something that Alicia always wanted.


“Case closed”


“For now.”


Duke nodded at Henry’s words.


The transition wasn’t easy, but the Duelkis Kingdom has made progress.

From here on out, the country will improve.


Hey Alicia, what have you been up to


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