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Chapter 290: Exposed Identity

As the sect competition approached, the number of cultivators that arrived in the capital gradually increased and there were already major sects that arrived with their disciples.

Among them, of the five major sects, Iridescent Clouds Palace, True Fire Sect, Azure Frost Sect and Southern Mountains Sect had already sent Golden Cores that led people with them to the capital.

Even though they were also one of the five major sects, Ethereal Peak did not have any disciples arriving yet.

Many cultivators had expected such a situation.

Three years ago, news of the battle in Dongling Valley spread and everyone had heard about it.

It was said that the battle was extremely tragic and almost all of Ethereal Peaks elite disciples of Foundation Establishment realm were killed.

They even lost several Golden Cores as well!

It was almost impossible for them to nurture Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were qualified to contend for the Spirit Ranking within three years.

Before this, Ethereal Peak could take up at least three of the ten spots on the Spirit Ranking!

But now, Ethereal Peak was no longer qualified to compete for the Spirit Ranking which they had the most advantage in.

As for the Elixir and Weapon Rankings, disciples of Ethereal Peak had never ever been on it.

The only hope they had left was for the Talisman Ranking, but even then, the chances were slim.

Hence, in the eyes of the masses, there was even a possibility that Ethereal Sect would choose to give up on the sect competition this time round.

Palace, Rain Admiration Pavilion.

A man and woman stood side by side.

The man was dressed in a yellow robe.

Hands behind his back, his forehead was broad and his gaze was filled with wisdom – this was none other than the Emperor of Great Zhou!

The woman beside him wore a faint, pale yellow dress with a ribbon tied around her waist, revealing her exquisite figure perfectly.

She was extremely beautiful, graceful and elegant.

This was none other than the third princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the emperors daughter, Ji Yaoxue.

“Why didnt you come back earlier” The emperor asked.

Ji Yaoxue lowered her head in silence.

Frowning, the emperor turned slightly and asked, “Youre still blaming me”

“I wouldnt dare.”

Ji Yaoxue shook her head gently and her tone was calm.

The emperor sighed, somewhat helplessly.

“Xueer, you have to know that I will never harm you.

If theres a single person in this world that wholeheartedly wishes for your best interests, that would be me.”

“I know that your intentions definitely mean well, father.”

Ji Yaoxue turned around and looked at the emperor, somewhat indifferently.

“However, I have grown up.

There are many decisions that I wish to make for myself.”

“How do you decide for yourself Do you really want to become Dao companions with a mortal”

The emperor furrowed his brows and looked at the stubborn Ji Yaoxue.

Suddenly, he felt furious and could not help but raise his voice, “In a hundred years time, you will be in your prime while he would be in his twilight.

How are you guys going to face that together Have you ever thought about these problems!”

Ji Yaoxue kept her silence and did not wish to argue against the angered emperor.

Taking a deep breath of air, the emperor composed himself and suddenly said, “I customized a supreme-grade flying sword for you recently.

The specifications are entirely according to your preferred weight and design.

Go and collect it yourself.”

A supreme-grade flying sword


Ji Yaoxue was slightly stunned and looked shocked.

However, she snapped out of it almost instantly and probed, “Its from Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop”

“Youve heard about Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop as well”

The emperor raised his brows, turning to ask.


Ji Yaoxue nodded.

“In the past year, the reputation of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop has long been spread to our sect.

Im afraid there arent many people who havent heard of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop within the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

Pausing for a moment, Ji Yaoxue continued, “I heard that todays the day for Mo Spirit Weapon Workshops start of the month auction.

My master has long prepared materials and spirit stones to partake in it.”

“Thats perfect.”

The emperor revealed a smile.

“Go over and take a look.

You can conveniently collect your flying sword as well.

All you have to do is tell them my name.”

Ji Yaoxue frowned.

For some reason, she felt that there was another meaning behind her fathers smile.

The emperor continued, “Ive met this Mo Ling before and hes quite a decent young man.

Even though hes only in his early twenties, he is mature.

Furthermore, he has already attained such achievements!”

“You wouldnt have been able to imagine that even though hes only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Mo Ling is already able to refine supreme-grade…”

“Hold on!”

Seemingly sensing something, Ji Yaoxue interrupted the emperor and asked with raised brows, “Father, what are you trying to do”

The emperor chuckled.

“Dont worry, I dont mean anything.

I merely want to show you what a true genius looks like.

Mo Ling is definitely far superior compared to that Su Zimo.”


Ji Yaoxue interrupted the emperor once more and shook her head, expressing her displeasure.

“I dont want that flying sword anymore nor do I want to meet this Mo Ling.”

“Xueer, listen to me.”

The emperor said tenderly, “Theres no disadvantage for you to take a look at this person.

Its fine even if you arent fated with him and dont fancy him.

At the very least, youre able to make acquaintances with the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, right”

Ji Yaoxue went silent.

Seeing that Ji Yaoxue was tempted, the emperor joked.

“Furthermore, that flying sword was customized for you.

If you dont collect it, do you want Mr.

Mo to send it over to you personally”

“Theres still two more hours before the auction begins and many Golden Cores must be gathered outside Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Have Bai Yuhan accompany you there.”

Ji Yaoxue thought about it for a moment before nodding.

Just as she was about to turn and leave, she was held back by the emperor.

He asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Right, theres a Foundation Establishment Cultivator named Su Xiaoning in Azure Frost Sect.

Shes an Elixir Refinement Master and I heard that you guys are pretty close.

Whats her background”

At the mention of Su Xiaoning, Ji Yaoxues expression changed.

She looked agitated with a fierce glare in her eyes as she replied loudly, “Father, I have cut off all contact with him long ago! Why do you have to keep an eye on the Su family”

“Father, I told you not to touch anyone from the Su family! This has nothing to do with them at all!”

With a frosty expression, Ji Yaoxue left the Rain Admiration Pavilion without turning back.

The emperor was expressionless as he looked at Ji Yaoxues back view.

However, his eyes shone brightly and a ripple spread within his heart.

Ji Yaoxues sudden agitation coupled with what she said stirred the emperors suspicions.

Su Xiaoning

Someone from the Su family

Why would a disciple of Azure Frost Sect be related to the Su family

Were there truly such coincidences in the world

The emperors expressions changed continuously alongside his mood.

He had a feeling that there was some sort of a secret that was placed right before his eyes and he was just short of addressing the elephant in the room!

All of a sudden!

The emperors heart skipped a beat as he suddenly recalled something.

A few years ago, the Imperial Army vice commander that accompanied Ji Yaoxue to Ping Yang Town of Yan Country reported that the Su family had two sons and a daughter.

If Su Xiaoning was the daughter…

That would mean that the brother she acknowledged in the capital would be…

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