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Wang Chao was probably the kind of kid who could find excitement no matter what happened.

Lin Chen looked at the teenager running towards him from afar with his backpack bouncing up and down.

He was treating this trip to the girls’ dorm as if it were a spring outing.

Lin Chen gave the teenager a slightly apologetic look and then winked at Xing Conglian.

Under the streetlight, the police captain grabbed his subordinate, who was about to run into the distance, and said with a smile, “Where is Mr.

Wang going”

“To investigate the case!” The teenager froze abruptly.

“Where are you investigating”

“Isn’t it the girls’ dorms” The teenager replied rhetorically.

As the police captain spoke, he knocked the cap that was on backwards on the teenager’s head clean off.

“What are you thinking of going to the girls’ dorm at night”

“You’re not taking me” The teenager’s voice suddenly dropped.

Wang Chao’s expression was so aggrieved that Lin Chen couldn’t help but look at Xing Conglian.

“Adolescence, adolescence.” Xing Conglian explained to him with a smile, then knocked on the teenager’s head again and ordered, “Bring a pair of headphones and a pinhole camera.”

“…” Wang Chao’s eyes widened, and he slowly moved his head and stared at Xing Conglian, then said in shock, “Captain, you’re not thinking about secretly taking recordings in the girls’ dorm, are you I didn’t know you were so perverted!”

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary means.” Xing Conglian paused, then continued, “We can’t enter the girls’ dorm with great fanfare.

It’s too easy to arouse suspicion, and direct questioning may not be effective.”

“So you want to find an undercover agent to go in” Wang Chao squatted down.

Under the dim light of the streetlamp, he began to search for all kinds of messy gadgets in his backpack, and he muttered casually, “Then who are you asking to collect the benefits”

At this moment, Fu Hao walked in front of them.

After listening to this question, Lin Chen raised his brows and looked at his shidi.

“Shi… Shixiong… I’m not suitable!” Professor Fu said stumblingly.

“Only you are suitable.

It’ll be too conspicuous for us to go, but it’s appropriate for a teacher in charge of the psychological assessment to talk to students who are suicidal.”

“But when I lie, I blush, so I can’t lie to anyone.

How can I do this”

“It’s okay.

You don’t need to lie.

After all, even if you induce her to confess, she won’t let up.

This should be just a visit to the girls’ dorms.”

“Yes, yes.

Visit the dorm and take some footage!” Little comrade Wang Chao sprang up from the ground.

He couldn’t help but interject, then press a pair of miniature earplugs into Professor Fu’s ears.

He then casually handed over a file bag, stuck the miniature camera on it, and said, “Take this file and clip it under your armpit and pretend you’re using it.” As Wang Chao spoke, he dug into his backpack like he was digging into a treasure chest, pulled out a cigarette pack, and threw it to Fu Hao.

“Put the cigarette pack on the bookshelf.

Try to find a high position so it can capture the little sister’s face.”

When he finished speaking, he casually snapped his fingers and asked, “Do you understand”

“How could I understand!”

“Haven’t you taken small videos before The cigarette pack takes the objective perspective, while the document bag takes the subjective perspective.


“Then after I finish filming, do I take back the cigarette pack”

“We’re not making a spy movie, so of course you have to take back the things you planted.

Can you have a bit more morals, alright” Wang Chao interjected again and then slapped Professor Fu on the back, signaling the end of the undercover training.

Lin Chen looked at his shidi’s tearless face and said, “Building 7, 201.

Thank you for your hard work, Professor.”


In short, although he didn’t get to go to the girls’ dorms, Comrade Wang Chao showed greater interest in seeing Professor Fu go undercover.

They returned to the previous conference room.

As soon as they entered, the teenager jumped into the back chair excitedly, turned on the laptop, and opened it for public view while he paid close attention to Professor Fu’s every move.

The office echoed with Jiang Chao’s stumbling voice.

Vice Captain Jiang seemed to be cleaning up the scene where a stampede had almost occurred.

Seeing them enter, he only nodded to them and continued on his phone war.

In the corner of the office, Team Leader Ren raised his head plaintively, showing heavy bags under his eyes.

He shook his head depressingly as if he were no longer interested in anything happening in the world.

Lin Chen lowered his head and looked down at the screen.

From the conversation that came through, it seemed that Fu Hao had successfully finished dealing with the dorm auntie and entered building 7 of the girls’ dorm.

He was following the dorm auntie’s footsteps.

Perhaps because the lights in the corridor were too dark, the picture showed a dark gray color, like glass that hadn’t been wiped for decades.

Wang Chao opened a new roll of bubblegum and another bag of potato chips, then said with some regret, “Without the night vision function, it’s not sharp enough.

Captain, when will you get some high-end goods”

Xing Conglian stood with his arms crossed and was too lazy to pay any attention to him.

The teenager adjusted his sitting posture.

As if he suddenly remembered something, he said, “By the way, A’Chen, I sent you Jin Xiaoan’s file to your mailbox.

You can take a look at it.”

When Lin Chen heard this, he took out his phone.

The electronic file wasn’t actually that long.

He quickly scanned it and found that it was nothing more than an unusual growth template, without any new ideas.

Even so, it wasn’t a bad thing.

He retracted his gaze and looked at the laptop.

Fu Hao was already standing in the girls’ dorm.

Three girls from the bedroom followed the dorm auntie to the outside room, while Fu Hao placed the cigarette pack on the bookshelf and stood next to the girl, as Xing Conglian had instructed.

For about a minute, no one spoke.

Only the sound of breathing and the vague sound of a drama being watched in the room next door were heard.

The atmosphere was tense and awkward.

On camera, Jin Xiaoan didn’t have the same feeling as Xu Haozhen.

She appeared to be the girl next door type.

She slightly lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

The girl’s face was round.

Perhaps because of her short stature, it made her look a little chubby, and her skin was yellow.

Her hair was neatly groomed, and her desk and bedding were tidy, without the slightest bit of dirt.

“Xiaoan, the school mainly sent me to have a chat with you.

Don’t be nervous.”

Jin Xiaoan’s head was still looking down, and she didn’t react to Fu Hao’s words as if she were a dying old man or an autistic child living in her own world.

She didn’t even have any changes in her breathing.

Although Fu Hao had done many of these types of heart-to-heart talks with students, he had never done so with such impure intentions.

His words didn’t seem to get any response.

As if he remembered something, he suddenly jerked his head and looked at the camera.

Across the screen, Lin Chen started at his shidi.

Xing Conglian stood beside him as if he were aware of something and suddenly said, “Professor Fu is asking why there aren’t any instructions from you.”

Hearing Xing Conglian speak, Lin Chen hurriedly blocked the mic.

“Didn’t you say that we couldn’t spook the snake If you ask any suggestive questions, Fu Hao’s purpose will be easily exposed, and it’ll be hard for us to predict what Jin Xiaoan will do.

Besides, it’s good to be like this now, don’t you think”

“I think so.

Not only good, it’s also interesting.” Xing Conglian rubbed the stubble on his chin and then said maliciously, “It’s really rare to see such an innocent boy like Professor Fu.”

“He’s pretty good now.

In college, he would blush as soon as he talked to a girl.”

They didn’t seem to care at all about Professor Fu, who was calling to them in front of the surveillance camera, and instead had a passionate talk about when Professor Fu would find a girlfriend.

Fu Hao’s intermittent voice came from the speakers.

Professor Fu sounded awkward but was forced to take on the task of warming up.

“Xiaoan, how are you feeling today Have you encountered anything If there’s anything going on in your life, you can tell teacher about it.

Don’t keep it bottled in…”

However, no matter what Fu Hao said, Jin Xiaoan was completely silent.

While it was strange, he couldn’t pinpoint what was strange about her.

“Fuck, these three sticks make me feel so suffocated.

Why are they so similar to Cheng Weiwei” After he finished his call, Jiang Chao stood behind Wang Chao as he looked at the picture on the screen.

“Cheng Weiwei was like this at the time”

“No, after the jewelry robbery, we brought Cheng Weiwei back to the police station.

She just kept her head lowered and didn’t speak, as if she were dead.

No matter what we asked, she didn’t respond,” Jiang Chao replied.

Lin Chen frowned.

“It seems that they have all received professional training to deal with interrogation.

Once they are checked, it triggers their response mode.”

“What should we do It took us several days to pry Cheng Weiwei’s mouth open.

How can we have so much time now!”

On the screen, Fu Hao seemed to hear what was being said as he looked again at the camera.

If he could speak, he probably wanted to say, “Shixiong, you really pitted me.

What should I do next”

“It only takes a moment for people to let their guard down.” Lin Chen grabbed the topic and instructed Fu Hao.

“Well, your task is done for today.

You can go now.”

Fu Hao seemed to be confused about the situation, but he still breathed a sigh of relief and then said to the girl, “We’re here for you.

Teacher will leave his business card here.

You can come to me if you need anything.”

As he spoke, he handed out a piece of paper and then walked to the bookshelf, preparing to take back the cigarette pack.

Seeing this, Lin Chen suddenly said, “Go directly to the door, open it, and don’t look back.”

The cigarette pack was still pointed at the girl’s face.

In the picture, she was still calm, but at that moment, the tension almost overflowed the screen.

Fu Hao complied and walked to the door.

Just as he was about to put his hand on the door handle, on screen, it could be clearly seen that the girl sitting in the seat had relaxed her shoulders and raised her head slightly.

“Jiang Lu!” Fu Hao suddenly turned his head and, following Lin Chen’s instructions, suddenly called out a name.

Jin Xiaoan seemed taken aback.

Her eyes darted, but she quickly lowered her head again and returned to the previous silent posture.

Although people were autonomous individuals, they could never escape some subconscious reactions.

Those reactions weren’t controlled by their minds, and often they could reveal hidden facts.

The emotional reaction time was short, perhaps only a tenth of a second, but it was perfectly captured on video and could be rewound and watched repeatedly.

“Go back to where you were just now and talk about something casually.” After Lin Chen finished speaking to Fu Hao, he patted Wang Chao on the shoulder.

Before he could speak, the boy had already rewound the screen to the moment Fu Hao called out the name just now.

From the picture, it clearly showed the girl’s gaze was subconsciously looking to the left of the camera.

“Did she find the cigarette pack” Wang Chao asked incredulously.

“I don’t think so.

Her gaze is more to the left.” Xing Conglian leaned down and said, “Cut the picture to the subjective position that Fu Hao just took.”

Wang Chao moved according to instructions, and soon the desk by the bed and the bookshelf with the cigarette pack appeared in the center of the picture.

“There’s something on the bookshelf…”

Xing Conglian moved his fingers lightly, following the books on the bookshelf, then took the microphone in Lin Chen’s hand, and said to Fu Hao, “Lao Fu, go and take a picture of all the books on the second shelf of the bookshelf, behind the cigarette pack.”

After a while, the picture came through.

Professor Fu had smoothly scanned the bookshelf using the cigarette pack.

Suddenly, Xing Conglian pressed the pause button causing the video to freeze.

It could clearly be seen that the among all the books on there, there was one that was a bit worn out and was a copy of “Discrete Mathematics”.


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