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Chapter 59: Three Graves 22


Lin Chen has always been aware that the Chen family is troublesome like a shadow, and this is something Xing Conglian specially reminded him before he came to Yongchuan.


But in fact, no one likes to be entangled in trouble.


After hearing Xing Conglian brief him about the content of the call, he was a little suspicious of his ears: "School forums, photos They suspected that I used hypnotism on the deceased.”


"Brother, it's about the post pinned in our school's BBS!" Fu Hao touched his pocket and wanted to get the phone, but he felt it empty.


Wang Chao reacted more quickly.

He sat down again, took out his notebook, typed address, opened the web page, and put the computer over his head and said, "Professor Fu, see if it is this post."


Fu Hao pulled Lin Chen.

Slightly bent over, clicked on the post, and said, "Yes, that is it, brother take a look."


Lin Chen quickly scanned the main content and replies.

He suddenly calmed down, just saying, "The angle of the photo is very good."


Fu Hao got excited, and when he got excited, he started chattering again: “Brother, you say why the Chen family is so old and sullen! Moreover, the person who took the photos had such a good time.

Is the photo taken by the murderer The Chen family especially chose such a good time to cause trouble.

Did they discuss it with the murderer in the first place I think the Chen family is very suspicious!”


“Wang Chao, what do you think” Lin Chen picked up the computer from the youngsters head.


Xing Conglian took the opportunity to pull the young comrade up from the ground and said, "Don't sit on the ground when you are all right."


“How do you type on the keyboard without sitting Boss, I'm in a working state, do you understand, dedication!” When Wang Chao finished speaking, he ignored Xing Conglian.

When he looked at the computer screen, his expression instantly stiffened, "This angle...this camera..."


“What is it


“It seems to be cut directly from the live broadcast!” Wang Chao looked at Lin Chen and said in surprise.


Fu Hao was puzzled: "What live broadcast" 


The other three people present, no one answered his question.

Instead, they started talking to themselves.


“From a perspective, it really looks like it was taken by the two surveillance cameras used for live death broadcast.” Xing Conglian said.


"Then, what are the live broadcasters really doing Then why did they cut these photos and post them to frame Achen." 


“Because we are about to touch the line” Lin Chen replied.


"Touch the line, what line" Fu Hao continued to interrupt.


But still no one responded to him, after all if you chase the drama that is only one episode short of it, and you will not be able to keep up with the plot.


"Indeed, when the investigation hits a critical point, it will always arouse the vigilance and obstruction of the murderer behind the scenes." Xing Conglian analysed.

"Actually, this post appeared at a very good time, just after the three suicides, It happened that when we tracked down the live broadcast website.

This firstly shows that our direction was not wrong; secondly, it also shows that this case must not be very simple, and there is a deep criminal network behind it." Xing Conglian said seriously looking at Lin Chen, he asked: "But the problem is that the Chen family Are they used by the murderer against you, or is this is the business itself”


After all, it is the realm of Yongchuan.

A big family like the Chen family is bound to have some ugly livelihoods.

Similarly, only a big family like the Chen family is able to support these dark businesses that are not easily discovered by others.


Xing Conglian's inference is actually quite reasonable.


However, Lin Chen shook his head: "I don't know, but I suspect that it was not the Chen family who did it."




“Their IQ is not so high, and they are not so courageous.”


Lin Chen said calmly, as if explaining something that could not be more normal, but if the housekeeper of the Chen family who was always in a neat suit was present, he would have been vomiting blood by Lin Chen's understatement.


"This is actually a good thing.

They started to be nervous, so we will have a chance.

After all, nervous people are always not so thoughtful and will make mistakes." Lin Chen said, patting Xing Conglian's arm.

Come on, let's meet them”




The small conference room in the administrative building of Yongchuan University was full of smoke and enthusiasm.


Jiang Chao smoked most of the cigarettes, but he did not make most of the sounds.


A group of people in the conference room were making a noise for a post.

Jiang Chao took out a cigarette case and prepared to bring another one.

At this moment, the office door was opened.


"Is this on fire"


Xing Conglian's voice came from the door.


Hearing this sound, Jiang Chao suddenly turned his head, rushing towards the door like a saviour has appeared, and dragged the people into the house: "Old Xing ah! You are finally here!"


He said, holding Lin Chen with his other hand, and refusing to let go: "Counsellor Lin is here too!" 


Not knowing if it was because of Xing Conglian's arrival or Jiang Chao's last sentence, the whole office suddenly fell into silence.


Lin Chen looked around the room, and not surprisingly saw the figure of Vice President Xu and the housekeeper of the Chen family, the same room, three people with the appearance of college leaders, and four or five family members of the students whose eyes were red and crying.


Come to think of it, it is really not easy for Jiang Chao to manage ten people and be bombarded for so long.


In response to those skeptical, angry, mocking gazes, Lin Chen walked into the room, but instead of sitting down at the long conference table, he walked to the drinking fountain and poured a glass of water.


"You are Lin Chen, did you kill my daughter"


A middle-aged woman stood up, pointed at his back and scolded.


The water gurgled down his throat.


Without irritation or surprise, Lin Chen slowly turned around and took a leisurely sip with a paper cup.

It seemed that no matter how difficult it was, it was not as important as drinking water.

So he finished most of the water in the glass before he said: "Oh, Hypnosis This is a way of thinking."


Hearing this, Jiang Chao frowned: "Is it really hypnosis Consultant Lin"


"Unfortunately, this can't be hypnosis." Lin Chen looked at the housekeeper at the end of the conference table, raised his cup and greeted slightly.


"My daughter won't jump off the building for no reason, someone must have harmed her!" Hearing this, the woman seemed to have lost all her strength, she sat down in her seat dejectedly, and said with her face covered.


"Yes, my niece is very cheerful.

She will not commit suicide.

You must have hypnotized these people.

Don't quibble!" another middle-aged man said.


"What's your misunderstanding about hypnosis" Lin Chen put down the paper cup, walked forward, and stood in front of the middle-aged man, "Did you watch too many TV series"


"What is your attitude!" The middle-aged man was angry and roared.


"If you understand this sentence without being emotional, you will realize that I want to say, the reason why you think hypnosis can kill is because there are too many works of art suggesting you that psychologists or psychiatrists, are all demons who can see through and even manipulate people's hearts, right" The more angry the other party is, the calmer Lin Chen was.


"Dare you say that you can't hypnotize, then...then when you are at the scene, what are you doing to that girl!"


"Did you mean that" Lin Chen said, walking a few steps, squatting in front of the middle-aged woman stretched a finger, and said to the woman “Please follow my finger movement, with your eyes.”


He said, and began to move his fingers, left, right, up and down with a steady frequency.


At first, the middle-aged woman resisted a bit, but slowly, her eyes began to move with Lin Chen's fingers.


The meeting room was quiet again.

After all, the psychologist personally took action.

Few people have seen such a scene with their own eyes, so everyone present was very curious and looked at the scene before them.


Gradually, they discovered that the woman's emotions had calmed down at a speed visible to the naked eye.


But Housekeeper Chen's expression turned ugly.


Finally, Lin Chen retracted his hand, still calm, he asked: "How do you feel" 


The woman was a little dazed: "I..."


"Are you still conscious "


"Conscious...I feel..."


"Weird, as a matter of fact, don't you feel better"


"This is not hypnosis, but an eye movement desensitization technique with a less standard procedure.

It can slow down your negative emotions and is mostly used for the treatment of post-traumatic stress." Lin Chen said.

With that, he patted the back of the woman's hand and stood up again.


The middle-aged woman clutched her chest, as if she was feeling her emotions, Lin Chen didn't say anything, just took a few steps in the direction of Xing Conglian.


"You...you...do you have a phone" the woman suddenly raised her head and asked.


"The therapist at the Psychological Counselling Centre of Yongchuan University will be more professional than me." Lin Chen stopped, turned around, and said faintly, "If you continue to have nightmares and feel sad, please be sure to seek professional help.



Although this sentence seems to be addressed to middle-aged women, it seems to be addressed to all the victims' families present.


Probably, Lin Chen's attitude was really neither humble nor overbearing, and every sentence sounded very reasonable.

The family members of the suicide victims who had been passionate about suicide did not even speak anymore.


Some people even turned their gazes at Lin Chen from suspicion to trust.


Upon seeing this, the housekeeper, who had never spoken, finally stood up: "Lin Chen, you really care about him...

Obviously the question we just discussed was whether you hypnotized the suicide Instead, you performed live.

What kind of psychotherapy, no matter how benevolent you perform, your heart is still dirty!"


"I have answered just now, this is not hypnosis."


"Oh, the murderer would never call himself a murderer.”


"The reason is very simple.

I can't do this, and I think that there are no more than ten hypnotists in the world who can hypnotize others to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The annual salary of those people starts at millions of dollars."


The implication is that the hypnosis master will not be idle to come to the school to hypnotize a few students.


It's just that when this sentence fell into the ears of Housekeeper Chen, it became another way.


"In other words, do you also admit that it is possible to induce students to commit suicide through hypnotism"


"Yes, yes, it is really possible that it was a murder." Vice President Xu hurriedly agreed.

After all, if it is really a student suicide, then the school will be faced with huge compensation, if it is a murder case, the responsibility of the school is much lighter.


"Oh, I remember, what I just said was impossible." Lin Chen sat down on the chair next to Xing Conglian, "It is almost impossible to hypnotize others to commit crimes, let alone commit suicide"


"I remember, Consultant Lin is a high-achieving student in the Department of Psychology.

It is impossible to hypnotize others to commit criminal activities You have not even heard of the Heidelberg incident, have you”


Hearing this, Lin Chen suddenly looked up, but smiled “You know the Heidelberg incident, then you really did a lot of preparatory work in advance." He said intentionally, however, he did not give Housekeeper Chen the opportunity to continue: "During the Heidelberg incident, the hypnotist did hypnotize Mrs.


She tried to murder her husband, but if you read the Heidelberg incident carefully, you will find that Mrs.

E was actually very painful when she was hypnotized six times during the murder, because people’s subconscious would refuse to implement things that violate moral values, if forced to be executed, they are likely to wake up from hypnosis, not to mention suicide, which is life-threatening."


"Then why, Mrs.

E in the story would accept the suggestion to kill her husband" Xu Guoqing was a little fascinated, and suddenly asked.


"Sorry, I can't tell you what kind of technique the hypnotist used to complete this almost impossible crime.

I hope you can understand." Lin Chen paused and said, "But I can only say, The hypnotist actually hypnotized Mrs.

E as a psychotherapist for several years.

Obviously, I don’t have the chance to have know the deceased in this case for several years, let alone I don’t even have the ability to complete such complex hypnotic activities, and finally induce them to commit suicide."


Lin Chen's self-certification ended cleanly.


Everyone present was a little embarrassed, but they had to go through it again.

This confession was too clear and powerful.

Even Xu Guoqing felt that there was something wrong with his hands and couldn't help but want to applaud.


"Oh!" Jiang Chao finally understood what Lin Chen meant.

He thought about it, and couldn't help asking: "But didn't you say that hypnosis is a way of thinking, so what do you mean"


"I say this is not traditional hypnosis, but this is indeed a way of solving the case.”


Lin Chen said, moving his gaze out of the window.


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