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Bang Bang was the name of this black monster.

It was a SS-grade soul beast!

It had already revealed its most powerful form.

All of its fancy skills had been abandoned at this moment.

In its enlarged form, its combat strength was extremely shocking.

It was like a demon that had just crawled out of the depths of hell.

The monsters body was very thin, like twisted noodles, but it had six arms, each one holding a different thing!

Its six arms were either holding a bunch of eyeballs, dozens of heads, or a bunch of broken limbs and remains.

This was an extremely grisly soul beast that devoured the blood and qi essence of the surrounding people!

At this moment, there was only a vertical pupil that ran all the way down from the soul beasts forehead, down to its chin.

The orange-yellow pupil looked ghastly and chilling.

As it wailed, at least 1,000 ferocious evil spirits appeared in front of it.

These evil spirits immediately charged toward Yuchi.

The sand on the ground that they touched turned black, emitting a burnt smell.

They surrounded Yuchi, and struck him with their evil fangs.

A heart-wrenching sound reverberated throughout the desert, and even the ground seemed to be groaning in pain.

“Is he dead”

The next moment, sand floated up into the air.

A loud explosion erupted from the center of the evil spirits, and all the evils were instantly turned into ashes, like ceremonial joss paper.

At the center of the explosion, even Yuchis helmet was intact.

“Thats all” The voice coming from inside the helmet was full of doubt and puzzlement, and even seemed to carry a strong sense of disappointment.

Bang Bang was frightened!


Its Ghost Parade was actually ineffective

‘Damn it!

Was this human ancient martial arts warrior in front of him not the same as those lowly ancient martial art warriors from his memories

‘Im not convinced!

Bang Bang instantly threw a bunch of eyeballs at Yuchi.

The eyeballs grew rapidly in the sky, and the grape-sized eyeballs instantly grew to more than two meters.

They instantly grew rat-like tails, and their pupils split open, revealing a dense number of teeth inside and a pitch-black throat down the center!

The throats began to glow, and rays of light burst out from within!

Each ray of light was even more terrifying than the flame feathers ultimate skill from before.

The sand on the ground that these rays of light passed through melted into glass.

The whole scene looked like the scene out of an apocalypse.

However, just as the eyeballs were about to shine.

“What kind of trash is this” Yuchi muttered.

The Hellfire flames in his hand erupted, covering large swathes of the ground!

A thick pillar of fire shot up into the sky, instantly annihilating all the eyeballs!

The crackling sound of eyeballs being roasted and exploding kept ringing out in the sky.

It was as brilliant as a fireworks display!

Bang Bang was terrified!

Li Guocheng was so scared that he plopped on the ground.

Was he a human or a ghost

His whole vision was filled with the fiery pillars that swept across the sky!

How had all of this happened in an instant

Not far away, a small hill that was more than 100 meters high had been leveled.

The hill was completely gone!

There was now a pool of hot lava where the hill had once stood.

This showed how terrifying the Hellfire flames were!

Bang Bang could already sense its impending death.

Its opponent had not directed the flames toward it just now.

While it might have been able to dodge it, it knew that if it failed, a single hit that landed would have been enough to annihilate it!

Its remaining five arms did not hesitate at all.

All of the treasures it had collected over the years were thrown toward Yuchi!

Its huge body even trampled on the sand as it charged towards Yuchi!

Strange whirlpools formed in the sand, which somehow increased its charging speed.

In an instant, the surroundings were filled with ghostly wails and howls, as if one had fallen into the 18th level of hell.

However, hell was destroyed the very next second.

The sky was covered with rolling dark clouds.

In an instant, all kinds of strange phenomena appeared in the sky.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Dark purple lightning appeared amidst the dark clouds!

Amidst the lightning and thunder, a majestic lightning dragon with horns and scales emerged from the clouds.

Earth-shattering thunderous roars echoed across the wilderness.

The sky lit up, and anything that came into contact with the lightning storm was completely burned away!

The lightning storm was unstoppable, cleansing these evil spirits of different shapes and sizes and burning them into ashes!

The sound of the explosions was like a rock band playing, and the whole area was filled with the sound of cruel explosions.


Li Guocheng was already kneeling on the ground.

It was as if he had seen his ancestors.

He raised his head and looked at the cloud-filled dark sky.

The lightning dragon in the sky seemed to be beckoning him to worship it.

This was a true God!

The lightning dragon stirred up the dark clouds in the sky, and a bolt of lightning as thick as a bucket descended from the sky, which landed directly on top of Bang Bangs head!


Like a tire that had been compressed to its limit, it burst, and many vengeful souls escaped from its body.

It was blasted to bits, and its remains were burnt to ashes by the power of the lightning strike!

Its torn skin fluttered in the wind like dried leaves, before evaporating into ashes.

Nothing was left behind!

The rest of the evil spirits that had not been killed were also struck by the lightning storm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky rumbled continuously, and the lightning bolts were unending.

The entire battlefield was burnt black.

After each lightning bolt hit the ground, there was a violent explosion.

Inside the city, there was chaos everywhere.

The windows were rumbling and shaking, and the ground seemed to heave with terror.

Glass started shattering, and when the inhabitants looked at the sky in the distance, they saw a lightning dragon flickering amidst the dark clouds..

Surrounded by lightning, Yuchi sighed.


“Really boring.

Yuchi had originally thought that he would be able to experience an extremely satisfying battle but, in reality, the adrenaline rush from fighting this SS-grade soul beast was not even as high as his fight against the flame feather back then

This soul beasts will to fight was too weak.

It could not even whet Yuchis appetite.

Was this the strongest soul beast in this human city

Was this what all SS-grade soul beasts were like

To be honest, the World Python and the Three-headed Naga sirens were also SS-grade, but they were ten times, no, a hundred times stronger than this soul beast!

His fights with them were incomparable to this trashy experience.

He sighed.

While Li Guocheng was in tears, Yuchi had already appeared in front of him.

A hot silver coin was thrown in front of him.

“Ill give you a chance.

“Choose one side, then flip the coin.”

“If you guess it right, youll live and Ill die.

If you guess it wrong, Ill live, and youll die… This is my last bit of pity for you.”

Li Guocheng was frightened out of his wits.

The death of his SS-rank soul beast had caused a great psychological trauma to him.

This old man was kneeling on the ground and crying.

He was like a candle in the wind.

He did not dare to look at the figure in front of him as, to him, his opponent was no longer human.

He was the devil!

He had actually created a lightning dragon, and the lightning storm was still rumbling and striking the ground behind him.

He simply could not be compared to this person.

They were not anywhere close to being on the same level.

He was completely suppressed!

“I told you to flip the coin!”

“Did you hear me”

“If you dont flip this coin, Ill kill your entire family later!” Yuchi shouted angrily.

‘Are you trash Im giving you a chance to kill me, and you dont want it

‘You should be grateful, because youve never given any of your enemies this kind of chance!

Li Guochengs body trembled.

His injured body resisted the fear in his heart and he hurriedly picked up the coin on the ground.

“Ill guess heads!”

He was so scared that his tears and snot were everywhere.

Finally, he closed his eyes and tossed the coin into the sky.

The coin glowed as it spun and finally landed in front of him.

Obviously, it was not heads, but tails.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but could only sob.

Then, Yuchi kicked this guys head.

His head was like a ball of leather, instantly flying off and exploding, gray matter splashing in all directions like a burst mud ball.

Yuchis other foot stomped on the ground, and his strike created a crater in the ground.

With the violent flow of true qi under his foot, the sand within a 100-meter radius was instantly turned into ashes.

Broken limbs and debris, along with glittering glass, were scattered into nothingness.

Li Guocheng was…



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