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Academy of Krasota Chapter 2

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"Good morning, dear Krasotas," Miss Krasota greeted them in the dining room, standing on the teachers table with a friendly smile, " I hope you all sleep well and are ready for a day of study and training to become luna as good as you can be.\

It was Saturday so instead of cereal or porridge, breakfast was an omelet. Grayfia, Agatha, Lysa, and Akeno could barely control themselves as they sat at the 1st grade desk and ate their breakfast as soon as Krasota finished saying her daily greetings. They must observe the correct table etiquette and they try to eat as quickly as possible without violating it. Even Akeno wasn stupid enough to give up such a good breakfast for the sake of rebellion. A polite and silent conversation filled the room. All teachers sit at the main desk.

All classes have their table in the dining room. Class 1 is on the far left and Class 4, with luna aged two to six, is on the far right, with a busy caretaker helping to feed the children. Grade 3, with children aged seven to ten, is concentrating on improving their manners. Fifty-six children were not wanted by anyone after the war.

Akeno finishes her omelet at the same time as Grayfia and she reaches for her milk, gulping it down quickly. At that moment, Miss Krasota stood up. Thats unusual. She rarely interrupts breakfast. Akeno remembered what Miss Valesca said - there was an announcement. All heads turned to the principal as she tapped her spoon into her glass, "Girls and boys, as you know, the election day of the 1st grade is approaching," the students applauded politely, all wearing the same striped uniform. Miss Krasota smiled kindly, " I know many of you are waiting eagerly for that day, especially 2nd grade. Since we opened this academy fourteen years ago, we have been working for this – our first day to vote, " Krasota put her hand on her chest, emotional,

"There will be alphas from all over Arcas coming to see my dear from Class 1, who has developed into a beautiful Krasotas. Im sure they will make me proud.\

"As you all know, Election Day is very important. This is your time to shine and show yourself to potential alphas who will most likely want to claim you and make you their own," Krasota continued. As she spoke, some students got goosebumps while others, like Aresia, sat more upright with satisfied smiles. Aresia is one of the most desirable luna in Class 1.

"After that, for the first time, you will finally leave your home, the academy, behind and start a new life with your alpha, giving them a wonderful home life and a wonderful family. You, my dear," she beckoned to all of them," Are the most sought-after bride in the world. Alpha will do anything for you. They will give you the world," the younger children grin. That prospect sounds incredible to them.

"That is why you should all study well," Krasota added before moving on to the 1st grade desks, " Now, I have a special announcement for you. Election Day itself is interesting. The ball that follows the following week, where youll find out which alfa has the highest bid for you, even more. But theres more, " She beamed at them, pausing for dramatic effect,

" I was just informed yesterday evening that the Queens own son, the young and handsome prince Nero, will be attending and choosing lunas bride for himself you guys are so lucky!\

The room exploded in gossip and gasps for breath. For once, Krasota did not calm them down. Class 1 table uproar, Prince Nero Arcadia is known for many things. First, he is rumored to be very handsome. None of luna knew what he looked like because there was no TV or newspaper at the academy, but many dreamed about it. He is often spoken of by teachers as one of the most qualified alphas. However, the guards gossiped, and some students overheard them. The prince was also so capricious and spoiled that he could not resist luna anything. No one wanted him regardless of his status and good looks. Its no surprise that in the end, he chose to attend the actual opening of the mysterious Krasota Academy – the first election ceremony that many people participated. Class 1 is Miss Krasotas guinea pig and this will be the biggest experiment of all. If successful, it will bring fame and glory to the Academy.

But not everyone was happy with the news.

"Fuck the prince and ** you !\

The room became silent as if someone had pressed a button. Grayfia took a bated breath. Akeno gasped. Lysa and Agatha spun to the 2nd grade desk, where a green haired boy stood, trembling with anger. He was at most twelve years old and Akeno vaguely recognized him. Hes only one year in the Academy, which is unusual. They have had no newcomers since infancy. Most of luna has been taken to orphanages as a child. They then came a year or two after the war that claimed the lives of many families, leaving many luna without anyone in the world. Krasota had entered and adopted the children as her own, creating this academy. She has been praised for it, called a martyr and a saint. But as the lunas inside the Academy grow, they realize that they are cattle to be sold to the highest bidder. The academy trains them to be perfect prisoners. They take care and teach and scare them into it. They sentenced them to it.

This kid doesn understand that yet.

"Oh, dear," said Miss Krasota, her smile disappearing as she looked down on the boy, who was trembling with anger. She waved, " I think this one needs a little time to cool its head.\

From the corner, where they almost merged with the wall, the enforcers came. They are omega but they have been trained for this. They are large, their muscles are prominent. They have gear that can shock, hit, and injure. Next to Akeno, 008 Krasota, Mia a red haired girl, degenerates, trying to make herself invisible. She trembled, her eyes glazed with tears of fear. Many luna Around the room curled up. Under the table Krasota 009, Dey, clenching her teeth, her hands formed fists under the table. Akeno remembers her growing up – she was explosive and angry and she was never afraid to kick, bite, and punch her way out of lessons and lectures on how to be the perfect luna. Akeno has started a friendship with her. Her defiant attitude had attracted the curly-haired luna. But then the Dey was punished too often. Now her neon green hair hung on her eyes as she lowered her head, her whole body tense. She wants to attack. Akeno knew she wanted to do it. She wanted to do it herself, many times. But she was too scared. shes been convicted before. And Dey... shes been punished too many times.

Theyve destroyed her.

The boy shouting obscenities reminded Akeno of herself, or Dey when they had not yet understood the consequences of their actions. When they rebelled when they first came. To his credit, he refused to retreat or look scared as troops marched toward him and grabbed his arm, dragging the struggling child away. He would spend the whole Saturday, or the next few days, in a small, dark room with no light source, afraid of the monsters lurking in the darkness, alone with his thoughts. If he fought, he would immediately feel the sharp bite of the taser on his side. If he continues to act out of bounds, he will be held from the highest window by the collar until he apologizes and promises to be good. The principal and her enforcers will stop at nothing to harm his body to make them the most perfect luna in the world.

And for what? For the pleasure of the alphas, Akeno thought bitterly. Her hands were clenched near her fork. She imagined stabbing it into Krasotas eye socket. She remembered her previous life. Thats not good. During the war, she had to take care of her younger brothers and sisters. There are ten of them to feed. They

e always hungry. They barely have a roof over their heads. Then Dad returned from the war with a sprained leg. He would drink and beat them. It was hardly a surprise when, in a back alley deal that was not told to the press, the man sold one of his 7 luna daughters to Krasota Academy. Akeno didn expect there would be a worse life than the one in the crowded house with her drunken father. But there is.

Krasota Academy is worse.


After a light lunch, its time for one of the special lessons that only happens on Saturdays – that of cleaning. Like, clean up the whole damn Academy. Classes 1, 2, and 3 were equipped with Duster, dusters, and brooms and set free like a very chatty flock of sheep. Except for today, Class 2 wasn fussy at all as one of them was dragged into isolation. With the impending doom that is the election ceremony, Class 1 is also not in the mood to be cheerful.

"Prince," Nadya, 010 Krasota, grumbled softly, holding her washcloth against the window glass of one of the large windows on the third floor as if she were holding a sword," The King. The Queen. What difference does it make who they sell us to?" Her limp gray hair was gathered in a ponytail. Of all the beauties of the 1st class, she is considered the ugliest, which still makes her more beautiful than most omegas. When the teachers were around her, she looked meek. When the luna was alone, she looked like she wanted to stab someone. You have to feel sorry for Akeno, 011 Krasota, and Dey, 009 Krasota, who sleep on either side of her in the dorm. Then again, if she tried anything, the three would probably end up in some kind of deadly melee.

"Stay positive," Estienne, 005 Krasota, said emphatically from where she helped Lysa clean the big, heavy curtains. Estienne is the tallest luna of the thirteen and the leader of the girls, " A prince is probably the best you can get. Palace, luxury...no matter how he treats you, you will have things to comfort you," unlike many younger classes, many of the 1st class had lives in the outside world or the academy when it used to be in an orphanage. They know little about the world. They know alpha isn a knight in shining armor, no matter what the academy says or how well they indoctrinate the younger kids into believing it.

Aresia passed by, snorting arrogantly while carrying a basket of new tablecloths, " In your dream, Estienne. As if the prince would choose one of you .\

Lysa raised her eyebrows, "Well, I guess youll catch his interest, then?"

Aresia smirked contentedly, her pale blue eyes sparkling, "Of course! And none of you have a chance at my appeal.\

Thats not entirely true. Aresia is one of the prettiest among the 1st Class, but there is also Grayfia with her shiny silver hair and porcelain white skin, Mira with hair like pastel oil spill and panting, aquamarine-haired Mirko who is just as competitive as Aresia. Lysa shrugged, " Sure, whatever. You can have it, Aresia.\

Aresia kissed and pranced away. Lysa saw her go. If Aresia wanted it, she could have a prince. She could have all the alphas.

Lysa and her friends won last long enough for that.

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