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The next morning was a busy one for Lin Fan and Xiao Yue.

As soon as they got up, they immediately split off to take care of separate errands.

Now that Xiao Yue had broken through, Lin Fan felt more assured in letting her take care of things on her own. After all, even if someone wanted to cause trouble for her, it wouldn't be that easy for them with the strength that she had.

Those mortals wouldn't be able to do a thing. Even cultivators in this city would find it hard to do anything to her.

After all, most of the cultivators that passed by this small city were in the First Qi Gathering Level and Xiao Yue was already in the peak of the First Qi Gathering Level. They wouldn't be able to do much to her.

It took them around an hour to finish off their errands and when they were done, they gathered by the east gate.

It took them no time to head out the gate since it was early in the morning and once they were far enough from the gate, they immediately called the horse out and started heading off towards their destination.

This time, it didn't take them as long to reach their destination since their destination wasn't as far from the city as the forest from before.

The location for this mission was near an active volcano, it was a place that had many magma deposits all over, so it was considered quite a dangerous place. However because of the natural energy that was abundant in this place because of the magma, it also gave birth to many powerful spirit beasts that were valuable resources, including the target for the mission this time.

Their target was a Flame Salamander, a lizard that if Lin Fan had to describe based on the picture that came with the request, looked more like a wingless dragon than a lizard.

But that wasn't his concern.

,m The only thing that Lin Fan had to do was track this salamander down and hunt it.

So after arriving, the first thing that Lin Fan did was call out a little sparrow from his Pet Storage Space.

This was something that he bought this morning just for this mission.

This little sparrow was known as a Gale Sparrow and it was a special spirit beast that was commonly used in towns as messengers.

That was because this Gale Sparrow was a bird that was very easy to tame and most importantly, didn't have any offensive abilities at all. So out in the wild, it was actually quite the easy prey for stronger spirit beasts and over time, they just became domesticated.

But Lin Fan was using this Gale Sparrow for a different reason.

It hadn't been hard for him to tame this Gale Sparrow with his ability, all it took was him feeding it a few seeds. But after he tamed it, the Gale Sparrow was able to understand what he was saying because of his ability.

Unlike normal people that could only give it general directions such as where to go, Lin Fan was able to give it more precise orders. Because of that, Lin Fan was able to use this Gale Sparrow in ways that others couldn't.

Namely, he could use it as a scout.

After pulling out the Gale Sparrow and giving it a few instructions, he let it fly off on its own.

Once the Gale Sparrow was gone, Lin Fan called out the male White Wolf and sent it off with Xiao Yue.

Back in town, Xiao Yue had touched a sample of the herb that they were supposed to find at the pharmacy and even now, the scent of the herb was still on her hand.

With the White Wolf's sense of smell, it wouldn't be a problem for the two of them to find the herb.

During this time, Lin Fan would be in charge of finding the Flame Salamander. Or rather, his Gale Sparrow would be finding the Flame Salamander.

As for how they would gather later, it was easy to solve since Lin Fan could just find them with his Gale Sparrow.

Still, while he was waiting for the Gale Sparrow to finish scouting the area, there really wasn't much for Lin Fan to do. So Lin Fan was just leaning against a tree, waiting for the Gale Sparrow to come back, but then he suddenly heard something coming from above him.

When he looked up, he saw that there were several bright spots in the sky that were currently heading in his direction. Then when he looked closer, he found that these bright spots were currently chasing something.

He narrowed his eyes and immediately realized that these bright spots were chasing after his Gale Sparrow.

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan pulled out his sword and rushed out towards the Gale Sparrow heading in his direction.

The Gale Sparrow instantly understood what Lin Fan was planning to do, so it picked up speed to increase the distance between it and the balls of light behind it. Once there was enough distance between them, the Gale Sparrow flew right past Lin Fan and landed behind him, waiting for the balls of light to land as well.

However, when the balls of light saw Lin Fan, they suddenly stopped in the air.

After they stopped, the true appearance of these balls of light were revealed.

They were birds just like the Gale Sparrow, but the strange thing about them was that these birds had feathers that seemed like they were living flames. It was almost as if they themselves were incarnations of flames.

However, as he looked closely, he couldn't help feeling that these things were quite beautiful.

Lin Fan didn't waste any time as he immediately used his Appraisal Eye on them.

[Inferno Swan]

Cultivation: First Qi Gathering Level

Description: Swans that were born in flames and die in flames. These swans have feathers that are made of pure flames that greatly increase their fire attacks.

Weakness: Water, Ice.

Lin Fan had been worried about how many of them there were, but when he saw their cultivation level, he wasn't as worried anymore.

After all, there were two full levels between them and Lin Fan himself had gotten a few new tricks.

The Inferno Swans just flapped their wings as they floated there in the air, looking down at Lin Fan. However, that peace didn't last long as the Inferno Swans suddenly started pulling their heads back and gathering flames in their mouths.

These spirit beasts weren't fools, they could tell that Lin Fan was stronger than them, so they needed to figure out another way to deal with him. So they would use their advantage over him, their ability to fly.

It was clear that this human wasn't able to fly in the sky like them, so as long as they stayed in the sky, they would be able to avoid being attacked by the human. Then as long as they peppered this human with attacks from above, they would wear him down eventually.

Even if the human had some kind of long range attack, they would be able to dodge it with their speed.

As these Inferno Swans had these thoughts, Lin Fan also had his own plan.

He saw that the Inferno Swans were staying in the air and it wasn't hard for him to guess what they were thinking.

Perhaps he might have had trouble with them if this was a day earlier, but today it wasn't a problem for him.

As Lin Fan raised his sword, there was a blue energy that appeared around it.

Then when he swept out with the sword, this blue energy started condensing the water in the air into icicles that floated there in the air until he finished the slash. Once he finished the slash, the icicles that had gathered in the air suddenly flew out at the Inferno Swans.

The Inferno Swans had been in the middle of gathering their flames to shoot them at Lin Fan when they saw the icicles flying at them. There was a moment of hesitation from these Inferno Swans, but they still chose to fire balls of flame from their mouths at the icicles.

After all, the aura that was coming from these attacks didn't seem that strong, so they assumed that it was a weak long range attack from Lin Fan that he learned just in case.

They assumed that their balls of flame would melt through the icicles before falling down on Lin Fan, but that didn't happen. As soon as the balls of flame hit the icicles, the icicles pierced right through the balls of flame and continued flying towards the Inferno Swans without even slowing down.

The Inferno Swans were shocked by this and they immediately tried to escape, but they found that even with how hot it was, there was actually heavy snow that was falling all around them.

As soon as the snowflakes landed on their bodies, they felt a chill run through them that reached all the way to their bones.

This chill was so powerful that it immediately started causing frostbite in the areas where the snow had landed.

However, the Inferno Swans had enough internal heat to prevent themselves from suffering heavy injuries from the frostbite. But the goal of the frostbite wasn't to hurt the Inferno Swans in the first place, but rather it was to lock up their joints.

The Inferno Swans found that they couldn't flap their wings as well and while they didn't fall out of the sky, it was clear that they wouldn't be able to dodge in time.

Seeing the icicles that were approaching them, the Inferno Swans knew that they were in a bad situation.


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