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Chapter 30: True Friend

When she stepped into the classroom, Lin Yin realized that there was an egg and a box of pure milk on her table. A trace of confusion flashed across Lin Yins eyes. She didnt know who was so considerate.

Was it Jia Qing Lin Yin looked at her in disgust.

It seemed like it wasnt. If it were her, she would definitely be looking at her eagerly.

In her previous life, she had been deceived by her gaze and foolishly believed that she was a person worth befriending.

Just as Lin Yins gaze landed on Yang Xue, she saw her quickly retracting her shy gaze. It seemed like she was thanking her for yesterday.

Lin Yin smiled. Not wanting to let her down, she put the eggs and milk into her bag.

This was the second person in Lin Yins life, other than Aunt Li, who could make her feel warm. However, when she thought about how no one who approached her in her previous life had a good ending, Lin Yin felt a little down.

Teacher Feng probably wouldnt harass her anymore, so she shouldnt interact with her too much.

However, just as Lin Yin put away her things, there was a commotion in the classroom. Lin Yin didnt listen particularly, but the content of their conversation still entered her ears.

“I knew it. When she sees eggs and milk, shell definitely put them away and eat them.”

“Shes from the slums after all. Shes ignorant. She wants everything that a poor person gives her.”

“Whats wrong with that I heard that the people in the slums even snatch food from wild dogs.”

“Theyre even selling them at night. Youve never seen them before. I heard that theyre all very dirty...”

“Maybe she sold it before. From the looks of it, her business should be pretty good. Haha, shes still pretending. She acted like she was the boss yesterday. Shes still related to the dirty slums!”

“Maybe the next time I go to the brothel, I can choose her!”

“Dont. She might even have some dirty disease...”

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Someone was unwilling to listen. “What nonsense are you talking about I havent eaten yet. Its disgusting!”

“Shh, be careful of her hearing you. Have you forgotten that she hit Zhao Zhi yesterday”

“Zhao Zhi She hit Zhao Zhi Do I still need to be afraid” The boy who said this laughed. “Do you understand what it means to make an example out of someone...” He seemed to suddenly feel that what he said was wrong. He stopped in the middle of his sentence and said again,” Zhao Zhi is just a dog. If she hit him, so be it. Would she dare to hit me ”

“Thats right. She thought shes amazing just because she beat up a lackey. Whos she scaring!”

Yang Xue regretted it a little. She only wanted to repay Lin Yin, but she didnt expect to cause her trouble.

Lin Yin saw that Yang Xue had lowered her head and looked slightly uneasy. She stood up and kicked the table of the boy who was talking happily. “What else What else is there”

It had only been one night, but they had already forgotten about the intimidation from yesterday and were openly discussing her again. It seemed like she did not have enough deterrence for them!

The boy was embarrassed and immediately retorted, “If you can do it, cant I speak about it!”

Lin Yin approached him and caught him off guard by elbowing his chin. The boy could not dodge in time and bit his tongue. Instantly, blood flowed. The surrounding students had never seen a young master get beaten up and it was so serious. There was a cry of surprise from the crowd.

The boy had never been injured so badly. He covered his mouth and wailed. Blood flowed from his mouth to his neck. The scene was shocking.

His follower was shocked and immediately stood up. Lin Yin only turned around to look at them before they stopped and did not dare to act rashly.

After all, no one dared to risk their lives with her.

Lin Yin did not drag her feet at all. Her exquisite facial features were too eye-catching, and she would attack when they were distracted. It was impossible to predict where she would start attacking, and it was very difficult to defend against.

“The intimidation from yesterday didnt seem to be enough. Are you satisfied today” Lin Yins voice was still calm, as if nothing had happened just now.

A slightly ruffian-like boy in the back row seemed to have been disturbed by this voice. He slowly raised his head from the table and looked at Lin Yin coldly. Although the surrounding people were frightened, they were still looking forward to him getting up and joining the battle to give Lin Yin a heavy blow.



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