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Mo Fan couldnt even pretend to be unaware of it.

As the Archangel of the Holy City, Sharah knew a lot of things that went on in the world.

She mentioned that someone secretly manipulated Xinxias goddess election, and a group of people supported Izisha.

This meant that Xinxia had gradually gained the upper hand in the election.

If it were not for the intervention of the Archangel, she would definitely be the goddess.

The Parthenon Temple was an independent force outside the Magic Association.

Even the Holy City would not simply challenge the power of the Parthenon Temple.

What they could do was to let the election be postponed indefinitely.

If the Parthenon Temple had only a Saintess without a goddess, it would be limited by internal battles.

However, these people behind the scenes seem to have failed in the end.

The election of the Parthenon Temples goddess would be held at the next Flower Festival.

The election would take place even if it was delayed.

In Sharjahs opinion, the fact that this news was reported internationally showed that Ye Xinxia had broken free from the suppression of the Archangel.

In other words, the Archangel underestimated the dominance of the Parthenon Temples Saintess.

If Mu Ningxues banishment and the postponement of the Parthenon Temples election were the ways in which the Archangel was trying to put pressure on Mo Fan, then both Mu Ningxue and Ye Xinxia were beyond the control of the Archangel.

“If the two of you are separated, the Archangel may not put you at the top of the blacklist.

But if you two are together, I think you two have a high probability of ranking at the top of the list.

After all, the Archangels who have not returned to their positions will target hidden dangers that can become uncontrollable in just a few years like you two.

Your growth has made this Archangel uneasy,” said Sharjah.

Many things had a sign.

After the incident between Qin YuEr and the Chief Military Instructor, Mo Fan understood that there were many cancerous things in this world beside the Black Vatican.

Some cancers seemed to be stronger.

Removing them was equivalent to killing the whole world and putting the world in chaos.

Perhaps this was the true face of this world, and they had to face it.

“Every power beyond the Forbidden Curse is not in control of the “management” of this world.

The magic books given to each country by the Magic Association only had contents up to Super Level.

They dont want anyone to become a Forbidden Mage and dont want anyone to have the ability beyond the Forbidden Curse,” Mo Fan said.

“It has always been like this.

No one cares about how advanced the magical civilization will be.

They only care about whether they will always be at the top of everyone.”


Mo, our battle in Dubai has not ended.

Chairman Su Lu was just an executioner.

The culprit who killed Mr.Feng Zhoulong is someone on the top of the world.”

Sharjah said it firmly.

The battle had never ended.

If civilization was compared to a person, the brain held the power.

The brain kills everything that threatens its control to maintain dominance.

Every person who could stand at the top of society must have strong willpower and must cast away laziness, comfort, and inability to make progress.

However, when they reached that position, they became the rotten part of humankind because of their self-centeredness and their hunger to maintain their dominance.

Although they had a high presence among humans, they made the entire group unenthusiastic, lazy, and lived comfortably so they could hold their position.

Of course, this was not the case in every era.

Although the ruling class was pedantic, all human beings were often in states of “crisis” and “weakness.” Races without natural enemies would become even more terrifying because some people in their group will become their “natural enemy.”

What was a humans natural enemy It was the ruling class.

But the funny thing was that the people in this era were not living a comfortable life.

They faced the threat of the Ocean Demons and the encroachment of the Extreme South.

As if humans were ships, they swayed violently in the wind and rain and might sink at any moment.

However, some rulers were still harming those under them.

Therefore, the ruling class would eventually be overthrown.

They forced the vast majority of people to live without a choice of escape and freedom.

For a long time, Mo Fan had only focused on getting stronger without the pressure of anyone seeing him as a threat.

The incident between Qin YuEr and Chief Military Instructor Zhan Kong woke him up to the reality around him, and the most remarkable thing was the matter of Feng Zhoulong.

He did not expect that he would follow in the footsteps of the two revered people.

He might have predicted them.

If the two were his role models, he would not end up much better than them.

‘Was there something I did wrong to be seen as an enemy of the Archangel and soon the enemy of the world wondered Mo Fan.

He could not think of anything he had done that warranted such scrutiny.

Perhaps it was because he rejected the sanction of the Holy City and disobeyed the world.

Therefore, he only had two choices.

Either he fought with little hope, or he joined them.

Even though the latter could ensure his safety, it was like joining Chairman Luo Mian, or joining Michaels dictatorship, and maybe Su Lus team.

The sky was red as blood.

A bruised Heavenly Eagle carried a young soldier who had no soul and was unable to wake up in the cold coffin in Hangzhou.

He sacrificed himself, merged with the evil robe, and let himself fall into the dark hell in exchange for the survival of the inner city of the Ancient Capital.

He annihilated his soul in the Holy City and did not want to fight anymore.

To study hard, he stayed awake day and night.

When he opened up perfect innovative magic, he did not apply for a “patent” immediately to seek benefits and go to the Asian Magic Association to teach it to the world.

In the end, he died tragically in a foreign country.

How remarkable these people and events were!

If Mo Fan joined them, he would stand on the opposite side of these people.

Mo Fan could not bring himself to do it.

The road he embarked on was consistent with these remarkable people.

His heart and soul were influenced by them, making him unwilling to submit to the Archangels.

So as Sharjah said, this battle had never ended.

Despite this, most past battles could not see through the situation.

They did not know where the enemy they were about to face was hiding, what was obstructing and maiming them, and they always let those respectable people around them die, making their hearts break.

Mo Fan understood.

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