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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Tapping could be heard as the cultivator sipped on some tea and looked up into what seemed to be empty space, but he could see something there.

* Close to 120k points huh… what should I get… think Ill get the apprentice crafting abode, Ill be able to craft mortal grade weapons, those are mostly used by people in Foundation Establishment realm.*

When it came to weapon grades it went from Common then Mortal then Earth and Heaven, Common grade was used by people from the Qi Condensation realm, while mortal grade was used mostly by people from Foundation Establishment, then you head Earth grade for the core formation experts, then the Heaven graded for the Nescent Soul masters. The latter was a cultivation realm associated with the top experts on this planet, there was a very small amount of those and they were mostly the patriarchs and Grand-masters of their respected sects. Core formation experts mostly occupied the middle standing and were leaders of various top standing clans, but if you wanted to be in the highest position you needed to have at least one Nescent Soul cultivator on your side. 

There was a minuscule amount of Nescent Soul cultivators around, but there also was a small amount of Core Formation cultivators around as well. Most people were in the first two stages, forming the core demographic of cultivators. This meant that he would probably have a lot of people to sell his weapons too. He could trade the spirit stones that he earned for points, he wouldnt have to fight beasts anymore. Then he could expand into the Earth grade and even make fitting weapons and gear for himself!

That was the plan so he spent the 28k points for the crafting abode, his points fell to about 90k in a second. He then spent another 10k to get some basic weapon schematics along with crafting materials required to make a couple of swords and spears that he could sell. He was in a good mood so he decided to see how well he would do in the crafting abode. After popping into the closed of dimension he noticed that the room looked a bit bigger than before and the anvil and every tool looked better than it previously did. It was still in the castle-like room but looked better. He selected the classical Jian Sword, it was one of the most popular weapon types around together with the spear. 

He got ready and waited for the tune to start, it was a new song this time around as well, hit started hitting and hitting and ended up with a high grade weapon this time. He resumed the bonking, choosing the same weapon once more but this time around he put in a couple of the Qi Condensation creature cores into the mix, he also produced a high grade sword with that but it had a different appearance and patterns than the first one. 

He reckoned that the weaker beast cores didnt work that well with the mortal grade weapons and he would need to use up the foundation establishment realm ones to get a similar effect that he got with the common grade weapons. But he didnt have enough of those around to blow he just had a handful and wasnt sure if he should use them up just yet. Though using one to test things wouldnt hurt so this time he selected a Guan Dao Helbard for creation and started bonking those glowing bits on the slab of metal. The metal was higher grade then what he was using on the common weapons and after he was finished he did indeed end up with a perfect grade weapon that gave out a radiant aura. He had used the first core that he got in this world, which came from the monster bunny, maybe this thing would have better penetrating power like the horn rabbits had with this

He used up all the materials he had bought after creating 6 mortal grade weapons, these things cost a lot to make. He needed about 1k points to have enough resources to produce one, he would need to sell it for at least 100 spirit stones to break even, he wasnt sure for how much weapons went in this world so he would have to visit one of those auction hoses. 

There was one more thing that he did while crafting, he was able to engrave a little logo on his weapons so he went for a lightning bolt logo, the bolt of lightning was going through the circle that was crackling with energy. It looked a bit similar to a certain superhero speedster from the previous world he lived in, be he was sure there would be no copyright problems in this world. Branding was an important thing and if he could make high grade and perfect grade weapons he was sure that his logo would be associated with quality. Due to that, he didnt engrave any logos if he made an inferior product below the high grade.

He had still 80 k points to spend, but he wasnt sure about what, he could upgrade his skills but he wasnt sure what he should go for, should he go for more power in general More defense He didnt really have any type of defensive skills besides the one used for evading, maybe his body refining technique could be considered a defensive skill 

As he thought about his body remembered his body strengthening technique.

Silver Body :Silver Body is the next advanced form of the Copper Body refining technique, instead of hard psychical training that is mostly attributed to body refining techniques, the cultivator absorbs weapons/treasures that are metallic in nature to refine his body into a treasure in its own. The higher-grade the treasure is the stronger the body gets. Common grade weapons and treasures have no effect on this technique. The technique can be trained up to the Nascent Soul great circle realm.

He took out one of the weapons that he made and held the sword in his hand. He closed his eyes and started concentrating on the weapon, his body started glowing in a silvery hue and the sword started vibrating. It was a slow process taking about 10 minutes, the weapon started dissolving as time past and the metallic substance that it produced seeped into his pores and he could feel his physique getting stronger and stronger as it gave out a silvery sheen. 

Cultivation Base Body :Foundation Establishment [Middle Stage 20%] (Silver Body)

*Oh, 20% eh So need 4 more high grade weapons to get up a realm…*

He had 4 more of the high graded weapons while the 5th one was a perfect grade, he didnt want to use that one just yet. So after an hour of absorbing the previously created weapons, he found his Silver Body breaking into the Late Stage. He got a bit crafting crazy now and spent another 1k points to make another weapon, getting it up to high grade as well. But after absorbing it this time around his cultivation budged only by 5 %. 

*5%… Id need 19 more of those weapons…That will put me at 60k points sill…*

He spent the rest of the day just crafting and absorbing the high grade weapons, he couldnt get them to be perfect, the only way was adding beast cores to do that. After he absorbed 19 of those high grade weapons like a madman he broke through into the Great circle and his silvery sheen was even more prominent. But after he tried taking in one last hard grade of those weapons he ended up with a 0,5% boost it would take a bit for him to get it past the Great Circle and into the core formation.

Matt ended up at 50k points after he crafted more high grade weapons to sell the next time he was in a city, having 9 high grade ones and 1 perfect grade. 

Then he left to appear in a flash to see that he spend the whole day crafting around, he still wanted to see if he could get some handy dandy skills to help him out in the future. He went through the store, Earth grade skills were the ones used by core formation cultivators so he decided to focus on those, trying to go for the higher grade ones and after going through the lists he decided on some. 


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