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Chapter 72: Blush

Chang Qing was very puzzled, so puzzled that he kept staring at Lu Zheng.

Lu Zheng felt his gaze but didn’t look up.

Thanks to Lu Hua’s presence, the atmosphere wasn’t too solemn.

Lu Hua exclaimed, “So you like girls older than you.”

Lu Zheng had already settled down to work, and turned a deaf ear to Lu Hua’s voice.

Seeing that he was ignoring her, Lu Hua grabbed Chang Qing’s hand, “You persuade my second brother.

I don’t like that Teacher Li.”

Although Teacher Li cared about her very much, it was a mistake to covet her brother.

No matter how much she cares, Lu Hua doesn’t plan to like her anymore.

Chang Qing looked at Lu Zheng’s face, and said absentmindedly, “Why do you want to persuade him You’re just his younger sister, not his mother, and you still want to interfere with your second brother’s relationships”

Lu Hua couldn’t help but get angry when she saw that he wasn’t going to help her.

She was very reluctant to see her second brother have a girlfriend.

He had just started to treat her better.

If he goes and gets a girlfriend now then maybe he won’t even scold her in the future.

Maybe he’d just spend the rest of his time outside of work with his girlfriend.

This was something she very much didn’t want to see.

Clearly, she was here first.

Whether it was her identity as her second brother’s younger sister or the gradually harmonious relationship between her and her second brother, it was all hers first.

How could this Li Xinyue be able to cut in all of a sudden and be her sister-in-law

Lu Hua was angry and aggrieved.

When she looked at Chang Qing and Lu Zheng, they both ignored her mood.

What should she do She felt so uncomfortable she could die.

If her second brother had a girlfriend, she would have no brother at all.

Lu Hua burst into tears, and silently curled up into a corner of the sofa and wept.

Chang Qing heard the sobbing sound, paused for a while, then followed the sound.

He saw Lu Hua crying, and couldn’t help being a little surprised, “Why are you crying”

Lu Hua sobbed and said, “Mind your own business.”

Chang Qing looked at her face and saw that her cheeks were flushed, and her expression was really sad.

In a panic, he reached out and pulled out a tissue and wiped her tears.

“Don’t cry.”

After he finished speaking, he stretched out his foot and kicked Lu Zheng, “Come and coax her.

Don’t just look at the computer.”

Lu Zheng turned to look at Lu Hua, fell silent for a moment, and set aside the computer, “Why are you crying “

Lu Hua gave him a particularly sad look as she sobbed.

Her tears stained her black eyelashes and the rims of her eyes quickly turned red.

It was different from her usual theatrical tears.

This time, she was really sad, “…… I just don’t want, don’t want you and Teacher Li to be together.”

She spoke as she sobbed, then turned her head away, not wanting to look at him.

Lu Zheng: “…”

He was amused in his heart, but he couldn’t laugh on the surface.

He said with some seriousness: “So who do you want me to be with If I say I won’t get married, are you really going to let me die alone”

Lu Hua’s throat swelled.

She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and muttered, “No one is good enough.”

She was so selfish that she didn’t want her second brother to have a girlfriend at all.

Eldest brother didn’t care much about her after having Chang Qing, and all his attention fell on Chang Qing, and her second brother will do the same when the time comes.

Lu Hua felt bitter in her heart.

She started to think of third elder brother again.

The two of them often played together, but they were just playmates.

Third elder brother was also very childish.

He was clearly a high school student, but his psychological age was about the same as a junior high school student like her.

Sometimes what he said sounded unreasonable to her too but in the end, he was still her elder brother.

She couldn’t say what she felt, but in the end, she was mostly sad, with sadness that doesn’t belong to her age.

She didn’t even want to speak anymore.

She wiped her tears and cleared her throat, “Anyway, I don’t like her.”

She looked at Chang Qing again, her red eyes were somewhat hopeful, and she said, “Qing Qing, you won’t leave, will you”

After taking a look at Lu Zheng, Chang Qing sighed inwardly and said slowly, “No, I’ll stay with you, okay”

Lu Hua smiled through her tears1 and without thinking blurted out, “When I’m an adult, I’ll marry you, so that you won’t die alone.”

Chang Qing: “…”

Lu Zheng: “… …”

Lu Zheng’s voice turned cold, “Do you know what you’re talking about He’s your sister-in-law.”

Lu Hua wiped her tears and came to her senses.

She paused for a moment but felt that this was a great idea.

She said confidently, “Don’t let the fertile water flow into others fields.

You won’t have to leave now.

We can always be together.”

Chang Qing raised his hand and made a pause gesture.

He looked into Lu Hua’s eyes and lowered his voice.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m your sister-in-law.

Don’t you know”

He shouldn’t have minded her saying this.

It was just like how many girls told their fathers when they were young that they would be their fathers’ brides when they grew up.

Such words couldn’t be believed.

They were even more ridiculous than a joke.

However, Lu Hua was already so old, it would be a little dangerous if she still had this idea.

He thought of this, and added: “Also, I like boys, not girls.”

After hearing this, Lu Hua wasn’t disappointed.

She took out a tissue, and wiped her nose, which had turned red.

She was quiet for a while, thinking about the vicissitudes of life, then sighed: “There is no endless banquet in the world2, forget it, I don’t care about you anymore.”

Chang Qing could vaguely perceive her mood.

He paused and said, “I won’t leave.

I’ll stay with you as long as you want.”

Lu Hua looked at him quietly and whispered, “Aren’t you going to find a partner You’re only nine years older than me.

Are you going to be a widow forever”

This topic is a bit sensitive, and Lu Zheng didn’t want to hear it, so he interrupted her, “Why are you worrying about this”

Chang Qing reached out and pulled on the corner of his clothes, “Stop talking.”

Lu Zheng glanced at him and shut his mouth.

Chang Qing turned to Lu Hua and said, “I can only say that I don’t have any plans for the time being.

Your eldest brother is so good, and I… feel pretty good in this state, do you understand I don’t know if I will fall in love with anyone again, but it is true that I like you.

If you want me to accompany you, I will accompany you, but don’t say that you want to marry me.

Don’t have such thoughts, I can only be your brother.”

Lu Hua pursed her lips, snorted and said, “I know.”

Brother or not, anyway if second brother is unable to stay, Qing Qing can still stay.

Lu Hua finally felt better.

She took one last look at Lu Zheng and said, “I won’t eat tonight.”

Lu Zheng was finally able to speak at this time, “Don’t keep splitting hairs.

I don’t have any ideas about Miss Li.

I’m too busy making money to support my family.

How can I find a girlfriend”

He frowned, with a condensed breath, “I still don’t have any thoughts about my sister’s tutor.”

Lu Hua’s eyes lit up when she heard this.


Lu Zheng said impatiently: “Really, what good is it for me to lie to you You’re the only one thinking about it every day.”

Lu Hua pouted, “Then you sent her wine! It costs thousands of dollars a bottle!”

Lu Zheng paused, a little surprised, and the corners of his lips curled up, “Strange, do you still feel distressed”

Lu Hua: “…”

Lu Zheng’s mood improved, and his tone was a little less oppressive and a little more lively, “Not bad.

Do you know how hard it is to earn money Your Qing Qing, goes to work every day, and doesn’t miss a day a month and earns just over 6000 a month.

Think about how extravagant and wasteful you used to be.”

Lu Hua muttered, “You forced me to.”

Now she only had six thousand in pocket money a month, so she didn’t have enough money to buy anything.

However, since Lu Zheng gave her luxury goods every day, she didn’t look shabby.

In other ways, she is quite poor.

The number of times she eats with Luo Nan has also decreased, so she can only go to the school cafeteria or go home to eat.

Over time, her outlook on money has also changed.

In Lu Zheng’s view, this really turned out to be a good thing.

He looked at Lu Hua’s wrinkled little face, and felt some unexplainable emotions in his heart, probably love or something else.

In short, his heart felt a little damp and soft, “What do you want as a reward”

Lu Hua looked up at him, “Anything at all”

Lu Zheng nodded, “If it’s not too much, it’s fine.”

Lu Hua thought for a while, raised her eyebrows, and said coquettishly: “You’re not allowed to hook up with Teacher Li.”

Lu Zheng paused, glanced at Chang Qing, and then said: “… ok.”

Chang Qing noticed the look in his eyes.

He didn’t know what he meant.

He stared at Lu Zheng nonchalantly and said softly, “If you really like her, you don’t have to worry about Lu Hua.”

Lu Hua tugged at him, a little annoyed, “What are you doing”

Chang Qing said, “Your brother’s happiness is important.”

Lu Hua’s heart was blocked, am I not important

Okay, okay, she knows she’s selfish, but she just wants someone to love her.

Is that wrong

Lu Zheng didn’t look at Chang Qing.

He said, “I don’t like her.

I like men.”

Chang Qing: “…”

He lowered his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

This is indeed the script of * * having children.

At this time, Lu Zheng looked at him, and saw the expression on his face.

He thought to himself, he really didn’t find it strange, as if he knew it a long time ago.

Sure enough, he already knew it.

Lu Hua wasn’t too surprised.  She had been informed by Chang Qing long ago, and she had also asked Lu Zheng about it.

However, she breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly cheered up, “Then you shouldn’t fire her.

She is so good at teaching and easy to understand, unlike the teachers at school.

Lu Zheng nodded and agreed, “It cost me twenty thousand to invite her here.

At least she’s worth this price.”

Finally, Lu Hua was sent away, and Lu Zheng sat down on the sofa and continued to type.

Chang Qing didn’t leave, he sat on the sofa next to Lu Zheng, and asked, “Is it true that you like men Or are you just bluffing Lu Hua to make her feel at ease.”

Lu Zheng said without raising his head “How can I have time to fool her”

Chang Qing: “Is that true”

Lu Zheng was silent for a while, and then gave a low “hmm”.

Chang Qing looked at Lu Zheng’s face, and suddenly said, “Do you have time”

Lu Zheng stopped his fingers and looked up at him, “What for”

Chang Qing said, “…first tell me if you have time”

Lu Zheng thought for a few seconds before saying, “The day after tomorrow.”

Chang Qing approached and lowered his voice, as if afraid of being overheard: “The day after tomorrow, do you want to make an appointment to go and play”

Lu Zheng: “…”

Lu Zheng frowned.

“What are you thinking about Don’t get any ideas that you shouldn’t have.

Even if I like men, I won’t like you.”

Although he said this, and his face was extremely serious, his heart was beating faster, making his face a little hot.

He is thick-skinned, but rich in blood vessels, so the heat may be shown on his face.

Damn it! Lu Zheng cursed in his heart, and angrily lowered his head while typing, avoiding Chang Qing’s gaze.

Hearing what he said, Chang Qing was also a little stunned.

He finally noticed Lu Zheng’s abnormality — why did he blush

Lu Zheng not only blushed, but even his fair ears turned a faint red in an instant.

This… is somewhat similar to Lu Xuan.

The author has something to say: Lu Zheng: Damn it! Stop giving off that charming smell!

Chang Qing: The two faces are confused.jpg3


1.破涕為笑,turn tears into laughter (idiom); to turn grief into happiness


all good things must come an end


The two faces are confused:


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