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Chapter 946 Chaotic Will, Number One Potential

“Whats going on Im really being attacked by the people around me”

Puzzled, Han Jue walked to the side and started watching the battle.

In any case, it was only an illusion and had yet to become reality.

He was naturally not nervous.

“Do you really want to be my enemy” The future Han Jue scanned the Hidden Sect disciples and asked expressionlessly.

His voice entered everyones ears clearly.

Everyone trembled in fear, including Han Huang and Han Tuo.

Han Tuo said angrily, “Everyone has the right to kill Chaotic Evil Devils! You occupied my fathers body and committed evil and acted recklessly.

We have to kill you even if we die! Well take revenge for my father!”

His shout was like thunder, echoing non-stop.

It immediately ignited everyones hatred and they cursed.

“Demon, you destroyed the providence of my Heavenly Dao.

You deserve death!”

“Return my master!”

“We have to kill him today, or the Chaos will be in danger!”

“Kill him and save the Chaos!”

“The Heavenly Dao Sages are already outside the Dao Field.

He will definitely die as long as we force him to open the Dao Field!”

“Damn it, theres no need for me to keep my cultivation if I dont avenge my Grandmaster today!”

The Hidden Sect had too many disciples.

More than a hundred million disciples flew in the air and cursed at the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Their curses shook the sky and the mountain shook violently.

Han Jues expression still didnt change upon facing such a commotion.

He suddenly smiled.

It was so disdainful and mocking Han Jue muttered to himself.

His future self had been possessed

Who can possess me

Dao Creator

The future Han Jue laughed loudly and said, “What a ridiculous Chaotic Will.

Ill destroy you if you fools insist on believing your memories and knowledge.

If I can help you rise up, I can also destroy you with a flip of my palm.

So what if you are my wives and children So what if you are my disciples and grand-disciples Chaotic Will, do you really think I have a hard time choosing

“Come, Ill let you feel my power and let you experience the fear of the Despair Dao Spirit, the Divine Authority Generals, and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit!”

As the future Han Jues laughter fell, an aura that made Han Jues heart palpitate erupted.

The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and pondered.

The Chaotic Will would change the memories and knowledge of all living beings and erect him as a Chaotic Evil Devil

It sounded impossible, but it did not seem so upon careful thought.

His Ultimate Supreme Treasure, the Mystical Destiny Book, could do it.

He had once used it to make the Chaotic living beings recognize him as a Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

Since he could, why couldnt the Chaos

He had used the Mystical Destiny Book at 800,000 years old.

The cooldown time was ten million years.

Now, he was very close to his ten-million-year-old birthday.

If that really happened, he was not afraid.

Chaotic Will would be destroyed if it changed the understanding of all living beings!

After that, he would use the Mystical Destiny Book to recover everything.

Han Jue found it ridiculous.

The Hidden Sect alone could overturn him

The current Hidden Sect and the Chaotic Branch had more than ten billion disciples.

There were already more than a million Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, ten thousand Pseudo-Sages, and many Freedom Sages and Great Dao Sages.

They looked like colossi, but they were like paper upon facing Han Jues absolute strength.

“Forget it, Ill take it as it comes.

Ill hide in the Dao Field if I really face that situation.”

Han Jue thought like this.

Only he could teleport to the three Dao Fields.

It was absolutely impossible for the disciples in the Hundred Peak Immortal River to forcefully enter the third Dao Field.

The Chaotic Will was only targeting Han Jue.

Even if he was abandoned by everyone, it wouldnt affect the lives of the other disciples.

Han Jue immediately stood up and left.

He returned to the Hundred Peak Immortal River and brought Xing Hongxuan and Qingluaner back to the third Dao Field before continuing to cultivate.

No matter what, danger had already appeared.

He had to take it seriously even if he was confident.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

He would fail as long as he was careless!

Thinking of his past powerful enemies, who wasnt confident that they had a backup plan and thought that they could defeat him

Han Jue wanted to constantly become stronger.

He wanted his enemies to never be able to judge his strength!

Outside the Heavenly Dao, in front of the Welcoming Sacred Palace.

Hundreds of geniuses stood in front of the door and discussed.

“Azure Heaven Mystic is indeed powerful.

Unfortunately, Jiang Yi is stronger.” “What cultivation technique is that Its amazing.

Its even hotter than the Heavenly Dao Sun Star.”

“However, the difference in cultivation level is too great.

Otherwise, Azure Heaven Mystic might not have lost.”


“As expected of the Heavenly Sages disciples.

These three are all Great Dao Sages.

Tell me, how many Great Dao Sages are there in the Hidden Sect Could it be that all the second-generation disciples are here”

“Hard to say.

Theyre all Sages, anyway.”

The geniuses discussed.

Dao Sovereign and Zhao Xuanyuan smiled.

Lao Dans expression was very serious as he stared at Azure Heaven Mystic.

The battle between Azure Heaven Mystic and Jiang Yi had already ended.

At this moment, Azure Heaven Mystic was in a state of enlightenment.

Looking at the disheveled Azure Heaven Mystic, Jiang Yis expression was extremely complicated.

Ever since he had taken the Primordial Pill, his bloodline had long transformed with Lao Dans help.

The Divine Yang Indestructible Body was no longer inferior to the Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

In addition to the difference in cultivation realm, it was not surprising that he had defeated Azure Heaven Mystic.

However, he actually felt a hint of danger during the battle.

This kid was not simple!

“The Heavenly Dao is lucky.

Sigh!” Lao Dan sighed for the Three Pure Sacred World.


He saw too many geniuses this time and felt that the difference between the Three Pure Sacred World and the Heavenly Dao was becoming greater and greater.

Dao Sovereign smiled and asked, “How talented is this child in your eyes”

Lao Dan hesitated for a moment and said, “Other than the Divine Might Heavenly Sage, I think he can be ranked first.

Even my master is far inferior.”

The cultivation speed of the current juniors was something that the ancient existences did not dare to imagine in the past.

Of course, this was also the reason why they had received the favor of their predecessors.

In the past, the Dao Ancestor had to figure out the cultivation after attaining the Dao.

Unlike the current geniuses, who already had the path paved for them and only needed to cultivate, there was no need to figure it out or seek opportunities.

With the current status of the Heavenly Dao, there was an endless stream of cultivation resources.

As long as they were geniuses, they only needed to cultivate and did not have to worry too much.

Lao Dans words caused the geniuses to exclaim.

So powerful

Dao Sovereign and Zhao Xuanyuan frowned.

They would be furious if it were anyone else, but they were shocked since these words came from Lao Dan.

There was actually such a prodigy in the Heavenly Dao!

Zhao Xuanyuan suddenly thought of Han Huang.

No matter how powerful Azure Heaven Mystic was, could he compare to Han Huang in talent

He was about to speak when a cold snort sounded behind him.

“First place I dont think so.

In my opinion, his potential is inferior to mine!”


Everyone turned around with strange expressions.

The person who spoke was the personal disciple of the Heavenly Dao Sage, Su Qi, Zhao Shuangquan.

Zhao Shuangquan indeed had the right to be arrogant!

However, Zhao Shuangquan represented the prodigies of the Hidden Sect, while Azure Heaven Mystic was a prodigy outside of the Heavenly Dao.

Sparks would definitely fly when the two of them collided.

Zhao Xuanyuan smiled and said, “Your potential is indeed impressive, but catch up to him first.

If you cant catch up to him no matter what, it will at most mean that your talent is similar.

Its impossible for you to be stronger.”


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