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Feng Qing took the small porcelain bottle from Xie Ruoyuns hand.

She unscrewed the bottle cap and sniffed it.

Instantly, she knew that this bottle contained the antidote.

She didnt expect Xie Ruoyun to be so easy to deceive and give the antidote so easily.

Feng Qing didnt think much of it and poured out a pill and stuffed it into her mouth.

Should she say it or not, this antidote was done well.

Not only was the smell very faint, but it also melted in her mouth.

It was as if a warm current entered her stomach.

After feeling it for a while and finding that there was no problem, Feng Qing returned the small porcelain bottle to Xie Ruoyun.

Feng Qings large eyes were clear and clean, looking pure and harmless.

She was so cute, so what bad intentions could she have

However, after Xie Ruoyun smoked a cigarette, she quickly felt her heart beating rapidly.

Hence, she hurriedly opened the small porcelain bottle and took an antidote.

She didnt want to become a coquettish woman later, especially in front of her father and Xie San.

Fortunately, the antidote worked very quickly.

The moment she took it, she felt her mind clear up.

She had already taken the antidote and was fine.

Feng Qing couldnt order another body search, so she brought everyone and left the Heaven and Earth Hall.

Du Yu followed behind Feng Qing the entire time.

He looked like a pug, which made the two security personnel at the door confused.

Watching Feng Qings luxury car gradually disappear into the distance, Du Yu still looked around with a smile.

He could not regain his senses for a long time.

It was only when the two security personnel reminded him that he turned around and walked back to the clubhouse.

In the extended luxury car, Feng Qing, Xie Ruoyun, Xie Cheng, and Xie San were sitting in the same car.

Xie Ba and Xie Si were sitting in the car behind.

Xie San and Xie Cheng were sitting opposite Feng Qing and Xie Ruoyun.

The two of them were chatting with Feng Qing.

Most of the content was about the domestic matters of Sacred Island and the Xie Corporation.

However, Xie Ruoyun was not in the mood to listen to their conversation because she felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter.

Her heartbeat, which had calmed down just now, had inexplicably jumped again.

Moreover, it was jumping faster and faster.

Without looking in the mirror, she could feel how red her face was.

After a while, Xie Ruoyun started to secretly pinch the outside of her thigh because she realized that her consciousness was actually starting to blur.

Moreover, her hearing gradually became blurry, as if someone had stuffed cotton into them.

Feng Qing and Xie Chengs conversation became more and more illusory.

Xie Ruoyun raised her hand to touch her face.

She felt as if the warmth from her face was about to melt her hand.

She knew that the medicine had acted up, but hadnt she already taken the antidote How did it become like this

Xie Ruoyun turned her head to the side and looked at her reflection in the car window.

In the end, she realized that her eyes in the glass were filled with affection and were filled with a rippling eroticism.

Immediately after, she felt her throat itch and dry.

It was as if something was about to tear her apart and rush out.

The feeling was like ripples that rippled out.

Xie Ruoyuns consciousness gradually started to become chaotic, and her hands couldnt help but start to take off her clothes.

She felt very hot, and it was getting hotter and hotter, as if her blood was about to evaporate…

Xie Cheng was the first to notice Xie Ruoyuns abnormality.

He saw Xie Ruoyun twisting her thin waist like a water snake and unbuttoning her clothes, so he asked, “Ruoyun, whats wrong with you Are you feeling unwell”

Xie Chengs voice could only wake Xie Ruoyun up a little.

She panted and forced herself to say, “Dad, I-Im just a little hot.

Im fine.”

Xie San said, “Xie Ba and Xie Si took the same car.

Their car is big.

Why dont you change to that car”

Hearing the names Xie Ba and Xie Si, Xie Ruoyun felt a layer of goosebumps all over her body.

It felt as if an electric current was flowing through her.

For some reason, when she thought of hot-blooded youths like Xie Ba and Xie Si, she felt her heart race and her mouth go dry.

Hence, she couldnt help but say, “Alright, Ill take their car.”

Very quickly, the two cars stopped by the side of the road.

Xie Ruoyun switched to the car behind with a hot face.

Looking at her back view, the corners of Feng Qings mouth curled up into a good-looking arc.

Her large eyes were emitting an indescribable glow.

Unfortunately, Xie Ruoyun had gone to the car behind, so she couldnt watch the live broadcast.

The two cars started and continued driving one after another.

A few minutes later, they stopped at a red light.

Although they could run the red light at will, there was no emergency now.

They still had to abide by the traffic rules.


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