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Chapter 18: The Three Gathered


“Kenichi-kun, how are you”


“It’s true… I had no idea that you and Natsuko-san-san were friends.”


Ayane-san was sitting at the counter and Natsuko-san, who was holding a bottle of expensive whiskey across from her, had her arms crossed and was staring at me very intently.

I didn’t mean to be a jerk.

But I think it was a bit inappropriate for me to sleep with another woman despite the fact that I already have a partner named Ayane-san.

I silently sipped on the lemonade she gave me and looked at their faces.

Maybe I’m just gonna get dumped

Maybe I won’t be able to see Ayane-san any more

No, stop…

As I was in such despair, Ayane-san suddenly attached herself to me and caught me with her faded magenta eyes.

The pheromones that stimulate my nose come in uninhibited.

“Kenichi-kun is a bad boy.”

“Ugh… sorry!”

“I think you need to be punished.”

“I’ll take any punishment! I’ll do whatever you say!”

“For real”

“I mean it!”

“Fufu… Leaving me behind, with another woman… Kenichi-kun, you will pay plenty for this.

You can be my slave for the rest of your life or…”

“Aa, Ayane-san… your eyes are serious…”

This is scary…

She’s usually a demure-looking beauty, but this change gives me goosebumps.

And I can’t believe she wants me to be her slave…

I would have never expected such words to come out of the mouth of Ayane-san, who has the air of a nice young lady, let alone the belligerent Natsuko-san next to her.

So that’s how angry she is.

But halfway through, Natsuko-san blew it.

‘Pfft! Ayane-san, stop teasing him.”

“Fufu, right.”


Hearing Natsuko-san-san’s words, Ayane-san-san’s eyes regained their original color and she looked at me, smiling.

But I noticed her eyes aren’t smiling at all.

Ayane-san continues.

“Kenichi didn’t do anything bad towards me, in fact, he actually helped Natsuko-san out.”

“That’s right! I had no idea that Kenichi and Ayane-san had that kind of relationship, and well, it can’t be helped.”


I was forgiven surprisingly easily.

Well, come to think of it, it’s not like me and Ayane-san are going out or anything, so it wouldn’t really count as cheating.

But I’m in high school, so I don’t know how to react.

Let’s just pretend to be sorry.

I thought and sighed as I turned over again.

Then Ayane-san tapped me on the shoulder and spoke to me.

“You don’t have to be so uptight.”


Then Natsuko-san moved her face even closer to mine and said in a voice that only me and Ayane-san could hear.

“Because Ayane-san has done something bad to Kenichi, too.

And so have I.”


I tilted my head and looked at them alternately, they just laughed sexily and let out a sweet sigh, but they didn’t say anything.


“Kenichi, I’m closing early today, would you like to hang out with me.”


“By the way, Ayane-san’s will also be coming.”

I was looking at Ayane-san when she said something that sounded very meaningful.


Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, and she was moving her beautiful legs around.

No way… could this be…

(Seeing Kenichi surrounded by two beautiful women, the female customer looks at him with envy, while the male customer looks at him with jealousy.)


The next day.


In front of the main gate of the school

I think yesterday was the brightest day of my life.

I always thought threesomes were a phantom concept that didn’t exist in the real world…

I’ve just finished my virginity and I’ve had some really intense s*x with two beautiful women.

After the deed is done, the look on their faces as they exhale hotly in bed, spraying thick pheromones, stays in my mind and doesn’t go away.

The two of them…

It was more than I could have ever imagined.

And for me too.

“Oh, s**t! I have school…”

And even if I talk to myself and remind myself, this elation will not go away.

Today Yuto seems to have overslept and I’m on my way to the entrance alone.

I can hear Hashimoto (Yuya) and some of his friends talking, who were giving me murderous glances the other day.

“Yuya! Do you have any tips on how to be popular with girls I’ve been getting rejected all my life~ hey~”

“Ahaha, if you’re as stubborn as you are now, she won’t like you.”

“I see! As expected of Yuya! The other day a junior girl confessed her feelings for you, right How did it go”

“Haha… I guess it’s like a roundabout way of saying”

“A grown up after all~ I envy.”

Hashimoto giggled when his friends around him praised him, then he looked around…

And set his sights on me.

A wary gaze.

The way he was looking down on me, as if he’s looking at something foreign, seems worse than Hiragi’s.

As me and him stared at each other, I heard a voice behind me.



I turned around and saw Uchida, the most pure and beautiful girl in school, looking at me all alone.


“Good morning…”

“Ou, g-good morning.”

Usually, she goes to and from school with Kirishima, who has strikingly long, slit eyes, and Yanagisawa, who looks so warm and friendly, but today, for some reason, she’s alone.

Although, why did she bother to talk to me

I don’t think we were that close.

As I was thinking things over, she quickly pulled out her phone and handed it to me.


I twisted my head and she smiled and said,

“LINE, let’s exchange contacts.”


What is it A contact exchange.

It’s not like giving her my LINE account is going to wear me out, so let’s do it.

And if I refuse, that’s not right either.

Let’s get this over with and get to class.

I fiddled with Uchida’s phone, and she continued, embarrassed.

“Uh, you know… Kudo-kun.”


“I have one favor to ask you, Kudo-kun…”

“A favor”

I fumble with her cell phone while saying something at random, prompting her to continue.

“There’s a new café that opened recently… and if you have time after school today, would you like to go with me”

“Hmm Why me”

“Well, that’s the thing! Well, there’s a special menu for couples, and I want to take a picture of it and post it on SNS.”

“Why don’t you just go with another boy instead of me though”


I said casually, and she was silent for a moment.

I’m not sure why my account isn’t showing up when I type in my ID.

And as I was staring at Uchida’s phone.

“I’m from a single-mother family, so I’m more comfortable with Kudo-kun, who’s also from a single-mother family… and the other boys are a little scary…”

I see.

That’s why she asked me to do it.

it can’t be helped then…

“I see.

If that’s the case, it’s fine.

I don’t have plans today.”


“Yeah, I happen to be free today, but you should tell me about these things a few days in advance.”

“Sorry… I’ll be in touch with you a lot on LINE from now on.”


That would be great.”

After I finished adding my account, I handed her the phone.

Uchida was smiling very brightly.


Her expression was drawn back by a certain someone.

“Leave my servant alone.”


I turned around.

It was Hiragi, with her blonde hair flowing and dressed down to emphasize her big b*****s, while glaring at Uchida, who said so.



Kenichi-kun has a lot to do.


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