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Since Feng Laoliu was the cause of Mr.

and Mrs.

Lins deaths, how could Lin Shao give the secret to him

Everyone was afraid of offending Feng Laoliu and ignored them.

When Shen Yijia appeared, she was like a ray of light that shone into Lin Shaos dark world.

Lin Shao wanted to take this opportunity.

Instead of letting his enemy benefit from the recipe, it was better to exchange it for a bargaining chip to stay here.

After understanding the inside story, Song Jingchen rubbed his temples.

He didnt want to keep these two around as they would draw unwanted attention.

However, he did not want Shen Yijia to be disappointed.

Shen Yijia usually only knew how to solve problems with her fists and did not like to use her brain.

However, she had strong principles.

She must have had her reasons for bringing these kids back.

After a long time, Song Jingchen said, “You can stay.

I dont want your secret formula, but if you cause any trouble, Ill personally hand you over to your enemy.”

“Well leave on our own when the time comes,” Lin Shao promised firmly.

Even if Song Jingchen didnt say anything, Lin Shao wouldnt implicate his savior.

Lin Shao also knew that taking them in was equivalent to offending Feng Laoliu.

However, if they didnt let the siblings stay, the siblings would easily freeze or starve to death even without Feng Laoliu taking action.

Although Madam Li initially felt that it was a burden to have two more people at home, she saw that Lin Miaomiao, who was a year older than Sister Huan, was shorter than Sister Huan.

Her thighs were even smaller than Sister Huans arms.


Lin Shao was a boy and was slightly taller.

However, he was all skin and bones and his face was injured.

Madam Li felt sorry for them.

She kept thinking that if these were her children, her heart would ache badly for them.

She gradually accepted the two new family members.

Seeing that Shen Yijia had bought so much cloth, she decided to use it to make new clothes for the two of them.

Madam Lis lips twitched at the gold hairpin that Shen Yijia had bought.

She silently put it away.

Anyway, Shen Yijia never saw her wearing it after that.

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The twins were very happy with this outcome.

The children in the village were unwilling to play with them.

They either followed Madam Li up the mountain or stayed at home.

They were bored out of their minds.

Now that two companions had come to accompany them, of course they would be happy.

They even forgot about the slight resentment towards Shen Yijia for gifting them notebooks to practice writing with.

Madam Li roughly understood the miserable past of the two siblings, and could not help but think of her husbands death.

Her heart ached even more, so she specially prepared a sumptuous dinner that filled the entire table.

Tears welled up in their eyes at the sight.

During the meal, Madam Li told the two of them to eat whatever they wanted.

However, the two of them were too busy eating their rice and did not take any meat or vegetables.

It was rare for Shen Yijia to be so attentive.

She picked up a big drumstick for each of them and added rice and soup to their plates.

She was as enthusiastic as an mother hen.

Song Jingchen watched silently, his face darkening.

After dinner, Lin Shao rushed to clear the dishes, but Madam Li did not let him.

She wanted him to play with Brother Hao and the others.

There werent enough rooms at home.

Fortunately, the two of them were thin and small.

Madam Li let Lin Miaomiao squeeze in with her and Sister Huan while Lin Shao stayed in the same room as Brother Hao.

Shen Yijia did not bring back the two childrens clothes because they were too tattered, so Madam Li altered Sister Huans clothes for Lin Miaomiao to wear.

She couldnt do the same for Lin Shao, since he was too big for Brother Haos clothes.

Madam Li worked overnight to make him another set to wear.

Holding the new clothes, Lin Shaos tears fell.

Madam Li was soft-hearted to begin with, and her heart ached terribly.

Lin Shao and Lin Miaomiao finally settled down.

When the people of Xiagou Village found out that the Song family had adopted two more half-grown children, they laughed at them behind their backs for being silly.

It wasnt like they didnt have children.

Taking them in meant more mouths to feed, which was simply laughable to them.



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