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Shen Yijia found out about the incident through Bruiser.

Shen Yijia felt heartened.

Indeed, she did not take in this underling for nothing.

However, when she found out that Bruiser had been sent home after losing the battle, she felt embarrassed instead.

However, what could she do No matter how embarrassing it was, she had already accepted him as her subordinate.

He was under her protection.

Moreover, he had fought for her.

She had to avenge him.

After Song Tiegen left, Shen Yijia glanced at Song Jingchen guiltily.

Song Jingchen closed the book in his hand.

“Ill go with you.”

“Hubby, you always read my mind.” she thought to herself.

She also wondered what was up with him today.

Why did her husband, who usually didnt like to go out, suddenly change his usual behavior and want to accompany her several times

Shen Yijia glanced at Song Jingchen strangely and opened her mouth to say that she could go alone.

Before she could say anything, Song Jingchen said indifferently, “Its not appropriate for you to visit a man alone.”

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Of course, Song Jingchen wouldnt believe the rumors outside, but he also didnt want to see Shen Yijia being criticized.

Since Song Jingchen had already said that, could Shen Yijia refute him No.

As soon as the two of them left, Madam Li chased after them with a basket.

“Theres a piece of cured meat and some dried mushrooms inside.

Bring it over as a thank you gift.”

Shen Yijia took the basket and nodded obediently.

“Thank you, Mother.”

Bruiser familys residence was on the other side of the village from the Song familys residence.

It took them nearly 15 minutes to arrive.

Perhaps because the incident at noon had caused a huge commotion, the people who saw the two of them on the way pretended not to see them.

They didnt point at them like they did in the morning.

Shen Yijia raised her eyebrows.

It seemed that Bruisers fight was not useless, so she could only blame herself for being too kind.

There were still a few families living in the village, but Shen Yijia could tell at a glance which one was Bruisers family.

The reason was simple.

From afar, she could hear Bruisers cries and howls.

“Ouch… Oh my god, be gentle.

It hurts…”

“You brat, now you feel pain Why did you fight earlier then Youre just a young brat, yet you dare to rush into a crowd and fight a whole group of people.

I think youre tired of living and want me to send you off.

If I had known this would happen, I would have stuffed you into the coffin with your father when he died.

It would have saved me a lot of money.”


“Its their fault for shooting their mouths off…”

“Stop talking back to me!”

“Ah! Gently, gently…”

Shen Yijia, who was standing awkwardly in front of the dilapidated courtyard door, was at a loss for words.

If Bruiser was really beaten to death like this, she wouldnt mind paying for the coffin.


Song Jingchen turned around and glanced at Shen Yijia.

He thought that she was feeling guilty.

He gently shook her hand and quickly let go.

He comforted her, “Its fine.

Im here.”

Shen Yijia blinked.

Although she could not understand where these words came from, her heart felt inexplicably warm.

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She was about to knock when the courtyard door opened.

The door was opened by a slightly plump middle-aged woman holding a basin of clothes.

When she saw them, the woman paused and asked, “You are”

Hearing this voice, Shen Yijia knew that it was the same person who had said that she would stuff Bruiser into the coffin.

Shen Yijia rubbed her nose, not knowing how to answer.

Song Jingchen said, “Were from the Song family at the end of the village.

My wife and I specially came to thank you.”

Widow Wang had actually guessed who they were when she saw the wheelchair.

With their confirmation, she immediately smiled.

“Whats there to thank I heard from my brat that Miss Song had taken care of him these past two days.”

Thinking of the remaining chicken soup in the pot and the fifty taels of silver in the box, Widow Wang warmly welcomed the two of them into the house.

She didnt look like she had just given Bruiser a good scolding.


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