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Shen Yijia did not think too much about it.

Seeing that no one said anything, she could only continue to explain her plans.

“I originally wanted to knock down and rebuild this house, but if we do that, we wont have anywhere to live while the house is being rebuilt.

I want to buy the empty space around the house and the new house there.

After the new house is built, well move in and empty out the old house to make a big courtyard.”

“Ill accompany you to buy land from the village chief tomorrow,” Song Jingchen said.

Shen Yijia scratched her head.

Actually, she could go alone.

From Song Jingchens usual behavior, it was obvious that he didnt like to go out.

Since he took the initiative to accompany her this time, she couldnt refuse even though she was curious.

Seeing that Song Jingchen had agreed, Madam Li naturally didnt say anything else.

There was no need to mention the two children.

They could not be happier with a new house.

Shen Yijia thought that she could let the matter of the silver taels go just like that.

She just needed to buy a plot of land and build a house.

In the end, she returned to her room and helped Song Jingchen soak his legs.

However, he didnt sleep or read as usual.

Instead, he stared at her.

Shen Yijia went numb when she saw this.

He finally spoke.

“Tell me, where did the money come from”

Shen Yijia struggled internally and laughed.

“I told you, I saved someone.

He gave me three hundred taels directly.

Perhaps hes stupid and rich.”

Song Jingchen continued to stare at her.

Shen Yijia admitted defeat.

She lowered her head and said without much confidence, “I went to the underground fighting arena to fight.”

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She struggled a little before adding, “I didnt gamble or rob anyone.”

Song Jingchen was speechless.

However, seeing her terrified expression, he sighed helplessly.

“Are you injured”

Shen Yijia shook her head vigorously.

“No, no.

Theyre not my match.

With one punch…”

In a moment of complacency, Shen Yijia could not help but show off her achievements.

As she spoke, she even gestured a few times.

Song Jingchen rubbed his temples.

He could tell that Shen Yijia loved to fight.

Although he knew that Shen Yijia might not listen to him, he couldnt help but remind her, “Dont go there again.

The desires of others can be more complicated than you think.

If anything happens, I wont be able to save you in time.”

Underground fighting arenas were not uncommon in Great Xia.

He had heard from people in the capital that it was mostly a place for the children of the rich and powerful to have fun.

There were poor families who took the initiative to participate in the competition for money, but most of the fighters were slaves captured from foreign countries.

To put it bluntly, it was a different kind of casino.

Anyone who could support such a place definitely had ulterior motives.

He didnt expect there to be an arena in a small place like Qingyang Town.

It seemed that this place was even more complicated than he had imagined.

Shen Yijia felt that all was well as long as he didnt blame her.

She stopped talking and nodded obediently.

“Ill protect myself well.”

She originally wanted to show off that she had beaten up a few hooligans, but now, Shen Yijia no longer had such thoughts.

She was afraid that Song Jingchen would stop her from roaming around outside in the future.

“You earned more than that, right” Song Jingchen suddenly asked.

Shen Yijias eyes widened. “Hubby, youre incredible.” she thought to herself.

She obediently took out all the banknotes she had.

Including the ones from before, she had 700 to 800 taels of silver.

“Were you followed when you came out”

Shen Yijia blinked.

He suspected that her husband was following her, but she had no evidence.

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Seeing Shen Yijias expression, Song Jingchen knew that he had guessed correctly.

Shen Yijia quickly said, “I got rid of them.

Besides, I disguised myself as a man when I went in.

I guarantee that no one will recognize me.”

Song Jingchen raised his eyebrows.

She had already learned how to disguise herself, so she wasnt as stupid as he thought.



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