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She didnt let Song Jingchen participate in the final part of building the wheelchair because she wanted to give him a surprise.

She stuffed the hidden weapons into Song Jingchens hands and waited for his praise with sparkling eyes.

Song Jingchen was stunned.

He didnt expect the carefree Shen Yijia to be so attentive.

He was touched.

He clenched the sleeve crossbow in his hand and said in a choked voice, “Thank you.”

She just wanted to get a compliment, but she didnt expect Song Jingchen to say this.

Shen Yijia rubbed her head in embarrassment.

“Ill teach you how to use it.”

She demonstrated it again.

Not only Brother Hao and Sister Huan, but even Song Jingchen was a little surprised.

This sleeve crossbow was different from the ones he had seen in the past.

It used small needle-like arrows as projectiles.

It was more exquisite and could automatically adjust the number of needles released at once.

This alone could catch the enemy off guard.

Furthermore, there was a small groove in the arrow compartment that could be filled with poison or drugs.

There was no need to soak the needles in poisons or other drugs in advance.

The substance would be applied on the needles when it passed through the compartment.

Although he could only load it with fifteen needles at a time, it was enough.

Song Jingchen still wanted to study it, but Shen Yijia wouldnt let him.

She stuffed the sleeve crossbow into the armrest.

It was unknown how she did it, but she fumbled around in the back of the chair and pulled out another larger crossbow.

Song Jingchen had been curious about why there was such a thing carved on the backrest, but now he understood.

It wasnt carved.

It was clearly a mold of a crossbow, then embedded with a real crossbow.

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Her thoughts were ingenious.

Although it looked like an ordinary wheelchair, it was actually filled with secret weapons.

It was unknown if it was because Shen Yijia had given him too many surprises, but Song Jingchen was no longer surprised when he saw her demonstrate how to use the crossbow.

Was this really the rumored cowardly Miss Shen

If it wasnt her, who was this person in front of him Did she really have other motives If that was the case, why would she do all this for him

Song Jingchen was no longer sure of himself.

“Finally, lets try this wheelchair again,” Shen Yijia announced.

This was the first big piece of work she had completed, and it was also the first time she had shown one of her inventions to someone other than Da Hua.

Shen Yijia was also excited.

Therefore, she didnt notice Song Jingchens abnormal behavior.

Song Jingchen only came back to his senses after sitting in the wheelchair.

He had drawn the blueprint of the wheels before, so he naturally knew how to use them.

He placed his hands on the wheels on both sides and turned them.

The chair automatically moved some distance away.

Song Jingchen looked back at Shen Yijia and smiled at her.

At this moment, Song Jingchen decided to follow the voice in his heart and trust this person in front of him.

Even if he lost the bet, he wouldnt regret it.

So what if this person was not the second daughter of the Shen family It did not matter where she came from.

As long as she stayed by his side, he would believe her.

“Ahhh! My husband smiled at me.” Shen Yijia thought to herself, and her mind went blank.

Her heart began to pound again, more violently than ever.

Shen Yijia suspected that it would jump out at any moment.

She quickly reached out and pressed on her chest.

She frowned in confusion.

Was there something wrong with her heart

In order to celebrate, Madam Li specially took out the pork trotters and fish that she had stored previously to make a delicious dinner.

After dinner, Shen Yijia removed all the doorsteps that would hinder the wheelchairs movements.

She dug up some soil from the backyard and filled in all the places with stairs to make them into more accessible slopes.

She compacted the soil.

It was complete.

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It was rare to see Brother Hao and Sister Huan following Shen Yijia around instead of taking care of the chickens.

Shen Yijia found it funny.

“Do you have anything to say to me”

Brother Hao thought to himself, “Sister-in-law is indeed amazing.

She even knows that we have something to say.”

Sister Huan thought to herself, “As expected of her sister-in-law.

Shes as smart as Big Brother.”

“Sister-in-law, we… we want a sleeve crossbow too.”


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