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In the dark room, Shen Yijia leaned against the edge of the wooden barrel and scooped up some water with her hands.

Her eyes were fixed on Song Jingchen, who was leaning against the bed and reading.

“Hubby, are you really not going to take a shower” Shen Yijia asked seriously.

Song Jingchen turned around indifferently and ignored her.

Shen Yijia refused to give up.

She ran over and bent down to whisper in his ear, “If Uncle Yang isnt here today, you wont take a shower.

Uncle Yang wont be back for a long time, are you going to avoid showering until he gets back”

Song Jingchens lowered eyes trembled slightly.

They were so close that her breath landed on his earlobe.

Shen Yijia continued to coax him.

“The weather is so hot.

If you dont take a shower for half a month, youll stink.”

As she spoke, she deliberately sniffed his neck.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

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Of course, they were husband and wife.

Back then, he had also said that he would treat her as his wife if she stayed.

It was reasonable for a couple to be honest with each other, but he just felt conflicted.

Perhaps… it was because he was the only one who would be seen naked

As soon as this thought appeared, Song Jingchens face instantly flushed red, and he felt terrible.

He slammed the book shut.

Shen Yijia was shocked and thought that Song Jingchen was angry.

She took a step back and said softly, “Im doing this for your own good.

You can avoid showering, but youll have to use the toilet anyway.”

Speaking of toilets, Shen Yijia realized that Song Jingchen hadnt resolved his physiological needs for the entire day.

Thinking about how he didnt eat much during dinner and didnt drink much water, she instantly had an epiphany.

Seeing Shen Yijias expression, Song Jingchen knew that she was letting her imagination run wild again.

He closed her eyes and tried her best to ignore the discomfort in his heart.

He said indifferently, “Help me undress.”

Shen Yijia was right.

It was impossible for him not to take a shower until Uncle Yang returned.

Even if Shen Yijia could stand it, he wouldnt be able to.

Since he had to…

“Why should I be shy now Were husband and wife anyway.” he thought.

“Huh” Shen Yijia thought she had heard wrongly.

When she met Song Jingchens eyes, she realized that hed agreed.

Suddenly, she felt embarrassed instead.

She secretly clenched her fists.

“Shen Yijia, you cant be a coward.” she thought to herself.

The opportunity to see that mans naked body was right in front of her, she had to stay calm.


Shen Yijia mustered up her courage and reached out her trembling hand.

Seeing her timid behavior, Song Jingchen didnt feel shy anymore and simply stretched out his hands.

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Shen Yijia lowered her head and helped Song Jingchen take off his coat with trembling hands.

She reached out to take off his clothes.

He grabbed her hands.

The two of them paused at the same time.

Song Jingchen sighed and said, “Just carry me into the bathtub like this.”

“Huh Oh.” She sounded a little disappointed.

It was true that she was shy, but it was also true that she wanted to see his body.

It was a pity that shed lost her chance.

Song Jingchen almost laughed out loud from his frustration.

He was clearly being considerate, but this girl…

After carrying Song Jingchen into the bathtub, Shen Yijia dripped two drops of spiritual liquid into it.

There was a little too much water, so she was afraid that just one single drop wouldnt work well.

If Da Hua knew that Shen Yijia, who had always been incredibly stingy with her spiritual fluid, was using it so freely, she would probably slap her to death.

“What an ungrateful brat.” she wouldve thought.

Song Jingchen raised his hand to take off his clothes, but Shen Yijia was still standing in front of him.

He rubbed his forehead helplessly and looked up at her.

Shen Yijia was not embarrassed even though hed realized what she was thinking.

She smiled and said, “Hubby, wash up first.

Ill get you a cup of tea.”

She had to give him the spiritual liquid both internally and externally.

Looking within herself, she realized that only a third of the spiritual liquid was left.

The speed at which the spiritual liquid was being accumulated could not keep up with the speed at which it was being used.

She hoped that she could give him a drop of spiritual liquid every day.


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