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Shen Yijia did not care about what Madam Liu meant.

Where could the meat have come from Didnt she come from hunting in the mountains Could it have fallen from the sky

Seeing Madam Liu flee with a bald head, she couldnt help but laugh.

“Mother, leave this to me in the future.

I guarantee that they wont dare to mess with our family in the future.”

Madam Li glanced at Shen Yijias smug expression and sighed.

“You cant scare people with a knife again.

What if you really hurt someone”

“I know.

Next time, Ill use my fists!” As she spoke, she even clenched her fists.

Madam Li choked and turned to glare at Song Jingchen.

She then called out to An Dong, who was standing outside the door and was too embarrassed to enter.

Song Jingchen rubbed his nose, feeling puzzled by her glare.

Thinking of what Madam Liu had said before she left, his eyes darkened.

“Dongzi is coming over.”

“Auntie Li! Im here to help deliver the meat to town.”

“Then come in quickly.

Look at Sister Jia.

Shes ruined the meat.”

When An Dong saw this, his lips twitched.

Yup, this definitely looked like her handiwork.

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He said, “Its fine.

Ill just clean it up a little.”

He could not help but glance at Shen Yijia and saw that she had not even combed her hair.

He looked away and didnt dare to look again.

Coincidentally, his gaze met Song Jingchens.

The other party was clearly just a person who couldnt walk and didnt look aggressive, but he didnt feel weak at all.

Instead, he had an invisible but terrifying aura.

Just one look from him made An Dong feel pressured.

The thoughts that had just sprouted in his heart seemed to have nowhere to hide beneath that gaze.

An Dong quickly lowered his head, picked up his knife, and started to clean up the wild boar.

Song Jingchen withdrew his gaze and saw that Shen Yijia was about to move closer to An Dong.


Reaching for her, he said firmly, “Sit down.”

Shen Yijia blinked.

Although she was puzzled, she still obediently squatted down in front of Song Jingchen.

Song Jingchen smiled.

He picked up the towel and started to dry her hair.

The atmosphere between the two of them instantly became warm.

Shen Yijia looked up and saw that Song Jingchen was seriously drying her hair, as if he was focusing on something important.

Her heart beat faster.

Feeling those slender fingers run through her hair, Shen Yijia soon began to feel sleepy.

Shen Yijia simply laid her head on Song Jingchens lap and let him do whatever he wanted.

Song Jingchens hands paused.

He could no longer feel his legs after becoming a cripple, but at this moment, he felt like his legs were burning.

He even seemed to feel Shen Yijias gentle breath on his legs.

Brother Hao and Sister Huan secretly smiled.

An Dong noticed it from the corner of his eye and felt bitter yet relieved.

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Shen Yijia didnt wake up even after he finished drying her hair.

Song Jingchen fumed at the fact that he was crippled now.

He was also worried that Shen Yijia would fall if her legs grew numb from squatting for too long.

He could only wake her up.

“Go inside and sleep!” There was a gentleness in his voice that even he did not notice.

Shen Yijia opened her eyes in a daze and rubbed her eyes.

She looked around and remembered how she fell asleep.

She muttered softly, “Thank you, hubby!”

With that, she went back into the house in a daze to catch up on her sleep.

Things were peaceful on their side, but the old residence was in chaos.

As soon as Madam Liu returned home, she complained about Shen Yijias crimes and how Song Jingchen looked down on her.

The more she vented the angrier she became.

In the end, she took her anger out on Little Madam Liu and blamed her for not saying a word.

Otherwise, why was she the only one with her hair shaved off


Song Dajiang sat in the central room with a dark expression and didnt say a word.

Noticing his expression, Madam Liu shrank back and stopped yelling.

“Father, we cant let this matter rest!” It was Song Maolin who spoke.

He was the only one in the family who dared to interrupt Song Dajiang.

“Of course we cant just let it go,” Song Dajiang said sinisterly.


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