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At night, Shen Yijia returned to her room after washing up.

Song Jingchen was leaning against the headboard and reading a book.

Seeing the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone on the table beside the bed, Shen Yijias eyelids twitched.

Seeing that Song Jingchen was focused on reading, she quietly walked over and placed her hands on both sides of the table.

Song Jingchen flipped a page of the book, scaring Shen Yijia so much that she immediately put her hands behind her back.

After waiting quietly for a moment, Song Jingchen didnt react.

She heaved a sigh of relief, gritted her teeth, lifted the table, and quickly walked away from the bed.

She placed the table in the corner farthest from the bed.

Her movements were smooth and swift.

Shen Yijia patted her chest.

This was more tiring than a brawl.


She turned around and saw that her husband was immersed in his book.

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She quietly took off her coat and crawled into the bed.

She pulled the blanket over her and closed her eyes to sleep.

Song Jingchen tilted his head and looked at her guilty expression, finding it funny.

Initially, Song Jingchen wanted to urge Shen Yijia to learn how to write.

However, seeing that she had been in low spirits all afternoon, he couldnt bear to force her.

When the person beside him started breathing deeply, Song Jingchen closed the book and lay down.

He counted to ten in his head.

Shen Yijia rolled over, recalling yesterdays experience.

Song Jingchen instantly caught Shen Yijia and pulled her into his arms, preventing her from struggling.

The next day, Song Jingchen taught Shen Yijia that she couldnt hide forever.

After breakfast, she was forced to write a hundred words.

Satisfied, Shen Yijia handed the ten full pages to Song Jingchen.

Looking at the words that were worse than those written by a three-year-old child, Song Jingchens eyebrows twitched.

He silently decided to make Shen Yijia write at least 200 words a day in the future.

Shen Yijia did not know that her good days were over.

She went out for a walk and realized that no one was home.

Curious, she asked, “Where are Mother and the others”

“Auntie Tian said that she was going up the mountain to pick some mushrooms and fungi, so Mother went with her.

Brother Hao and Sister Huan also went to play.” Song Jingchen didnt even look up.

“Oh! What about Uncle Yang” Shen Yijia asked again.

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Song Jingchen looked up at Shen Yijia for such a long time that Shen Yijia thought he wouldnt answer.

Then, he said casually, “I asked him to go out and do something.

He wont be back for a while.”

“Oh.” Shen Yijia pouted.

She noticed that Song Jingchens book seemed to have a piece of paper stuck within it.

She took it out and was instantly petrified.

Then, she screamed in surprise, “Ahhh, this… this…!”

She slapped the paper in her hand in front of Song Jingchen and said, “The wheelchair Im talking about is like this.

There are two wheels under the chair…”

After saying that, she picked it up curiously and looked at it carefully.

The more she looked at it, the more surprised she became.

It was exactly the same as the wheelchair she had seen in her previous life.

She muttered, “Why is there a blueprint for a wheelchair here”

Song Jingchen looked at her as if she was an idiot and said, “I drew it.

Why else would it be here”

“You drew it” Shen Yijia choked.

Then, she felt embarrassed and huffed, “I thought you didnt understand”

“I was just teasing you!”

Shen Yijia was speechless.

She gritted her teeth and thought to herself, “Youre good-looking, so Ill let you off the hook.”

She threw the blueprint back to Song Jingchen and turned around.

“Where are you going” Song Jingchen quickly asked, worried that he made her angry.

Without looking back, Shen Yijia said from afar, “Im going to cut down a tree and make a wheelchair!”

“You can draw the blueprint, but Im the one making it.

Im better than you.” she thought.

Song Jingchen chuckled.


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