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This was not the first time Madam Li had seen Shen Yijia carry Song Jingchen.

She simply accepted it and followed behind them with the two children.

The twins had also seen this scene before.

They were filled with terror back then, but now that they saw it again…

Their eyes sparked, and the twins shared the same thought.

Their sister-in-law was amazing.

No matter how mature Song Jingchen was, he was still stunned by Shen Yijias actions.

He only managed to react when he was almost out of the door, and his face immediately turned red.

He was a seven-foot-tall man.

However, his wife was carrying him so easily… Who would believe him


And where did Shen Yijia get her strength from


Two carriages were parked at the entrance of the mansion.

They both looked especially luxurious.

The carriages definitely belonged to rich people.


Song Jingchens eyes darkened and he temporarily forgot about the awkwardness brought about by Shen Yijia.

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Noticing his expression, Shen Yijia opened her mouth to ask what was wrong.

Song Jingchen shook his head to stop her.

Eunuch Li followed them out and saw them standing in front of the carriage.

He groaned inwardly.

“Your Majesty, you really know how to make things difficult for others,” he thought to himself.


However, he still said proudly, “His Majesty is kind.

Considering that the heir… Oh wait, I meant Young Master Song.

Considering that Young Master Song is currently not in good health, he was worried that you would be tired from the journey, so he specially chose these carriages.

Young Master Song, you have to remember His Majestys kindness.”

A trace of mockery flashed across Song Jingchens face.

“I dare not forget His Majestys kindness.”


With that, he gestured for Shen Yijia to carry him into the carriage.

It really wasnt a good look for him to be carried by a girl like this.

After sitting down, he turned around and said to Madam Li, “Mother, this carriage is big enough.

You can all sit here together.”

Madam Li nodded.

Emperor Chongans actions made her feel uneasy.

It was safer for the family to stay together.

The carriage was quite big.

It was not crowded for Song Jingchen even with a couple of extra people in the carriage.

Uncle Yang sat on the shaft of the carriage.

At this moment, the remaining maidservants also came out with bags on their backs.

They all knelt down and kowtowed three times to the people in the carriage.

After waking up yesterday, Song Jingchen didnt visit these people again, and only instructed Uncle Yang to make arrangements.

These people had their own families.

It was impossible for them to follow them all the way to the south.

Song Jingchen and Madam Li did not intend to bring them along either.

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He lifted the curtain and glanced at the gates of the Dukes Residence.

Madam Li could not help but tear up.

Sister Huan blurted out, “Will we come back in the future”

Brother Hao was a boy and was more mature than Sister Huan.

When he heard this, he immediately said, “As long as our family is together, it doesnt matter where we go.

What does it matter if we dont come back”

After saying that, he glanced at Madam Li carefully.

Knowing that her son was trying to comfort her, Madam Li forced a smile.

“Our Brother Hao is right.

As long as our family is together, anywhere can be considered home.”

They rode in a carriage, followed on horseback by ten other Imperial Guardsmen dressed as regular guards.

There were too many pedestrians as they walked through the downtown area, so they slowed down significantly.

Seeing such a majestic carriage pass by, many citizens stopped to watch out of curiosity.

“Hey, what kind of big shot is in that carriage” a civilian asked.

A quick-witted person at the side immediately said in a loud voice, “You guys dont know about this, right The person in the car is the former master of the Bulwark Dukes residence.

Dont you know about what happened a few days ago

“Even though the Bulwark Duke joined forces with the disinherited crown prince to stage a rebellion, His Majesty still kept in mind the former dukes contributions to our Great Xia, so he specially sent people to escort them.”

“Thats right.

Our emperor is indeed merciful.

If someone wanted to murder me and steal my property, theyd be considered lucky if I dont kill their entire family.”


Our Majesty is indeed merciful…”

The few of them spoke out quickly, praising Emperor Chongan for his benevolence.



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