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Fu Bao was led astray by Shen Yijia.

He looked at Song Jingchen seriously and nodded honestly.

“Hes as good-looking as you.”

“Then why would they want to catch me and not him”

“Theyll catch him too.

The good-looking ones will be taken away.” Fu Bao scratched his head, his face scrunched up.

He was still a child.

Why was she asking him such a difficult question

“Well, then my husband and I would still be together after being captured.

Why wouldnt he have a wife”

Song Jingchen held his forehead helplessly.

He really didnt understand why the topic had turned into this.

Who said that they could still be together if they were captured together What if they were separated

“Wait, thats not right.

Why should I be taken away Wouldnt it be more comfortable being in my own home” Song Jingchen thought.

“You can hide here for the night.

However, we wont be going out to save them.” Song Jingchen was afraid that he would be forced to lower his intelligence if he continued listening, so he interrupted them.

He was not ruthless enough to chase a child out.

Fu Bao immediately burst into tears and choked,”Then, what about my father”

Although Song Dalin wasnt as good to him as Little Madam Liu, he was still his father.

Little Madam Liu had returned to her mothers house and didnt come back.

He couldnt possibly lose his father too, right

As for Song Dajiang and Madam Liu, they only had Song Maolin in their hearts.

Fu Bao really had no feelings for them.

There was no need to mention Song Maolin.

Fu Bao only ever felt envious towards him.

“That has nothing to do with us.

Were already being kind by letting you stay.” Shen Yijia dug her ears.

Seeing that he was about to cry, she threatened, “If you cry again, well throw you out too.”

Fu Bao choked and stopped crying.

The two of them sent her to Lin Shaos room and brought Furball to the front yard.

Song Jingchen estimated the time.

If Fu Bao wasnt lying, that group of people should have arrived at the end of the village by now.

Sure enough, not long after, they heard the courtyard door of their house and the one next door being smashed.

The walls of their house were built high.

Back then, Third Uncle He even stuck thorns into them.

Ordinary people really could not climb through the walls.

The courtyard door was also new and sturdy.

The people next door werent so lucky.

Soon, they heard the sound of the door breaking, followed by Auntie Tians terrified voice and Father Ans angry roar.

Shen Yijia looked at Song Jingchen.

Her eyes seemed to be asking, “Should I help”

Song Jingchen frowned.

Thinking about how Father An had saved Sister Huans life and how Madam Li had taken good care of that family, he sighed and said, “Ill go with you.”

He would take it as returning the favor.

“You…” Shen Yijia wanted to say, “Your leg hasnt recovered yet.

Dont go.”

She stopped mid-sentence.

She would hurt his pride if she said it out loud.

She had to protect her beautiful husbands pride.

She had completely forgotten about how she had abandoned Bruiser at Full Fortune Restaurant when she felt that he was being a burden.

The people outside refused to give up.

They seemed to be contemplating whether they should climb up the wall to get in.

Shen Yijia was relieved to see Song Jingchen holding the crossbow.

Furball immediately rushed out and pounced on a person who was about to smash the door.

A tiger roar shocked the few of them into running away in fear, leaving the unlucky person pressed to the ground by Furball.

“Little Furball, protect my husband,” Shen Yijia instructed and ran towards the An family.

At this moment, other than An Xiuer, the other three people in the An familys courtyard were all squatting in the courtyard under the threat of a bandit.

There were also people rummaging through the house.

Shen Yijia tilted her head and kicked the man away.


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