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Song Jingchen was silent.

He couldnt figure out why a young lady from an officials family couldnt read.

He had heard that most commoner women couldnt read because they were poor.

However, Shen Pingxiu was also a government official in the capital, and had even come from a scholars background.

How could he have raised his daughter to be so ignorant

The room was quiet for a moment.

After a long time, she heard Song Jingchens low and hoarse voice.

“This is the divorce agreement.

Ive asked Uncle Yang to investigate it.

You married into the Song family because you had no choice.

Now, not only can the Song family not protect you, but we will also drag you down.

Moreover, everyone in the capital knows about the incident that happened to me on the day of the wedding.

It wont affect you much even if you wish to marry again in the future.”

Shen Yijia was shocked.

She had gotten this husband, and now she was going to lose him

“No, you cant divorce me.” Although Song Jingchen had explained that it was for her own good, Shen Yijia was still a little angry.

If not for the fact that he was good-looking and that he was her husband, would she have wasted those three drops of spiritual liquid Absolutely not.


Go back to the Shen family Thinking about how the original host had lived in the past, she didnt want to go back.

Even if she could fight and was not afraid, she couldnt spend every day beating people up.

What would be the difference between that and her previous life in the institute

In Shen Yijias opinion, if she went back, the Shen family would definitely bully her just like they used to.

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However, she would definitely not endure it silently like the original host did.

She would definitely fight back.

Wouldnt that be equivalent to fighting three times a day

So she refused without thinking further.

Song Jingchen was once again speechless.

Before this, he had always thought that Shen Yijia would immediately leave happily after receiving the divorce agreement.

This situation was unexpected.

Song Jingchen remained silent.

Shen Yijia was so angry that she puffed up her cheeks and gritted her teeth.


Should she just knock him out


She quickly pinched her right hand using her left hand and tried her best to control her restless heart.

Song Jingchen didnt know if it was simply his imagination, but he suddenly felt that he was in danger.


This was an intuition that he had honed from years of training in the military.

However, this girl was the only other person in this room.

“It was definitely an illusion, right” he thought to himself.

He tried to ignore the strange feeling.

He assumed that Shen Yijia was unwilling to leave because she didnt understand how complex the problem was.

He had no choice but to say patiently, “We have to go back to the countryside tomorrow.

We cant take anything away from the residence.

There are no servants to serve us there.

We can only have simple meals every day.

We… might not even have enough to eat.”

“Not having enough to eat Its that serious” Shen Yijia was shocked by Song Jingchens words.

The first part wasnt a big problem, but not having enough to eat was a little tragic…


Therefore, she no longer cared about being angry or feeling sorry for those three drops of spiritual liquid.

She started to weigh the options seriously in her heart.

Song Jingchen fell silent again.

“Was the problem of food really the main point here” he thought.

He realized that he couldnt treat this girl as a regular daughter of an officials family anymore.

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Shen Yijia felt dizzy from thinking so much, but she still did not want to go back to the Shen family.

She wondered if it was the influence of the original host.

She was repulsed by the idea of living in that place.

“If I insist on following you, would you lock me in the house and not let me out” Shen Yijia asked tentatively.

Song Jingchen was once again speechless.

“Why would I want to lock her up” he thought.

He shook his head.


Shen Yijias eyes lit up.

The Shen family would definitely lock her up, but he wouldnt! If that was the case, she could go out and earn money.


Then she asked, “Would you deliberately starve me”

Song Jingchens face felt numb.


“Would you make me kneel as punishment during the winter and summer”

Song Jingchen responded.



The scales in Shen Yijias heart could not tilt any further than this.

She took another look at Song Jingchens handsome face and made her final decision.

“Then I dont want a divorce.

I want you to be my husband.

Ill make money in the future, and I wont let you starve.”



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