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In the room, the doctor was about to take Song Jingchens pulse, but he could feel that Song Jingchens skin was boiling hot.

He was so frightened that his heart skipped a beat.

He asked Uncle Yang to help him remove Song Jingchens clothes and saw that there was already a lot of blood soaking through the bandage on his back.

He couldnt help but shout, “What nonsense! Wounds can get infected easily in this weather.

I even specifically instructed you to inform me in time if there were any symptoms of fever.

Its obvious that the fever has been going on for a long time.

Moreover, hes so seriously injured, but he didnt take the time to rest.

It doesnt matter how healthy he was, he cant keep ruining his body like this…”

At this point, the doctor paused and his expression became unnatural.

Then, he said helplessly, “Ill give him a prescription first.

Get someone to fetch the medicine as soon as possible and boil it for him.

Use more water to wipe his body and lower his temperature.

Ill change the bandages for him.

If theres an infection, Ill shave it off the infected areas before it spreads.

As for what happens next, we can only do our best and listen to fate!”

Uncle Yang quickly took the prescription and left.

Madam Lis heart ached when she saw this.

Brother Hao and Sister Huans faces turned pale when they saw so much blood.

They remembered how their father and grandfather were also covered in blood when they were sent back, and right after that, someone told them that their father and grandfather had passed on…

Huaner threw herself into Madam Lis arms with a terrified expression and cried, “Mother, will Eldest Brother be alright Please ask Eldest Brother to get up.

Ill be obedient in the future, I wont be naughty and make Eldest Brother angry anymore.

I dont want Eldest Brother to become like Father and Grandfather…”

“As for me… Ill diligently study and practice martial arts in the future.

I wont slack off behind Big Brothers back anymore…” Brother Hao hurriedly added, as if his Big Brother would really die if he didnt say it quickly.

When Shen Yijia heard this, her eyelids twitched.

She interrupted, “Of course your big brother will be fine.

You have to have confidence in him, do you understand”

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Sister Huaner stopped crying and burped.

She shrank into Madam Lis arms and asked cautiously, “Is… is that true”

“Of course its true!” After saying that, she turned to Madam Li and said, “Mother, dont worry.

My husband will definitely live to a ripe old age.”

Madam Li nodded.

She trusted her son.

She patted Shen Yijias hand gently and said with a tired expression, “Youre a good child.

Its a shame that our family has implicated you!”

Previously, Madam Li had not paid much attention to Shen Yijia.

Now that she took a closer look, she realized that the girl in front of her was completely different from the one she had seen in the past.

Her face was still the same, but her eyes sparkled when she looked at you.

She was no longer the girl who would only lower her head and dared not look at anyone.

However, after thinking about it carefully, she understood.

How could Madam Chen be a good person if they could do such a thing

This girl was probably already having a hard time in the residence.

If she performed too well, she would be treated even more harshly.

Now that she had left the Shen family, there was for Shen Yijia to pretend to be weak anymore.


Once her suspicions were raised, Madam Li recalled all the abnormalities she saw in little Yijia.

Apart from feeling guilty and angry at the Madam Li,


She was more angry at herself for not realizing it sooner…

And so a wonderful misunderstanding arose.

Shen Yijia had no idea that she had almost been exposed.

However, Madam Lis imagination ran wild and covered her tracks.

If Shen Yijia knew what Madam Li was thinking, she would probably exclaim at how imaginative she was.

However, even if others suspected that she was a different person, she was not afraid.

The skin was still the same, just that there was a new core inside.

Coupled with her straightforward personality, she did not think about these possibilities at all, and she had yet to learn the roundabout way in which matters were conducted.

Shen Yijia was still not used to having her hand being held by someone.

When she met Madam Lis gentle gaze, she wanted to draw back her hand.

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