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Shen Yijia raised her eyebrows and watched as Furball stayed in the pile of snow, pretending to be dead.


Brother Hao and the others were amused.

They held their stomachs and rolled on the ground.

Soon, a few snowmen and a snow tiger appeared in the courtyard.

In order to conserve the amount of coal they had, the family would gather in the central room during the day.

Shen Yijia brought a few people in, followed by Furball, who was no longer pretending to be dead.

Seeing that they were covered in snow, Madam Li quickly put down the embroidery rack and called out, “Come in and warm yourself by the fire.”

After saying that, she went to the kitchen to bring some ginger tea for Brother Hao and the others to drink.

Furball also had a bowl.

“Mother, I wasnt playing with them.

I dont need it,” Shen Yijia protested.

Her mouth still tasted like medicine, and she didnt want to drink ginger soup right now.

Madam Li rebuked, “That wont do.

Our bodies cant take the cold very well.

Have you forgotten about your cramps during your period

Shen Yijia pursed her lips.

It only hurt the first time.

After the spiritual liquid upgraded, it no longer hurt.

She felt that her body was excellent.

She looked at Song Jingchen for help.

He coughed dryly.

“I seem to have caught a cold.

Let me drink it.”

Shen Yijia immediately sent it over with a smile.

She helped him finish it and even thoughtfully pressed the corner of his mouth with her sleeve.

In the past, Shen Yijias smile was like the sun.

Now that she had a flower pattern on her forehead, it felt like every frown and smile of hers could tempt people to commit crimes.

Song Jingchen coughed violently and looked away.

Indeed, she was actually not a cat demon, but a vixen.

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Madam Li was helpless and amused, but she did not say anything else.

“Big Brother, are you still cold I have another bowl.” Brother Hao leaned over and asked kindly.

The others eyes lit up.

They immediately stopped drinking the soup and handed their bowls to Song Jingchen.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

“If all of you dislike the taste, do you think I would enjoy drinking it” he thought.

With a straight face, he said, “After you finish drinking, copy the homework you learned yesterday ten times.”

Shen Yijia laughed gloatingly and received a wave of resentful gazes.

The few of them wailed in their hearts. “Brother Song is so biased!” they thought.

“Eh, Sister-in-law, whats that on your forehead Its so beautiful,” Sister Huan suddenly said.

Everyone stared at Shen Yijias forehead.

Shen Yijias smile disappeared.

She didnt know what to say.

Song Jingchen said, “I helped her tattoo the spider lily.”

When they heard that it was a tattoo, everyone gasped.

How painful would that be

Shen Yijia quickly added, “Yes, yes.

My husband is really amazing.

I think its very good-looking.”

“Then when I grow up, Big Brother, help me tattoo one too.” Sister Huan was Shen Yijias number one fan.

Even if she betrayed him occasionally, it would not change the fact.

Song Jingchen glanced at her and didnt answer.

“I see, its quite pretty.” Madam Li added.

Shen Yijia was overjoyed by the praise.

The corners of her mouth almost reached the back of her head.

Song Jingchen held his forehead.

She was worried about being suspected a second ago, but she was overjoyed when she was praised.

“Should I praise her more in the future” he thought.

After lunch, the snow stopped.

Shen Yijia brought Lin Shao along to shovel the snow.

She didnt know when it would snow again.

If she let it accumulate, it would be as tall as Sister Huan.

There was a sudden knock on the courtyard door.

“Who else would come to visit in this weather” Shen Yijia muttered.

Didnt they see that Bruiser hadnt been coming over for the past few days

Lin Shao put down the shovel and said, “Sister-in-law, Ill get the door.”

Soon, Lin Shao came in with a group of people.

Shen Yijia subconsciously looked at Song Jingchen, who happened to look up and see her.


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