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Shen Yijia did not seem to see Manager Feng gritting his teeth.

She said in a good mood, “Wheres your young master”

Manager Feng came back to his senses and smiled.

“My young master said to let Young Master Shen, no, Miss Shen.”

“My young master has instructed Miss Shen to change her clothes before going to see him.” With that, he clapped his hands and the door immediately opened from the inside.

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes.

“What if I dont”

As soon as she finished speaking, a few young girls dressed as maidservants walked out of the room.

Each of them held a tray with both hands.

Shen Yijia subconsciously covered her eyes, almost blinded by the jewelry on the tray.

When Manager Feng heard her refusal, he gave the person behind him a look.

The person holding Bruiser pressed the dagger against his neck.

Bruiser cried, “Sister, Sister, save me…”

Shen Yijia felt a headache coming on when she saw Bruisers useless look.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Its just a change of clothes.

Ill change.”

“Miss, please choose a set of jewelry first.” The leading maidservant stepped forward and said.

Shen Yijia waved her hand generously.

“No need.

They all look pretty good to me.

Use them all.”

Only children made choices.

As for her, she wanted all of them.

The maidservant choked and looked at Shen Yijia in disdain.

After receiving Manager Fengs nod, she bowed perfunctorily and said, “Then please follow me.”

Shen Yijia did not move.

She turned around and suddenly walked to Bruiser.

The man holding Bruiser took a step back warily.

Shen Yijia quickly said, “I just want to talk to him.”


Shen Yijia patted Bruisers hand and said, “Just wait here.”

With that, she followed the maidservants into the room.

With the matter of choosing jewelry just now, they did not ask which dress she wanted to wear and directly wanted to undress Shen Yijia.

How could Shen Yijia let anyone touch her She dodged and moved behind them, not giving them a chance to react.

She knocked them out with a few hand strikes.

She was in no hurry to go out.

Her eyes lit up as she scanned through the jewelry.

She looked around and finally took out the dress that they had prepared for her from an unconscious maidservant.

Shen Yijia spread out her dress and muttered unhappily, “Really Youre making me wear so little in the winter.

Are you trying to freeze me to death You really have ill intentions.”

As she muttered, she didnt forget to take out all the jewelry and pack them up.

She packed a simple bag and carried it on her back.

Theyd offered her these, so she wasnt stealing them.

Just as she finished thinking this, there was a knock on the door.

Shen Yijia looked at the door and saw Bruiser poke his head in, followed by his entire body.

Shen Yijia held her forehead.

“Why do you look so guilty”

Bruiser scratched the back of his head and chuckled.

“Sister, the powder you gave me is really effective.

I knocked everyone out the moment I scattered it.”

“If its not good, would I give it to you” Shen Yijia rolled her eyes.

It was made by Lin Shao.

After some thought, she took off the bag on her back and threw it to Bruiser.

“Ill send you out later.

Wait for me at the Full Fortune Restaurant.”

Bringing him along would easily distract her.

It was better to send him away first.

Bruiser shook the bag. “Arent we being thieves right now” he thought.

Hearing that he had to leave first, he immediately couldnt take it anymore.

He raised his voice.

“Youre not leaving with me No, if you want to leave, well leave together.”



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