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Song Jingchens pupils were constricted.

His first reaction was not to panic in fear, but to quickly close and lock the door.

When he came to the bed again, Shen Yijias forehead was bright and clean.

It was impossible to tell that she had been injured a moment ago.

If not for the faint bloodstains on her forehead, Song Jingchen would have suspected that he had imagined it.

When he looked at the bruise on Shen Yijias chin, it was already gone.

Song Jingchen composed himself and pulled Shen Yijias right hand over.

He looked at the bandage on it and paused for a moment before slowly undoing it.

As he expected, the wound was gone, leaving only the blood on the cloth to indicate that there was indeed an injury here.

“How did this happen”

“Who the hell are you”

“Are you a demon”

These thoughts filled Song Jingchens mind as his throat tightened.

He was sure that the wild ginseng and lingzhi didnt have this effect.

Unfortunately, no one would be able to answer his questions.

He looked at Shen Yijia with a complicated expression.

He suddenly remembered that the scar that the doctor had said would stay with him forever had mysteriously disappeared.

Also, his body was clearly about to collapse back then, but he always felt fine after she visited him.

He thought that it was because he had been practicing martial arts for many years.

Now that he thought about it, it was obvious.

This girl had probably been secretly healing him.

“But how did she do it” he thought.

Song Jingchens mind was in a mess, but he knew that he could never let a third person know about this secret.

Song Jingchen didnt know when Shen Yijia would wake up.

Seeing that her breathing was even and her heartbeat was normal, he confirmed that her life wasnt in danger.

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But he didnt dare leave her alone in the room.

He put the lingzhi and ginseng back into the box.

Song Jingchen guessed that she had become like this because she ate these.

Only Shen Yijia knew why she ate them.

Now that he thought about it, her strength and speed were not something ordinary people could have.

How many secrets did she have

Song Jingchen suddenly felt a little frustrated, but he couldnt understand why.

When Brother Hao came to call them to eat, Song Jingchen realized that he had been staring at Shen Yijia for a long time.

Rubbing his sore eyes, he asked Brother Hao to tell Madam Li that Shen Yijia had fallen asleep.

He was not hungry, so he lay down beside Shen Yijia.

Shen Yijia woke up before dawn the next day.

When she opened her eyes, she was still a little confused.

She stared blankly at the top of her head for a long time before remembering what happened before she fainted.

She gritted her teeth and cursed the person who wrote that book.

He didnt write anything clearly and didnt even write about something as important as being in a coma.

Fortunately, she didnt think of eating it directly in the mountains.

Otherwise, would she still have a chance to wake up She would have become a snack for the wild beasts.

But how did she get back to bed Just as this question popped up, Shen Yijia turned around and met a pair of bloodshot eyes.

She was shocked and only heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that it was Song Jingchen.

Then, she was very curious.

Seeing that Song Jingchen was still staring at her, Shen Yijia blinked and asked guiltily, “Were you the one who carried me to the bed”

“Yes.” Song Jingchens voice was still a little hoarse.

Shen Yijia grit her teeth. “Did he see the herbs” she thought.

Fortunately, those did not mean anything.

She could just say that she liked eating them.

“You havent been up all night, have you”

Song Jingchen closed his eyes.

“I was waiting for you to wake up.”

Shen Yijia was speechless.

“Waiting for me You didnt have to do that!” she thought.


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