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Shen Yijia ignored him as if she was possessed.

Bruiser glanced at Song Maolin, who was foaming at his mouth, and gritted his teeth.

“You forgot what Brother-in-law said.

You cant kill.”

These words were like a switch that finally pulled Shen Yijia back to her senses.

Shen Yijia retracted her fist and shook Song Maolin.

Seeing that his eyes were still moving, she threw him aside guiltily.

“Well, hes not dead yet.

Hes still breathing.”

With that, she stepped towards the door, ready to leave.

After taking two steps, she thought of something and turned around.

“I heard that a scholar cares about his hands the most.”

Song Dajiang was still wondering what this meant when he saw Shen Yijia squatting down beside Song Maolin and breaking his hands.

Song Dajiang couldnt stay calm anymore.

He pointed at Shen Yijia.

“You, you!”

“Me What about me Youre welcome to look for me anytime.” Shen Yijia glanced at Song Dajiang arrogantly.

This time, she left without looking back.

What Song Maolin cared about the most were his hands, so she crippled his hands.

After all, Song Maolin had nearly caused her to lose what she cared about the most.

Bruiser took a look at Song Maolins miserable appearance and gasped.

He looked at Song Dajiang, who was looking at Shen Yijias back with hatred.

He did not forget his mission.

He cleared his throat and said, “My brother-in-law said that its best to end this matter here.

On the account that were from the same lineage, he doesnt want to kill you all.

Think about Feng Laolius outcome.

Even the people behind him did not dare to stand up for him.

Youd better consider if youre more capable than Feng Laoliu.”

With that, Bruiser followed Shen Yijia.

Song Dajiang trembled and fell to the ground.

Looking at the blood flowing out of Song Maolins hands, he muttered, “Its over, its over.

Its all over.”

“Sister, wait for me.” Bruiser was out of breath from running.

“Does that mean Scholar Songs hands can never recover”

Thinking about it, he still felt that it was too ruthless.

This would ruin his life.

It seemed to be worse than killing him.

Shen Yijia stopped and rolled her eyes.

“What do you think”

“Well, he probably wouldnt be able to use his hands again.” Bruiser scratched his head, not knowing what to say.

Shen Yijia was kind, but she could also kill dozens of people without batting an eye.

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One could say she was vicious, but she had brought the Lin siblings home.

Even he himself had benefited a lot after acknowledging Shen Yijia as his boss.

“Who knows” Shen Yijia smiled mysteriously.

After all, there were no irreparable consequences.

On account of her grandfather, whom she had never met, she decided to give them one last chance.

Therefore, she only wanted to scare them.

She didnt act as ruthlessly as she usually would.

However, it would take a lot of money to treat those hands.

Unfortunately, Shen Yijia did not know that some people were rotten to the core.

No matter how many chances she gave them, they would continue to cause trouble.

Many villagers saw Shen Yijia coming out of the old residence.

They thought of the wails they had heard previously and looked at each other for a while before shivering.

This matter was different from killing Feng Laoliu and the others.

Feng Laoliu was not a good person to begin with, and he was the one who came to cause trouble.

However, the Song familys old residence did not provoke Shen Yijia openly, and yet Shen Yijia came to cause trouble.

Who knew if they would be the next victims

With this thought in mind, many people went to the village chiefs house to complain.

It would be best if they could expel this dangerous person from the village.


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