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In the past, she knew that she was fighting for her country and people and working hard for her teammates.

However, she never knew how she would live for herself.

So what if she stood at the peak She didnt even know what she wanted.

Fortunately, Mo Chi had appeared.

He had become her concern and her strength.

He would give her love and make her feel that her existence was meaningful, that she also deserved to be loved.

“No matter what happens, I will always be here.” Mo Chi comforted Qin Ran gently.

When Qin Ran fell asleep again, he gently kissed her forehead.

Actually, when had Qin Ran not been his salvation He had been reborn from blood and bullets time and time again, covered in honor and legends, and finally became the strongest person standing at the peak.

However, he had never felt the taste of love in his heart.

He even thought that the home and warmth that he yearned for the most in his childhood would never be fated with him in this life.

Until she came to him and formed a family with him.

He returned every night.

The house was no longer lonely and cold.

There was a gentle lamp that would always be lit for him.

He could also have the happiness of an ordinary person.

He could love someone.

He could also be loved.


When Qin Ran woke up the next day, the sun was bright and beautiful.

She rubbed her eyes and put on her pink rabbit cotton slippers before going downstairs.

Before she reached the ground floor, she smelled a familiar scent.

This was—

Snail noodles!

Qin Ran rushed downstairs excitedly and saw a pile of food on the table in the living room.

In the middle was an electric cooker that was boiling snail noodles.

Mo Chi stood beside the table and waved at her when he saw that she was awake.

Qin Ran walked over and realized that the table was filled with snacks and milk tea.

Every one of them was her favorite taste.

She didnt feel hungry at first, but when she saw this food, her stomach immediately growled.

“You want to eat snail noodles with me” Qin Ran knew that Mo Chi had a light taste.

Not only was snail noodles very hardcore, but after adding sour bamboo shoots, it would also emit an unbearable stimulating smell.

No matter how she thought about it, it was impossible for a cold man like Mo Chi to tolerate that taste.

“I promised you in the past.

I forgot about it when I was busy.

Ill risk my life to accompany my wife today.” Mo Chi looked at the snail noodles in the pot with a conflicted expression that carried a trace of pain.

It made Qin Ran want to laugh.

After the snail noodles were cooked, Qin Ran took out two huge soup bowls and scooped out the cooked noodles from the pot and placed them in the two bowls.

Then, she scooped out the fried eggs, meatballs, rattle rolls, lettuce, peanuts, and other side dishes and poured them with rich and spicy soup.

“Oh my god, Im so happy.” Qin Ran hugged the mint milk tea that had been added with ice.

“What kind of immortal day is this”

Compared to Qin Rans excitement, Mo Chis expression was much more difficult.

He looked at the large bowl of snail noodles in front of him and only mustered up the courage to take a bite after a long time.

The fragrant and spicy feeling directly stimulated his taste buds.

The cells in his body seemed to have been activated in an instant.

Mo Chis fair and handsome face was instantly dyed red.

He coughed and drank two mouthfuls of water.

“Is it delicious” Qin Ran held her chin and looked at him expectantly.

In order to take care of Mo Chi, she didnt put sour bamboo shoots for him, so his snail noodles only had a spicy taste and didnt stink.

“Its too spicy.” Mo Chi usually ate high-class food.

The local specialty of snail noodles was very unfamiliar to him, and his taste buds were still not used to it.

“Youll get used to it.” After Qin Ran finished speaking, she directly ate a mouthful of noodles.

It was so spicy that her eyes were filled with tears.


When Qin Ran finished eating, Mo Chi was almost done.

Qin Ran finished her milk tea and rubbed her round stomach.

“How comfortable.”

After saying that, Qin Ran looked up at Mo Chi and saw that he was drinking water.

He probably didnt usually eat spicy food, so his skin was pink from the spiciness, and the corners of his eyes were red.

His appearance made Qin Rans heart beat faster.

Mo Chi drank two cups of water but still felt thirsty.

He felt Qin Ran looking at him and turned his head away.

“What are you looking at”

“Looking at my husband.

Hubby, youre really good-looking.” Qin Ran stared at him lecherously.

Mo Chis earlobes were dyed red from her gaze.

He coughed awkwardly.

“Stop fooling around.”

After clearing the table, Mo Chi rubbed Qin Rans head.

“Are you in a better mood”

Qin Ran blinked and thought of what happened last night.

She avoided Mo Chis gaze as if she was refusing to face this question.

“Ive been in a good mood.

Do you have something on in the afternoon Then Ill wait for you to come back.

Ill go up and play games first.”


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