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The next day.

Ravia woke up to the sunlight piercing her eyelids.

The rising sun in the east had illuminated the surrounding, but she couldn’t even hear a single bird chirping.

Most likely the morning had long passed.

When she realized that she woke up later than usual, she was hit by a mild sense of crisis.

Since the young lords went to the banquet late at night yesterday, the servants wouldn’t come up to the third floor until Ravia or Tidwell pulled the summoning rope.


But just in case…

Ravia quickly got out of bed,


But she fell back on the bed due to the soreness that pierced her entire body.

Fatigue and dull pain that didn’t exist when she woke up earlier weighed on her body all of a sudden.

Was it possible to be in this state when we only spent half the night together

But it wasn’t so strange when she recalled last night’s event.

‘I’m sure you said this is your first time….’

How are you so good at it Innate talent, maybe

She eventually learned by herself about the special attribute given to male leads.

That skill, stamina, and other things, too.

Ravia turned her head in astonishment.

The sight of Tidwell’s sleeping face next to her felt somewhat familiar now.

If there was something unfamiliar to her, perhaps it might be his half-naked body.

It seemed he had washed and gotten dressed at some point, because unlike Ravia, who only wore a thin chemise, Tidwell slept over the blanket with only his bare shoulders and back exposed.

How many times did my nails brush over them last night

Ravia felt drowsy.

She reached out and touched Tidwell’s bare shoulder as if bewitched.

Precisely, she traced the white scars strewn over his shoulder.

Long red marks and old white scars overlapped on his shoulders and were visible at one glance.

Of course, the red marks were Ravia’s fault, but definitely not the latter.

When Tidwell fussed about how cumbersome it was before throwing his clothes under the bed, Ravia saw the scars all over Tidwell’s upper body.

The years of suffering from rolling around the slums were clearly engraved all over his body.

The scar marks across his toned muscles made his body look sexy.

Ravia blushed as the memory of the previous night flew by.

She wasn’t as experienced as Tidwell expected her to be, but it wasn’t as important as the fact that Tidwell totally behaved beyond her expectation.

No, she was bothered by the fact that she didn’t really hate this.

Usually, she could feel Tidwell’s hunger for her so clearly to the point it wouldn’t be strange for her to call him out for being brazen.

However, when their bodies overlapped, it felt like a direct blow to her brain.

Perhaps that’s why the word ‘no’ didn’t leave her mouth anymore.

Or maybe it was due to the fact that it’d be the first and last time he’d yearn for her so desperately.

‘If Tidwell is removed from the family, things will change a lot.’

It didn’t take much time for Amnesia to neutralize the hypnosis.

So it’d take a day or two for Duke Leontine to return.

Of course, even when Tidwell was expelled, Ravia would stand back and pretend to know nothing.

‘I don’t think Tidwell will realize that I’m the one behind it.’

She was rather optimistic that Tidwell will let her off the hook despite their changed relationship.

No, that was way too optimistic.

At the very least, she was sure that he wouldn’t try to kill her, but she still remained confident that everything would turn out well.

Moreover, that wasn’t the only thing that changed.

After Tidwell’s expulsion, if Ravia officially became the heir and inherited the noble title, Duke Leontine will surely rush to marry her off.

There was a reason why Ravia had been single until now.

Duke Leontine was unhappy with her succession even though she was his only daughter.

If she succeeds, he must find a husband willing to marry into the family, otherwise Duke Leontine will continue to seek a better marriage partner for her.

He wanted to put this off until everything was clear.

But he only realized that all the marriage partners were intrinsically similar to one another after so long.

‘That’s why all my good suitors are gone.’

Considering that aristocrats often chose their fiancés from an early age, seeking a marriage now was like looking for a grain in a snowy field.

Most of the suitable partners were already married, and the remaining men were always lacking in some fashion.

So Duke Leontine had to choose one of the two in order to find Ravia’s marriage partner.

Either a successor of a decent family or a man with a modest personality.

When Tidwell came onto the scene, his choice would be a successor of a decent family.

But when Tidwell disappeared and Ravia inherited the family, that choice was no longer possible.

It was impossible for successors to marry each other.

So he will try to find a son-in-law who could marry into the family without any inheritance to bestow.

Of course, Ravia will refuse.

What’s important is that Ravia will get married regardless.

As there are not many remaining marriage partners left, the candidate could be anyone from outside the aristocracy such as the ‘Blue.’ But there was one person who will never be picked as her marriage candidate.


The shameless man who tried to devour the family by drugging Duke Leontine.

As long as the Duke of Leontine and people in the mansion remember him, Tidwell could never step into the Leontine residence.

‘I’m making a deal with Herod to make sure Tidwell won’t lose much.

But a track record based on personal experiences cannot be erased.’

In fact, this was only something to consider if Tidwell still wanted Ravia after his expulsion.

‘I don’t even know what will happen, so thinking about it now is useless.’

There were too many things to worry about at this moment.

Above all, she was already warned about dangerous conceits by [Othello].

Her ankle will really be chained here if she stayed any longer.

Before the poisonous ideas permeated her blood, Ravia tried to get off her bed.

No, she was trying to escape.

“Where are you going, Sister”

If only Tidwell, whom she thought was sleeping soundly, had not opened his eyes and grabbed her hand.

He didn’t use much force, but Ravia quickly lost her balance and tumbled onto the bed.

The fluffy pillow touched her head, and their positions were reversed.

A little while ago, Ravia had looked down on Tidwell, but now Tidwell was looking down at her.

His azure eyes dug into her.

Perhaps he wasn’t fully awake yet He had the cold expression he usually showed toward Ravia.

His bare face was reminiscent of a newly forged blade with a bluish glow on the tip.

His gaze didn’t feel like a gaze toward someone with whom he just spent the night.

As if looking at a complete stranger.

That frightening coldness sent a chill down her spine.

For Tidwell, it may be just because he was barely awake, but for Ravia, who had worried about the future a little while ago, it looked completely different.

For her, it was proof that Tidwell will always look at her coldly.

So Ravia unconsciously reached out her hand and cupped Tidwell’s cheek.

She wanted to use both of her hands if she could, but one was held by Tidwell.

When Ravia’s hand touched his cheek, Tidwell closed his eyes and leaned into her palm at the familiar sensation.

It felt like comforting a child who was still drowsy after waking up from sleep.

‘I knew it.

You were still drowsy from sleep.’

Only then did Ravia calm down.

When Tidwell rubbed his face on her palm, Ravia calmly opened her mouth.

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“It hasn’t been long since I woke up.” Just as he said, his voice was still lower than usual.

Kissing Ravia’s hand, the man slowly buried his face in her shoulder and continued.

“How can I not wake up when you touch me like that”

His soft lips brushed against her collarbone.

Ravia shrugged her shoulders and chuckled because of the ticklish sensation whenever his breath hit her skin.

It was funny how he scolded her for touching him a little.

“What did I do”

“You’re groping me.”

“You’re exaggerating.

I just touched you a little.”


When Ravia indirectly asked him whether he was bothered by that, Tidwell replied sluggishly, kissing the cleft of her shoulder line.

“I’m disappointed.

I thought you’d kiss me like last time if I held my breath, but you’re trying to run away.”


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