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Fang Xian went out of the city, pinched a magic formula, turned the mana, and threw the ‘six imperial horses’ into the air, turning it into a great horse, with radiant radiance all over it, turning into auspicious clouds, tossing under the hooves of the horses.

“Good magic tool!”

He laughed loudly and rode up, and the six imperial horses ran up to the sky with ease, galloping with lightning.

After flying for hundreds of miles, Fang Xian felt that the mana in his body was not enough, so he landed on a hill and meditated to restore his mana.

”The disciples of the famous sects are generous when they give something away… The key is that this cloud color is refined to be positive but not evil, grand and grand, and won’t be regarded by experts as evil demons and heretics.

If something doesn’t please their eye, it will be slashed with a sword…”

In the unorthodox sect, there is also a similar flying evasion tool called ‘Six Yin Buddha Slaughtering Horse’.

It is necessary to slaughter six steeds, take their souls, refine them with blood and suffocation, and cast out a gust of yin wind, the blood mana is compelling, and the person controlling it will not look at all good at first glance.

Coming out to society, putting up with appearances is still important.

Even if he used to be a little demon, Fang Xian is now a well-known and respectable disciple!

With these ‘six royal horses’, Fang Xian is now rushing on the road in one day, which is comparable to the previous ten days.

This is because he was careful all the way, avoiding dangerous places, and hiding whenever there was trouble.

Fortunately, in the human world, there are indeed very few practitioners, and there is no trouble to find him.

This may also be because of his deep blessings.

If it was replaced by the previous one, it would be hard to say.

A forest.

Fang Xian grabbed the internal organs of a hundred-year-old turtle, and a scene appeared in front of him.

The first is the three connected mountain peaks.

The picture keeps getting closer, and it falls into a mountain stream.

There are dense vines, and a cave appears.

He raised his head and saw three peaks standing proudly not far away, he couldn’t help sighing.

”My chance is here…”

Seeing that the place he had been thinking about all the way, was finally close to his eyes, but he was not very happy.

Thinking of what the famous disciple Cao Qiu had done before, he felt a little more awe-inspiring.

”If there is a relic here, it is also for Shushan Yin Qiuxian… Of course, it is mine now, but how can fate be offset”

”Perhaps most of them belong to Shushan.

After all, it was determined by the seniors and given to the Three Immortals and Two Heroes, but there is still a small half, which will definitely fall on me and my master…”

”If I insist on not joining the Shushan Sword Sect, if I want to end this fate, it must not be as simple as returning the treasure, at least I have to do a few things for Shushan and the person who left the treasure…”

In fact, Fang Xian felt that the masters of the Shushan Sword Sect might not be able to reason with him, and they’ll directly just bring him over with just a sway of their sleeve.

Isn’t that much more convenient for them

At that time, even if he doesn’t want to be a disciple, he doesn’t have a choice.

What’s more, if you go your own way, you will send yourself into reincarnation, and come back to save yourself in the next life!

Of course, the sect will never kill him personally but will sit and watch him fall into doom, unable to extricate himself, and the last ray of soul will be reincarnated.

The calculations are so complicated that Fang Xian’s head hurts.

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”This big relationship, in case it is exposed in the future, hehe…”

”Forget it, this kind of ‘investment’ has to be swallowed even though it knows there are risks, but it wants to develop rapidly.”

After thinking about it, Fang Xian made up his mind to find the mountain stream and the Guteng cave.

This cave is not deep, and it will come to the end after walking a dozen feet.

He groped along the stone wall with his palm, secretly sensed it with mana, felt something was different, he dug it up immediately, and immediately saw a jade box.

There is also a message on the surface of the box.

The person who left the message claimed to be ‘Shangren Tianhuo’.

He was a senior who had ascended thousands of years ago.

He said that this box must be on the first possessions of the three immortals of the Shushan faction.

A bottle of jade bait is the best to gain vitality and make up for the foundation.

In addition, there is also a volume of “Zifu Heavenly Book”, a magic weapon of ‘Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror’, and then hoped that future generations can get it, carry it forward, and correct the righteousness…

Fang Xian wanted to ask, ‘Is your old face swollen ‘.

”Well, 80% of the ascended senior is counted in Shushan Daxing, and he left the magic treasure Taoist book as a gift, hoping to share a portion of qi and merit in it”

He probably guessed Heavenly Fire’s plan and was about to open the treasure box directly.

This kind of thing has always needed to be cautious.

If you are not careful, maybe the treasure has a spirit and will fly away on its own.

But Fang Xian is not afraid, he is the master of these treasures!

Immediately opening the jade box, there was a jade bottle, a purple jade booklet, and an ancient bronze mirror, all simple and unpretentious, without the intention of moving.

What Fang Xian cared about most was naturally the “Zifu Heavenly Book”, so he quickly picked up the purple jade booklet and immersed it in it with his divine sense.

In an instant, the Zifu Zhenfu appeared one by one, along with a large number of annotations.

In the end, there is a message from Master Tianhuo, letting Fang Xian know that this “Zifu Heavenly Book” records the main Taoist method of Master Tianhuo, as well as two attached volumes of alchemy and tool refining.

The Master Tianhuo felt that the head of the three immortals must be practicing the Shushan True Teaching Method.

There is no need to learn other disciplines, but only the attached volume. 

But Fang Xian is not the head of the three immortals in Shushan, so he quickly looked at it carefully and was intoxicated for a while.

Practitioners all know that the way of cultivation is divided into seven realms: ‘Yanfa’, ‘Talisman’, ‘Supernatural Power’, ‘Golden Elixir’, ‘Dharma”, ‘Original Spirit’, and ‘Overcoming Catastrophe”.

But the secrets in it are the authentic secrets of the major mysterious sects, and some of the side gates might have good inheritance sources, but scattered cultivators don’t even get to peep at all.

For example, in the realm of ‘Yanfa’, one must complete the foundation building and cultivate high-quality mana, in order to lay a solid foundation and advance to the Talisman Seed’!

In the realm of “Talisman”’, it is necessary to use mana to build a ‘dharma seed’ in the dantian, which can be achieved with a single thought.

In the realm of ‘magic power’, it is a combination of many ‘magic tricks’ to form a ‘natural power’, this supernatural power is 10%, and it can fly in the air, enter and exit the Qingming, just like a fairy.

But if he is not a disciple who has obtained the True Inheritance, he does not know that there are three different levels of spells in the world, namely, the Law, the Spirit, and the Divine Path!

If you only use ‘laws’ to build your life’s magical powers, you will have no hope of forming a life-long elixir.

If there is a spiritual art in it, it may be able to become a middle-low-grade pill.

Only by obtaining the True Inheritance, reconciling the dragon and tiger, and practicing the natal supernatural powers of the Divine Path Art series, can one hope to become a top-ranked pill and continue to climb on the path of cultivation!

Fang Xian looked at it in a cold sweat.

He’s still amazed towards this “Zifu Tianshu”.

The loose cultivators can only grope at the path of cultivation.

How many detours and how long did it take to form a pill

”That’s not right… I only have mixed mana in my body.

If it’s a grade, I’m not in the flow… I’m afraid I can’t even pass the level of condensing my life’s supernatural powers…”

He shook his head wryly.

The Dao is so difficult, no wonder there are so many unofficial sects and misguided cultivators, and there is no hope of success in life!


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