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Mo Beiyuan saw her walking in front of him. One moment, she was walking to the left, and the next moment, she was walking to the right. She was not walking straight ahead.

He thought that she had seen some beautiful flowers and plants, so she leaned over to take a few more glances.

This was until Yun Ran suddenly slashed at the bushes in front of them and pulled out a hundred-pound fanged boar.

Mo Beiyuan realized that he was wrong.

“Mo Beiyuan, do you think this pig is a demon beast”

Yun Ran had all the memories of the Host, but the problem was that the Host was basically illiterate in the Xuanxia Continent.

It was impossible to tell which were demon beasts and which were not. That was why Yun Ran asked someone nearby.

Mo Beiyuan recovered from his momentary daze and tried his best to look normal. He nodded and said, “Its a low-level demon beast.”

Yun Ran asked again, “Does it have demon beast crystals in its head”

“It does.”

Receiving an affirmative answer, Yun Ran slashed down again, splitting the boars head open and digging out the tiny crystals.

Yun Rans actions were so fast that Mo Beiyuan almost did not have time to cover the eyes of the little packrat in his arms.

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Why did this woman start digging for crystals in front of this child

Wasnt she worried about scaring the two children with such a bloody scene

“Yun Ran, do you know what youre doing”

Mo Beiyuan could not help but ask her coldly.

Yun Ran threw the crystals into the bag she had prepared in advance before looking up at a certain someone with a dark expression. She teased, “Digging crystals! What else can I be doing Demonstrating how to kill pigs”

With that, she strode over to him and asked the little bundle in his arms if she wanted roasted boar.

Mo Beiyuan thought that the little packrat would be scared to tears.

However, the truth was that Little Sweetcake was clapping her hands excitedly. She was extremely happy.

“Oh, Mother caught a pig for the Sweetcake. It has to be roasted and eaten. The meat is delicious.”

Mo Beiyuan was speechless.

Who could tell him why this little baby was so bold

Bun heard the commotion and ran over.

Just as Mo Beiyuan thought that he would be frightened by the bloody corpse of the wild boar, Bun said, “Mom, I want to eat roasted wild boar too. Such a big wild boar is enough for us to eat for several days. Its really great.”

Thunderbolt and the Dark Guards witnessed the entire process. He could only sigh again. His masters woman and bloodline were indeed different.

Yun Ran arranged for the secret guards to deal with the wild boar meat and build another fire.

Soon, the fragrant smell of roasted meat filled the forest.

The roasted wild boar meat sizzled. Yun Ran sprinkled the seasoning she had prepared beforehand.

That big boar would be enough for the whole group of them.

The two children had never roasted meat like this before. They found it novel and ate a lot.

Yun Ran was afraid that they would not be able to digest the meat easily if they ate too much. Seeing that they were almost done, she did not let them continue eating.

Mo Beiyuan finally understood that the woman was not joking when she said that she wanted to bring the two little cubs to the Demon Beast Forest.

This woman was quite bold. She had even taught the two children to be especially bold.

Other peoples two three-year-old children were at the age of wetting the bed.

However, his two little fellows were rolling around in the Demon Beast Forest, chasing after the demon beasts butts.



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