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Everyone did not understand why Chester was standing rooted to the ground.

He could clearly kill Jordan now.

Instead, he looked very terrified and nervous.

They didnt think that Chester had a soft-hearted bone in his body.

He had just killed so many people and had no qualms about killing the women after playing with them.

His ruthlessness was unparalleled in the world.

Why would he suddenly feel soft-hearted towards a man who was here to cause trouble It didnt make any sense at all.

Meanwhile, Jordan took off his armor and stood there defenseless.

He said to Chester, “Come on, why dont you dare to come over”

The more confident Jordan was in provoking Chester, the more Chester did not dare to go over.

‘No, Jordan is not a fool.

He must have set up traps and ambushes there in advance.

Could it be his Little Steele robot

Chester recalled that Jordan had a small but powerful AI robot.

Previously, when Chester wanted to save his mother from Jordan, he was electrocuted by the robot.

Perhaps this robot was hiding behind or on Jordan.

After thinking for a long time, Chester decided not to take the risk.

“Jordan, for the sake of your uncle, Ill let you off today! Remember, dont provoke me again in the future! Otherwise, the ones who will suffer will be the citizens of the capital whom you love so much!”

With that, Chester quickly turned around and prepared to fly out of the hole in the roof.

As he spun around, Chester suddenly saw that the hole was covered by a huge QR code.

“A QR code That big When did this QR code appear”

Chester had been chasing after Jordan the entire time and had exhausted a lot of energy.

His attention was focused on Jordan, so he didnt notice that a QR code had been pasted on the hole.

He also didnt notice that Jordan had already taken out a QR code detonator!

Jordan had already expected that Chester would choose to escape instead of attacking him! It seemed like Jordan didnt dare to fight just now and was running around at random.

In fact, Jordan was pasting this QR code as he dodged.

Every time he flew past the hole, he would stick a piece of the QR code at it.

During this half an hour, he had quietly created this huge QR code above Chesters head without him realizing it.

The larger the QR code, the more powerful the explosion.

Chester had never seen this Japanese invention before.

Therefore, he did not stop when he saw this QR code.

Instead, he chose to fly on.

“I will fly through it!”

His rapidly spinning body could even break through walls, let alone a QR code sticker.

However, just as his body came into contact with the QR code…

There was a loud boom!


Jordan detonated the QR code and Chesters body exploded into pieces!


The crowd screamed.

Chester had died at Jordans hands!

“Ah! Mr.

Iron Man is amazing!”

“Hero! Youre our countrys great hero!”

The survivors all surrounded Jordan.

The 19-year-old girl even hugged him tightly.

Looking at Chesters dismembered corpse, Jordan felt that he had avenged those women who had died in vain.

However, Chester was Randalls right-hand man.

Would Randall be angry that Jordan had killed him

But it was now too late even if Jordan regretted his actions.

Jordan faced everyone and said, “Everyone, if you dont want to encounter such trouble in the future, dont tell anyone what happened just now.”

The survivors were very smart.

The person who had just died could spin his body rapidly so they knew that he was definitely not an ordinary person.

There would be trouble if word got out.

“Yes, yes.

We will never tell anyone!”

“We swear!”

Meanwhile, Randall was immediately informed of the news.

As Lincoln and Chester had been communicating, he had heard the entire battle between Chester and Jordan.

After Chester died, Lincoln immediately called Randall.

Lincoln reported.

“Chief, Black Mamba is dead.”

Randall was eating dessert with Victoria.

When he heard the news, he was shocked.

“What Black Mamba is dead Who killed him! Who could kill him!”

“It was your nephew, Jordan.”

At night, at Immortal Lake in Mount Denali.

Everyone from the Mutant Tribe gathered around a bonfire.

They wrote down their memories of Chester on a piece of paper and burned them for him.

Randall had a sad expression on his face the entire night.

He was very unhappy that he had lost his beloved right-hand man.

After Victoria found out about this, she stayed by Randalls side and held his arm to comfort him.

Many other mutants had been on good terms with Chester.

If it was any other circumstance, they would have been filled with righteous indignation and desperate to avenge their good friend.

However, everyone knew that the person who killed Chester was the Chiefs nephew.

No one dared to say anything.

Lincoln sat by the bonfire and thought of his past with Chester.

They often robbed and killed people together.

They were a match made in heaven.

The most ruthless thing they did was when they had both taken a liking to a beautiful woman and followed her to her house.

Lincoln used a gadget to lock up the beautiful womans husband, and the two of them raped her in front of her husband.

Although it was a heinous incident for most people, it was a beautiful memory for Lincoln and Chester.

Lincoln knew that the clan leader would never declare war on Jordan, but he still couldnt take it lying down.

He really wanted to do something for his dead friend.

Lincoln suddenly said, “Chief, Black Mambas death has made us very sad.

I think our Mutant Tribe should hold a happy event to expel this sorrow! Chief, you and Elder Sister Victoria are a perfect match for each other.

Please hold an official wedding and become husband and wife!”

Let Randall and Victoria hold a wedding! If Jordan knew, he would definitely feel very upset.

Randall looked at Victoria and asked, “Do you… want to”

Victoria also felt that it was very sudden.

After all, she and Randall had just gotten together.

It was too soon to hold a wedding now.

Inside, she felt like she was letting Jordan down.

However, Jordan had just killed Randalls subordinates.

Moreover, he immediately married Lota after they broke up.

Victoria said, “Yes, Im willing.”

Randall immediately held Victorias hand and said, “Alright, Victoria and I will get married at the Immortal Lake in a week!”

Everyone cheered in unison.

“Congratulations, Chief! Congratulations, Madam Chief!”

Hearing everyones blessings and cheers, Victoria smiled happily.

Just as she did, her phone rang.

It was Lauren.

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